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Rap rock

Music genre
NameRap rock
Stylistic originsHip hop, rock
Cultural originsMid-to-late 1980s, United States
Typical instrumentsRapping - Vocals - Electric guitar - Bass guitar - Drums - Turntables - Sampler - Synthesizer - Keyboard
Mainstream popularityUnderground in 1980s, moderate in early 1990s, gained much mainstream success in the mid to late 90s
SubgenresRapcore - rap metal
Other topicsHip hop - rock

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Rap rock is a cross-genre fusing vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop with various forms of rock. Rap rock is often confused with rap metal and rapcore, subgenres that include heavy metal-oriented and hardcore punk-oriented bands, respectively.

Rap rock Video

See Music Videos that you CAN'T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. Pete Rock & CL Smooth were an influential rap group from Mount Vernon, New York. They made their debut in the rap world with their 1991 EP, All Souled Out. It sold moderately well enough to justify Elektra Records clearing the way for 1992's Mecca and the Soul Brother LP. As a producer, DJ Pete Rock (Peter Phillips) tended to prefer obscure soul and jazz sides for sample sources, frequently making use of horn-driven hooks. Lead vocalist CL Smooth (Corey Penn) tended to be philosophical in his raps, and he mostly avoided profanity. Their signature hit was They Reminisce Over You (TROY), a dirge for fallen friends--namely Troy "Trouble T-Roy" Dixon, a member of Heavy D & The Boyz, who died in 1990. 1994's The Main Ingredient was the follow up, and they appeared on a string of guest appearances for remixes, soundtracks, and other works. Public Enemy, EPMD, Heavy D and Johnny Gill were among the artists they collaborated with, and they can also claim credit for producing (and performing on) Run-DMCs 1993 comeback single 'Down with the King'. Despite all this, the duo failed to go gold on any of their own releases. Separating in 1995 (shortly after a well-received Sprite TV commercial), they eventually reunited on a handful of cuts from Pete Rocks solo recordings: Soul Survivor (1998), PeteStrumentals (2001) and Soul Survivor II (2004). They also <b>...</b>
4.03 min. | 4.97 user rating
David Sides playing a piano cover of "Party Like A Rockstar" by Shop Boyz. Song Description: "Party Like a Rockstar" is a rap song recorded by Shop Boyz. It was released as the first single from their debut album Rockstar Mentality (2007). It reached high success during summer 2007 and was successful in the United States, peaking in the top five on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Rap Tracks, and Hot 100 charts. The song is played with two electric guitar riffs (performed by Atlanta producer Billy Hume),It also makes references to certain rock figures such as Marilyn Manson, The Osbournes, Kiss, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Travis Barker. For a time, "Party Like a Rockstar" was the most played rhythmic, and rap song in the United States, according to Radio & Records It was featured in the video game NBA Live 08. The remix features Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and Chamillionaire with more guitar riffs included. Jim Jones' verse didn't make it to iTunes' remix, although Lil Wayne's verse and Chamillionaire's verse did. Another unofficial remix has been produced by Lil Jon and the Swedish composer Jay Orpin, who also wrote the first remix, but had Lil' Jon make changes for the beat for this remix. That remix has been unofficially called the Orpinz Old Duff WWE Remix because some feel it resembles a professional wrestlers entrance music. There is also a freestyle version by JR Writer of Dipset as well as a remix by Trina and another one by rapper Bow <b>...</b>
3.52 min. | 4.90 user rating
Turkish rap metal band Manga's "Bitti Ruya"(The dream is over) music video.
4.00 min. | 4.83 user rating
Comedy Central: Chris Rock on Rap music
7.33 min. | 4.92 user rating
Main Account: Sign up to for everything 2Pac! Chamillionaire] Rock star, rock star (rock on) Rock star (rock on) let's rock-n-roll! (rock on) I got ladies that love my ladies, haters that hate my haters I'm a Chamillionaire but got billionaires for my neighbors (rock on!) [Chorus One: Chamillionaire] I been had the paper, I been had the stacks The crowd's screamin loud in every city on the map Got the groupies goin crazy, they don't know how to act I bring 'em backstage and tell 'em, "Baby just relax" [Chamillionaire] Rock on, they see the jewels is so sick like flu spit and flu cough Take it off and you lost, the tough talk you tuned it off Keep the four-iron there, keep on thinkin that it's for golf Nickel plate on your head, silverware is food for thought The Grammy winner, the haters is like "How could this happen?" (how?) On the red carpet so much they mistake me for Aladdin Now I'm a rapper with revenue like a rock star If I'm there you can believe the Black Card is not far Teen spirit ain't what they smellin, they yellin "Where that Nirvana?" The crowd is rockin and rollin them swishas full of marijuana They judgin me like Your Honor, your daughter's here with her momma They me that I'm a charmer, more freakier than Madonna Famous looked right at me and said "Know why I got my lighter up? (why?) Cause like the throwback P. Diddy alias, I'ma (Puff)" See how we rippin up tickets the police writin us Do like Michael <b>...</b>
4.42 min. | 4.80 user rating Click here to watch Aliens VS Predator Rap by TEAMHEADKICK Make You Bleed (Assassins Creed 2 Rap Music Video) by TEAMHEADKICK TEAMHEADKICK takes on Assassins Creed 2 in this comedic rap about killing for a living, hanging out with prostitutes, running from the guards, and not listening to Justin Biebers music. EVER. This is what a hip hop music video would look like in 1472 Italy. Enjoy. MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK Lyrics Im like a Ninja, Hiyaa, come to make you bleed Tip toein through the shadows, cause Im light on my feet, Jumping off rooftops, using stealth to kill ya Its like Ive been here before, this place is looking familiar With a price on your head, theres no place you can hide Ill use swords, blades, spears, poison, arrows, and knives I take lives away, until there aint none left, Im not a fan of Justin Bieber, Im the Angel of Death I put the Ass in Assassin, Im kind of a Clown But the guards will never catch me I dont want to get found, Signing mad contracts, and and racking up bids Takin way more hits than Rihanna did Ohhhh, And did I mention Im the master of disguise Stab you right in your back from behind 3 times Was it me, or him, or somebody else When you see me come a runnin then youll poop yourself Some People have normal lives, My only friends are blades, poisen arrows, and knives Some People have a death wish Ill Ghost you motherfucker, make you UN exist Its looking Bleak, I come to make you bleed <b>...</b>
4.08 min. | 4.89 user rating
El Chavo del 8 sin ging Party like a rock star mi pagina para bajar musica videos y mas
1.22 min. | 4.11 user rating YouTube allowed the label up the song. thankfully they did. the link is above. THIS IS NOT THE SONG!!!! YT MADE ME TAKE IT DOWN!!!! I JUST DID THIS TO SAVE THE VIDEO. I WILL HAVE A NEW VIDEO FOR THE ACTUAL SONG SHORTLY. JUST BE PATIENT. REST IN PEACE TROY DIXON AKA TROUBLE T ROY!!! HISTORY OF THIS SONG: Trouble T Roy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Troy Dixon (October 19, 1967 -- July 15, 1990) was an American dancer known as "Trouble T Roy", and a member of the hip-hop group Heavy D & The Boyz. Dixon died on July 15, 1990 when he fell twenty feet from a balcony after a concert in Indianapolis, at 22 years of age. Dixon was immortalized in "They Reminisce Over You (TROY)", a 1992 song by rap duo Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Trouble T Roy is mentioned on the A Tribe Called Quest song "Vibes and Stuff" when Q-Tip dedicates the song to him. ALSO, REST IN PEACE: -J Dilla -Old Dirty Bastard -Big Pun -Big L -Notorious BIG -2pac -Jam Master Jay -Cowboy -James Brown -Frosty Freeze -Proof -Charizma -Big DS -Camu Tao -Pimp C -DJ Przm -Professor X -Eazy E -Scott La Rock -DJ Subrock and anyone else who was necessary to this list that i forgot. One of the greatest hip hop songs of all time. samples: song at the beginning: -Band: Beginning Of The End -Song: When She Made Me Promise Sample: -Band: Tom Scott -Song: Today Lyrics: Intro: (I reminisce, I reminisce) x3 I reminisce, I reminisce Uh! (I reminisce, I reminisce) Yeah <b>...</b>
4.92 min. | 4.80 user rating
FREE DOWNLOAD! MERRY CHRISTMAS! add this song to your myspace! Written and Directed by Me Co starring my boys PDFlo and eGO beat produced by DJ Runaway Apologies to anyone who sent a video that didn't make it. I used all the clips EXCEPT for people who WEREN'T wearing onesies. If i couldn't tell it was a onesie, or it obviously wasn't, i didn't put you in. sorry! The is the censored version cuz i have so many little kids in it. The uneditted version with just the music video and without the fans will also be uploaded just cuz! =) and yes, i know some people refer to these as footies, and not onesies. but... shutup. lol
4.22 min. | 4.90 user rating
Take a look back at a decade where grunge,alternative,rock,pop,rap and dance music escalates into what it is today.
7.28 min. | 4.65 user rating

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