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Math rock

Music genre
NameMath rock
Stylistic originsExperimental rock, post-hardcore, post-punk, noise rock, minimalism, avant-garde jazz, progressive rock
Cultural originsLate 1980s United States (Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Los Angeles) and Japan
Typical instrumentsGuitar - Bass - Drums
Mainstream popularityLow from the late 1980s to mid 1990s, low to moderate during the mid 2000s
Derivative formsScreamo (first wave)
Subgenre list:Category:Math rock
Fusion genresMathcore
Regional scenesChicago - San Diego - South Atlantic States - Pittsburgh - Boston - St. Louis - Japan
Other topicsPost-rock - Minimalist music - Instrumental rock

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Math rock is a rhythmically complex guitar-based style of experimental rock that emerged in the 1980s. It is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), angular melodies, and dissonant chords.

Math rock shares its place of origin in the late 80s underground music scene of the American Midwest. Some earlier bands have characteristics of both math rock and post-rock, using instruments for textures rather than melodies and riffs, featuring atypical rhythms and some dissonance. The genres soon diverged: math rock concentrated on angular melodies, atypical time signatures, start-stop rhythms, and dissonance, while staying closer to rock music in sound and instrumentation. Post-rock, on the other hand, concentrated on heavy use of dynamics, creating soundscapes, and expanded the variety of instruments used, used a jazzier drumming style, and incorporated elements of shoegaze music.

Math rock Video

EDIT: OMG WHY IS THIS VIDEO SO POPULAR?! I keep hearing that all your math teachers are playing this in class... WOW! I feel so honored! Thanks SOOOO much for all the positive feedback people! :D Not all that good, but i got bored. Keep watching after the song for a small blooper, thing! lol this was fun to make The Lion King (c) Walt Disney Balto (c) Universal Studios The Math Song (c) Jack Black (from School of Rock) I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.98 min. | 4.66 user rating
Math rock from the album more skin with milk-mouth
5.70 min. | 4.91 user rating
This is a preview of Rock 'N Learn Multiplication Rap. Everyone loves rapping along and learning multiplication with DJ Doc Rocâthe Hip Hop Hamster. Positive lyrics, super-cool rap music, and high-energy animation make these multiplication rap songs irresistible. Multiplication facts through 12 are easy to learn and remember with these fun rap songsâa different one for each set of facts. Positive lyrics (on screen) encourage and motivate kids learning multiplication. Awards: iParenting Media Award, 2009 Best Product; Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award, 2009; Coalition for Quality Children's Media, Kids First! Endorsement, 2009; The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, 2009; #6 of 16 Best Back to School Gear 2009,; Learning Magazine's Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom, 2009; The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2009; 2009 Family Choice Award, Family Magazine Group "This program provides a fantastic multisensory resource for learning and reviewing multiplication facts. Clear visuals, fun songs, and plenty of repetition provide a positive learning experience."âCynthia Grabke, Halifax Elementary School, MA from the School Library Journal "The songs were fun and a great way to put the facts into memory. The delayed answers give children time to answer the question. The characters held the attention of the children for something that can be rote and boring. While this would be an added benefit to the classroom, often teachers do <b>...</b>
2.13 min. | 5.0 user rating
Shotty's Classic Series #9: Breadcrumb Trail kicks off the seminal indie LP "Spiderland," renowned for its dynamic shifts and more famous closer "Good Morning, Captain." Using a repetitive, spindly riff, an everyday carnival trip is shrouded in malice with every lyric, before the chorus brings the descent into madness. Math rock par excellence!
5.93 min. | 4.94 user rating
Ahhh, the joys of US public schools in the 21st century. Thanks a lot, unions!
1.80 min. | 4.78 user rating
This is a sample from Rock 'N Learn Addition & Subtraction Rap. Kids love solving addition and subtraction facts by playing a fun game of who can answer first. With a total of 498 facts, students build speed and accuracy while being entertained by DJ Doc Roc and the Get Smart Crew. Cool performances by the hip-hop hamster and his animated friends provide an exciting reward for solving sums up to 18 and differences from 18. Perfect for all ages. Includes drills with both addition and subtraction facts. Awards: Dr. Toys 10 Best Audio/Video Tapes/DVDs, 2009; The National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval, 2009; The Toy Man Seal of Approval 2009; Family Choice Award Family Magazine Group "The "rap" is fun for the kids. Each rap has a theme, such as the "Adding Machine." They are clear, there isn't a question as to what the rappers said. It has a simple beat that the students are able to keep with the rapper. Plus, it is interactive. In the review sections, there is a wait time. The rapper asks, "4 plus 5 is..." And, there is a pause, or wait time, to give the students a chance to respond before the answer is given, meaning immediate feedback! I have been using this for about a week and a half in class. With the last assessment (the first full week of using it), I saw noticeable gains in the students' speed and accuracy. Plus, the students ask me regularly if we can watch some of it because they too really enjoy it. Overall, I would recommend Rock 'N Learn's Addition and <b>...</b>
2.25 min. | 5.0 user rating
A short title movie for Jack Black's "Math Is A Wonderful Thing." From: School of Rock.
1.02 min. | 4.75 user rating
Some of my favorite "Math Rock" bands... Math Rock is a genre that emerged in the late 80's and that was influenced by both the intricacies of progressive and avant-garde rock - King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Henry Cow - and 20th century composers such as Steve Reich and John Cage. The music is characterized by complex structures, angular melodies and constant abrupt changes in tempo and time signature. The name Math Rock is a term that grew out of the Chicago scene and the artists working with engineer Steve Albini in an effort to describe the new style. Please Comment and Rate! If you know of a band you think I should have included, write it in the comment section. ; D ------------------------------- Support Auto!Automatic!! donate what you can!
10.88 min. | 4.90 user rating
This is a sample from Math Word Problems by Rock 'N Learn. Marko the Pencil helps students boost math skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams, and look for patterns. Clear explanations and outrageous humor make this video fun and effective. Correlated to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards. Rock 'N Learn assembled a team of teachers known for getting high scores from their students on state-mandated math tests. We also examined standardized tests in several states and discovered the winning strategies for boosting scores and reducing stress. Marko's clear explanations, fun songs, and outrageous humor add to the excitement. Although the math material on this video is at a third grade level, students in the fourth grade will also benefit from the review of concepts and strategies for getting top scores on a standardized math test. Marko the Pencil's irresistible humor throughout the program helps students stay focused. Step by step, kids practice the top strategies proven to boost their test scores on a math test. They learn to analyze word problems, filter extraneous information, and rule out multiple-choice options that could not be correct. By following these steps, students have a much better chance of choosing the right answers. Students learn the importance of reading each problem carefully, checking answers to see if they are reasonable, and knowing <b>...</b>
1.87 min. | 5.0 user rating
What's it like to fall 40 feet down a sheer cliff face, while dangling from a rope hundreds of feet from the ground? Emory mathematician Skip Garibaldi describes his rock climbing experiences on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He also explains some basic climbing math, such as the fall factor, used to reduce the risk of injury during a rope climb. For more interesting science related stories go to:
4.80 min. | 4.74 user rating

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Neon Tommy--The newest euphemism for this is “-math rock-, ” and as that label implies, the music is technical, spastic and not always accessible. ... - Date : Fri, 15 Oct 2010 23:47:19 GMT+00:00
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