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Spanish Armed Forces

Spanish Armed Forces
NameSpanish Armed Forces
Native NameFuerzas Armadas Españolas
Caption2Spanish Armed Forces Recruitment Logo
BranchesSpanish Army
Spanish Navy
Spanish Air Force
Civil Guard
Royal Guard
Emergency Military Unit
HeadquartersMadrid, Spain
Commander-in-chiefJuan Carlos I
Commander-in-chief TitleSupreme Chief of the Armed Forces
MinisterCarme Chacón
Minister TitleMinister of Defence
CommanderAir General José Julio Rodríguez Fernández
Commander TitleChief of the Defence Staff
Amount- 17.7 billion (Ranked 17th)
Percent GDP1.2%
Foreign Suppliers 
United States
Granada War
Spanish Conquest of Mexico
Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
Arauco War
Italian Wars
Ottoman-Habsburg Wars
Revolt of the Comuneros
Anglo-Spanish War (1585)
Eighty Years' War
Thirty Years' War
War of the Spanish Succession
War of the Quadruple Alliance
War of Jenkins' Ear
American Revolutionary War
Peninsular War
Latin American Wars of Independence
Spanish Civil War, 1820-1823
Second Carlist War
Spanish-Moroccan War (1859)
Ten Years' War
Third Carlist War
Spanish-American War
Spanish Civil War
Ifni War
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan
Iraq War

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The Spanish Armed Forces ( , FFAA) are the military forces of Spain. Their Commander-in-Chief is the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, and consists of the Army, Navy and Air Force, to certain effects, specially in what it is related to its discipline and wartime or peacekeeping missions the Civil Guard is also considered part of the Armed forces. It also includes, Navy Marines, the Royal Guard, the Spanish Legion, an Army Airmobile Force.

The Spanish Armed Forces are a modern military force charged with defending the Kingdom's integrity and sovereignty. The Armed Forces are also active members of NATO, the Eurocorps, and the European Union Battlegroups. The current Chief of Staff of the Defence(Spanish Armed Forces) is Air Force General José Julio Rodríguez Fernández.

* Spanish Army: 92,000

* Spanish Navy: 26,980

* Spanish Air Force: 24,800

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