Patrice Lumumba
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Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Lumumba as the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville), 1960
Personal data
Date of birth2 July 1925
Place of birthOnalua, Katakokombe, Belgian Congo
Date of death17 January 1961(age 35)
Place of deathElisabethville, Katanga
Political partyMNC
1st Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
In office24 June 1960 - 14 September 1960
DeputyAntoine Gizenga
Succeeded byJoseph Ileo
Preceded byColonial government

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Patrice Émery Lumumba (2 July 1925 � 17 January 1961) was a Congolese independence leader and the first legally elected Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo after he helped win its independence from Belgium in June 1960. Only ten weeks later, Lumumba's government was deposed in a coup during the Congo Crisis. He was subsequently imprisoned and murdered in circumstances suggesting the support and complicity of the governments of Belgium and the United States.

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Preceded by
Position created on independence from Belgium
Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
24 June 1960 - 5 September 1960
Succeeded by
Joseph Ileo

Prime Ministers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (List)

1st Republic (1960-1965)Patrice Lumumba * Joseph Iléo * Albert Ndele * Justin Marie Bomboko * Gizenga (rebel) * Cyrille Adoula * Moise Tshombe * Évariste Kimba
Under Mobutu (1965-1997)Léonard Mulamba * Mpinga Kasenda * Bo-Boliko Lokonga Mihambo * Jean Nguza Karl-i-Bond * Joseph Untube N'singa Udjuu * Kengo Wa Dondo * Mabi Mulumba * Sambwa Pida Nbagui * Lunda Bululu * Mulumba Lukoji * Étienne Tshisekedi * Bernardin Mungul Diaka * Faustin Birindwa * Kengo Wa Dondo * Likulia Bolongo
Democratic Republic of the Congo
(since 1997)
Antoine Gizenga * Adolphe Muzito


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