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Liberal Party of Australia

Name EnglishLiberal Party of Australia
LeaderTony Abbott MP
Leader1 TitleDeputy Leader
Leader1 NameJulie Bishop MP
PresidentAlan Stockdale
PredecessorUnited Australia Party
Youth WingYoung Liberals (Australia)
Student WingAustralian Liberal Students' Federation
NewspaperLiberal News
Membership80, 000
HeadquartersCnr Blackall & Macquarie St
Barton ACT 2600
IdeologyConservative liberalism,
Liberal conservatism,
New Right|date=17 December 2009
InternationalInternational Democrat Union
Seats1 TitleHouse of Representatives

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Name EnglishState Lower House Seats
Seats1 TitleNSW Parliament

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

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Seats2 TitleSenate

The Liberal Party of Australia is an Australian political party.

Founded a year after the 1943 federal election to replace the United Australia Party, the centre-right Liberal Party typically competes with the centre-left Australian Labor Party for political office. Federally, the Liberal Party runs in a Coalition with the National Party (formerly the Country Party), and more recently with the Country Liberal Party (in the Northern Territory) and the Liberal National Party of Queensland. Except for a few short periods, the Coalition has been in existence for almost a century.

In federal politics, the Liberal Party has been in opposition since the Howard Government lost the 2007 federal election, having previously held power since the 1996 election.

At the state and territory level, Colin Barnett has been Premier of Western Australia since 2008, Ted Baillieu Premier of Victoria since 2010 and Barry O'Farrell Premier of New South Wales since 2011. The party is in opposition in the five other states and territories.

Since the Liberal Party of Australia leadership election of 2009, the federal leader of the party has been Tony Abbott, with Julie Bishop as deputy. Abbott and Bishop retained their party leadership positions after the 2010 election.

Liberal Party of Australia Video

This ad about the Labour Party could be picked up by the Australian Liberal Party for the 2010 election.
1.33 min. | 4.2 user rating
Explains what happens to those other numbers you have to write on your ballot paper for the Lower House in Australia. If you vote for a minor party, it's not a wasted vote, but rather a double value vote, because if your first preference doesn't make it through, your second one caries full value over to the next candidate.
1.22 min. | 4.85 user rating
The Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard speaks about the disclosure of Australian government information by WikiLeaks and it's founder Julian Assange.
2.47 min. | 2.75 user rating
An important message from Deputy National Secretary of the Maritime Union Mick Doleman on the issues facing maritime workers. Produced by Jamie McMechan Maritime Union of Australia Film Unit.
1.75 min. | 5.0 user rating
Liberal Party of Australia (Western Australian Division), welcomes you to Liberal TV - WA.
0.07 min. | 3.0 user rating
Abbott quizzed on broadband and economy Broadcast: 10/08/2010 Reporter: Kerry O'Brien Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is quizzed on the Coalition's broadband policy, the economy and foreign policy. 51 economists back Labor's stimulus spend SMH, August 16, 2010 - 3:57PM KERRY O'BRIEN: We conducted our second campaign interview with Julia Gillard last week; tonight it's Tony Abbott's turn for his second, with a final interview from each in the shadows of the post next week. I recorded this one with Mr Abbott in Sydney just a short time ago. Tony Abbott, I'll start with broadband, since you did finally release your broadband policy today. You've promised a patchwork of different technologies to deliver a fraction of the high-speed internet access that would be delivered under the Government's National Broadband Network. Your plan, according to at least one expert that I'm happy to quote and identify, would return Australia to a "broadband backwater". Your comment? TONY ABBOTT, OPPOSITION LEADER: Well I just say that you can't trust the government that couldn't deliver school halls and couldn't get pink batts into rooves to deliver this highly sophisticated national network. Now, ... KERRY O'BRIEN: But you're also acknowledging on the way through that you couldn't either because you're abandoning it. TONY ABBOTT: Well what - we think that competition is better than monopoly and we think that a range of technologies is better than putting all your eggs <b>...</b>
8.17 min. | 0 user rating
Tony Abbott and The Liberal Party have won the election and here is the speech of Tony abbott after he was elected for Prime Minister of Australia.
9.53 min. | 1.57 user rating
Looks at how Human Rights is a tool that seditious elements use against Australia. It is not the actual wording so much which is the problem. It is in the INTERPRETATION applied by left wing courts. There is such a thing with 'Religious Tolerance' laws calle the 'threshold'... where by they will accept any complaint by 'minorities' and reject those from majority groups on the grounds that 'Your complaint does not reach the threshold' of acceptance. (I know from experience)
10.00 min. | 3.28 user rating
Jeff' kennett's Term as Premier was an upgrade of a system of Privatisation, including Triple zero ,electricity (SEC) and gas Fuel Corporations , ambulance service, as well as several prisons and other minor services. Between 1995 and 1998, $29 billion of state assets in gas and electricity alone were sold to private enterprise. Them people trying to call for HELP got put on hold , Never sell Australia off to an Overseas company
2.20 min. | 2.33 user rating
The heading speaks for itself........they don't care about anyone except being in power then destroying everything Australia has been built on. The most dangerous political party in Australia's history! I am not Andrew Bolt, and I am not affiliated with Andrew Bolt.
0.40 min. | 2.17 user rating

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More Aussie lawmakers stand in SGX's way - Business Times Singapore Tweet this news
Business Times Singapore--ASX will brief Joe Hockey, the opposition -Liberal Party of Australia's- treasury spokesman, on the proposed merger today, he said in a statement. ... - Date : Fri, 29 Oct 2010 16:59:36 GMT+00:00
Don't mention the economy - Sydney Morning Herald Tweet this news
Sydney Morning Herald--Howard shifted the entire blame for the -Liberal Party's- failure to manage a leadership transition onto his former deputy. It was Costello's "inept handling" ... - Date : Fri, 29 Oct 2010 13:27:06 GMT+00:00

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Year Name Term in office class="unsortable"Period Time in office
1945 Sir Robert Menzies Prime Minister (UAP 1939 � 41),1949 � 66 February 1945-26 January 1966 20y 11m
1966 Harold Holt Prime Minister 1966 � 67 26 January 1966 � 17 December 1967 01y 10m 23d
1968 Sir John Gorton Prime Minister 1968 � 71 10 January 1968 � 10 March 1971 03y 02m
1971 Sir William McMahon Prime Minister 1971 � 72 10 March 1971 � 5 December 1972 01y 08m
1972 Sir Billy Snedden December 1972 � March 1975 02y 03m
1975 Malcolm Fraser Prime Minister 1975 � 83 March 1975-11 March 1983 08y 00m
1983 Andrew Peacock First term March 1983 � September 1985 02y 06m
1985 John Howard First term September 1985 � May 1989 03y 08m
1989 Andrew Peacock Second term May 1989 � March 1990 00y 10m
1990 John Hewson April 1990 � May 1994 04y 02m
1994 Alexander Downer May 1994 � January 1995 00y 08m
1995 John Howard Prime Minister 1996 � 2007 30 January 1995 � 29 November 2007 12y 10m
2007 Brendan Nelson 29 November 2007 � 16 September 2008 00y 10m
2008 Malcolm Turnbull 16 September 2008 � 1 December 2009 01y 03m
2009 Tony Abbott 1 December 2009 � present Incumbent

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Year Name Notes
1944 Sir Eric Harrison
1956 Harold Holt Later Prime Minister 1966 � 67
1966 Sir William McMahon Later Prime Minister 1971 � 72
1971 Sir John Gorton Previously Prime Minister 1968 � 71
1971 Sir Billy Snedden Later Leader
1972 Sir Phillip Lynch
1982 John Howard Later Prime Minister 1996-07
1985 Neil Brown
1987 Andrew Peacock Previously & Later Leader
1989 Fred Chaney
1990 Peter Reith
1993 Michael Wooldridge
1994 Peter Costello
2007 Julie Bishop Incumbent

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
State/ Territory Leader Notes
ACT Zed Seselja Leader since 2007
NSW Barry O'Farrell Premier of New South Wales since March 2011
NT Terry Mills Leader since 2008 1
QLD Jeff Seeney Leader since 2011 2
SA Isobel Redmond Leader since 2009
TAS Will Hodgman Leader since 2006
VIC Ted Baillieu Premier of Victoria since December 2010
WA Colin Barnett Premier of Western Australia since 2008

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Australian Capital Territory Years
Trevor Kaine 1989 � 1991
Kate Carnell 1995 � 2000
Gary Humphries 2000 � 2001

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
New South Wales Years
Sir Robert Askin 1965 � 1975
Thomas Lewis 1975 � 1976
Sir Eric Willis 1976
Nick Greiner 1988 � 1992
John Fahey 1992 � 1995

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Queensland Years
Sir Gordon Chalk 1968

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
South Australia Years
Richard Layton Butler 1927 � 1930, 1933 � 1938
Sir Thomas Playford 1938 � 1965
Steele Hall 1968 � 1970
David Tonkin 1979 � 1982
Dean Brown 1993 � 1996
John Olsen 1996 � 2001
Rob Kerin 2001 � 2002

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Tasmania Years
Sir Angus Bethune 1969 � 1972
Robin Gray 1982 � 1989
Ray Groom 1992 � 1996
Tony Rundle 1996 � 1998

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Victoria Years
Ian MacFarlan 1945
Thomas Hollway 1947 � 1950
Sir Henry Bolte 1955 � 1972
Sir Rupert Hamer 1972 � 1981
Lindsay Thompson 1981 � 1982
Jeff Kennett 1992 � 1999

Liberal/National merger in Queensland :
Western Australia Years
Sir Ross McLarty 1947 � 1953
Sir David Brand 1959 � 1971
Sir Charles Court 1974 � 1982
Ray O'Connor 1982 � 1983
Richard Court 1993 � 2001
Colin Barnett 2008-

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