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Rap metal

Music genre
NameRap metal
Stylistic originsRap rock, heavy metal, hip hop
Cultural originsMid-to-late 1980s, United States
Typical instrumentsRapping - Vocals - Electric guitar - Bass guitar - Drums - Turntables - Sampler - Keyboard
Mainstream popularityUnderground in 1980s, moderate in early 1990s, gained much mainstream success in the mid-90s.
Fusion genresNu metal
Other topicsRap rock - Rapcore

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Rap metal is a subgenre of rap rock which fuses vocal and usually instrumental elements of hip hop music with heavy metal. Rap metal is often confused with rapcore and rap rock.

Rap metal Video

Turkish rap metal band Manga's "Bitti Ruya"(The dream is over) music video.
4.00 min. | 4.83 user rating Click here to watch Aliens VS Predator Rap by TEAMHEADKICK Make You Bleed (Assassins Creed 2 Rap Music Video) by TEAMHEADKICK TEAMHEADKICK takes on Assassins Creed 2 in this comedic rap about killing for a living, hanging out with prostitutes, running from the guards, and not listening to Justin Biebers music. EVER. This is what a hip hop music video would look like in 1472 Italy. Enjoy. MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK Lyrics Im like a Ninja, Hiyaa, come to make you bleed Tip toein through the shadows, cause Im light on my feet, Jumping off rooftops, using stealth to kill ya Its like Ive been here before, this place is looking familiar With a price on your head, theres no place you can hide Ill use swords, blades, spears, poison, arrows, and knives I take lives away, until there aint none left, Im not a fan of Justin Bieber, Im the Angel of Death I put the Ass in Assassin, Im kind of a Clown But the guards will never catch me I dont want to get found, Signing mad contracts, and and racking up bids Takin way more hits than Rihanna did Ohhhh, And did I mention Im the master of disguise Stab you right in your back from behind 3 times Was it me, or him, or somebody else When you see me come a runnin then youll poop yourself Some People have normal lives, My only friends are blades, poisen arrows, and knives Some People have a death wish Ill Ghost you motherfucker, make you UN exist Its looking Bleak, I come to make you bleed <b>...</b>
4.08 min. | 4.89 user rating
In 1990, Anthrax released the more serious Persistence of Time to even greater success than State of Euphoria. The album was considerably darker but much more technical and progressive than Anthrax's previous work. This made it a hit with metalheads who were afraid to embrace the band because of their "silly" side. The biggest single off the album was a cover of Joe Jackson's "Got the Time". Jackson himself even claimed that he enjoyed Anthrax's cover version of his song.[citation needed] The band's own original song "In My World" as well as "Belly of the Beast" were extremely and moderately successful, respectively. Anthrax was always a band prone to experimentation; in 1987, they appeared on the title track of rap group UTFO's album Lethal. In 1991, they collaborated with pioneering rap artists Public Enemy on a joint version of PE's "Bring the Noise", although Anthrax already did a fusion of rap and heavy metal in the form of "I'm the Man" in 1987, a comedic song originally slated to be played with the Beastie Boys (although they did not actually get to play this song with Anthrax until a 1991 remake). "Bring the Noise" was a hit, and the band had a successful joint tour with Public Enemy.
4.72 min. | 4.91 user rating
my grandparents dancing to heavy metal please rate and comment!!!!!!!...............................127 000!!!!!///////////song is poisened by toxic bonkers heavy metal grandma grandpa funny evilpyro44 falling cannibal corpse fat people bombs china town corn fields evolution of dance jazz ray charles toxic bonkers rap family friends inside thrash head brutal reunion melodic sunshine dog walking justin bieber lady gaga eminem skrillex pee we herman fat joe lil jon lmfao shots jason derulo
0.72 min. | 4.83 user rating Click here to watch This is Bioshock (Bioshock 2 Rap) by TEAMHEADKICK Aliens Vs. Predator (AvP Rap Music Video) by TEAMHEADKICK TEAMHEADKICK takes on Aliens VS. Predator in this hybrid Rap/Rock song laced with heavy guitars, comedic lyrics, and some outstanding footage taken from this awesome title. You guys asked for this, and we delivered. So you tell us, AVP, who will survive? MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK Lyrics - Time To Go, gear up, grab the guns, Collecting skulls of these Aliens, They Got acid for blood, and a dagger for a tounge If they team up on you, then your whole team is done, Its begun, the race to survive Zenomorph motherfuckers always trying to hide, They crawl out of the darkness all over the place, Jump up in the air, start humping your face Whats growing in your stomach is the question Worse than taco bell, its mad indigestion Its too dark, need a flare for the light Thats right, Ill fight you, trying to Take a bite, Of my arm, cause I got that killing fever Blast your ass like Sigourney Weaver Running out of ammo, I need a plan Here they come, its Game OVER MAN Its Aliens VS Predator, who is faster, who is better? Aliens VS Predator, who will survive? Its Aliens VS Predator, who is faster, who is better? Aliens VS Predator, which one will take your life? What's that thing its invisible, Shooting missles at me trying to take my skull, No way, uh uh, you cant have my bones, With a Triangle Scope, bitch <b>...</b>
3.12 min. | 4.91 user rating
AVAILABLE ON iTUNES! Arnold Schwarzenegger Anthem - He'll Be Back Video. Song & Music Video about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Featuring clips from his greatest movies. True Lies, Conan The Barbarian, Conan The Destroyer, Twins, Predator, Raw Deal, Junior, Pumping Iron, Red Sonja, The 6th Day, Commando, Terminator, Terminator 2, Last Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jingle All the Way, Arnold Swarchenegger, Arnold Swarchenegger, bodybuilding, movies quotes, pumping iron, training, prank call, impression, funny, interview mistress affair Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnie Movies Quotes Cheesy Cheesiest 160 100 Greatest Lines of all time Action Film one-liners dialogue top best comedy funny Schwarznegger bodybuilding impression interview training pumping iron prank calls call Eric Bert EricBert1001 Steven Seagal Chuck Norris Van Damme Rap It's Hooogan (Edited) workout muscle metal motivation gold's gym sport mr. olympia affair Mildred patricia Baena arnold schwarzenegger mistress juju chang maria shriver split son soundboard sound board
3.67 min. | 4.62 user rating
mv bill music fight train grappling submission valetudo brazilian jiu jitsu rap metal judo muay thai boxe ju-jutsu karate kempo wing tsun
6.10 min. | 4.8 user rating
Terzo video estratto dal primo album solista di Gel1. Fuori il 1 febbraio 2008. Il rap ha venduto se stesso, come carne al macello. L'hip hop vive di contrasti fra la voglia di emergere dalla strada e l'orrore di tradirla. Il TruceKlan ha sacrificato le proprie rime al fuoco della fama e alle leggi del mercato? Questa è la risposta del regista Cosimo Alemà: si intitola "Pane e Merda", è un cortometraggio pieno di immagini forti ed estreme, come forte ed estremo sa essere solo il rap. I TruceBoys compiono il loro stesso sacrificio con un mantra ossessivo che rimbalza nella loro testa: "siamo il tuo incubo peggiore, quando ti svegli nel sonno e non riesci più a dormire". L'unica cosa certa è che con la fama, i demoni non se ne vanno: piuttosto, l'incubo si visualizza...
8.10 min. | 4.56 user rating
The 7th song of Necro's Pre-fix For Death which is a death rap album. It contains a mix of metal and rap, however rap is more present.
3.52 min. | 4.80 user rating Click here to watch Left Me 4 Dead (L4D2 metal music video by TEAMHEADKICK)! Head Huntin' (Modern Warfare 2 Metal Music Video) This is a fan film created by TEAMHEADKICK for all the fans of the game and to all the beast snipers out there. Metal meets machine gun PWNage. Finally, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets the theme song it deserves. Enjoy. MP3 available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK. LYRICS: I got the sniper dialed in and you know Im head huntin All you noobs, you dont want nothing Been a fan of COD since back in the day And if you step in my way, youll get slayed! Im a killer like you just dont know Dropping your team like ducks in a row Skills so sick it will make you puke Try to hide from me, here comes the tactical nuke And youll never find me, cause I always hide A care package glitch, Im a ninja with a knife Legitimate reason to be scared, you never had a prayer Dont come unprepared, This is Modern Warfare BOOM! Head Huntin (x4) Shoot from the Hip, no time to reload In a prone position light you up with my scope Double wielding pistols, youll pay the price Ive got more prestige than Jesus Christ Na, Na, Na BOOM! Headshot, I dont care BOOM! Headshot, Modern Warfare I got my trigger finger itching, but Im a team player In the city of PWNville, Im the town Mayor The UAV just came on line, crouched Auto shottie took you out from behind And youll fall down dead like a pile of crap Exploding your head from across the map <b>...</b>
4.58 min. | 4.41 user rating

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