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Ottoman Turkish language

NameOttoman Turkish
StatesOttoman Empire-Turkey
ExtinctReformed into Modern Turkish in 1928
Fam1Altaic (controversial)
Fam3Southwestern Turkic (Oghuz)
ScriptOttoman Turkish alphabet (abandoned in 1928)

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The Ottoman Turkish language or Ottoman language ( or , Ottoman Turkish: ) is the variety of the Turkish language that was used as the administrative and literary language of the Ottoman Empire. It borrows extensively from Arabic and Persian and was written in a variant of the Arabic script. Consequently, Ottoman Turkish was largely unintelligible to the less-educated lower-class and rural Turks, who continued to use kaba Türkçe or "rough Turkish", which used far fewer foreign loanwords and which is the basis of the modern Turkish language.

Ottoman Turkish language Video

Deconstructing Kemal's Language Reform Policy Watch in High Quality for Best Viewing! This video provides commentary and analysis to the flawed Kemalist language reform. In spite of all his efforts, Arabic and Persian prevail to this day in the Turkish language, as they were with Ottoman Turkish Turkish (1930s) â language and writing system were reformed starting in the 1920s, to the point that the older language is called by a different name, Ottoman Turkish. The Ottoman alphabet was based on the Arabic alphabet, which was replaced in 1928 by the new, Latin-based Turkish alphabet. Loanwords of Persian and Arabic origin were dropped in favor of native Turkish words or new coinages based on Turkic roots.
4.97 min. | 4.11 user rating
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Language reform :
English Ottoman Modern Turkish
obligatory واجب vâcib zorunlu
hardship مشكل müşkül güçlük, zorluk
city شهر şehir kent/şehir
war جنك cenk savaş

Language reform :
Isolated Final Middle Initial Name ALA-LC Transliteration Modern Turkish
- elif a, â a, e
- hemze ʼ ', a, e, i, u, ü
be b, p b
pe p p
te t t
se s s
cim c, ç c
çim ç ç
ha h
- dal d d
- zel z z
- re r r
- ze z z
- je j j
sin s s
şın ş ş
sad s
ﺿ dad ż, ḍ d, z
ayın ʿ ', h
gayın ġ g, ğ
fe f f
kaf k
kef k, g, ñ k, g, ğ, n
gef¹ g g, ğ
nef, sağır (deaf) kef ñ n
lam l l
mim m m
nun n n
- vav v, o, ô, ö, u, û, ü v, o, ö, u, ü
he h, e, a h, e, a
- lamelif la
ye y, ı, i, î y, ı, i

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