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Art rock

Music genre
NameArt rock
Stylistic originsArt music, avant-garde, experimental rock, psychedelic rock
Cultural originsEarly 1960s United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsKeyboards, guitar, bass, drums
Mainstream popularitySome bands had mainstream success in 1970s; since then, it has a relatively small fan base.
Derivative formsProgressive rock, glam rock, post-punk, post-rock, new wave
Regional scenesLargely global, England � Scotland � Wales � Ireland � USA � Canada � Sweden � Japan � Czech Republic
Other topicsSunshine popProgressive rock - Baroque pop - Experimental rock

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Art rock is a subgenre of rock music that tends to have "experimental or avant-garde influences" and emphasizes "novel sonic texture." Art rock is an "intrinsically album-based" form, which takes "advantage of the format's capacity for longer, more complex compositions and extended instrumental explorations." The Golden Age of Rock lectures define art rock as "a piece of music in the rock idiom that appeals more intellectually or musically; that is, not formulated along pop lines for mass consumption." The lectures note that it is "...usually somewhat experimental, using a long structure with several themes like classical music" or "a suite of individual songs. Art rock almost always features keyboards more than guitar." As well, art rock is "not so much for dancing as for listening and it often tells a story or there is a philosophical theme to the lyrics."

Art rock Video

Download it at The world's first music video in an Excel Spreadsheet. AC/DC smashes through the corporate firewall with real rock 'n' roll. Watch the video playing back as ASCII art in Microsoft Excel!
1.42 min. | 4.83 user rating
SONG ON iTUNES!: My My Share This Video! Its Easy, Click: KSicsFaces SHIRTS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lyrics: na-na-na come on na-na-na come on na-na-na-na-na come on na-na-na come on come on come on na-na-na-na [verse 1] It used to be really hard To get a song on the charts But now it's so easy Just imitate Weezy (wear grills and smoke crack) [verse 2] Soulja Boy turned pro By supamanning dat ho But if that don't impress ya Well now we got Ke$ha (brush your teeth with Jack) [chorus] 'Cause it might be bad But it's all how you market it Hook all the kids And get their parents to purchase it Naked chicks and lame gimmicks And embarrassing dances If you ain't famous Sign here and you will be soon If you can't sing Don't worry, run it through autotune Take a tip, you'll be more hip If you put in a rap verse [rap verse] Money grow on trees, that's not a lie Cause were the tree's and they are plucking us dry Art is dead Bo Burnham was right but the sad thing is we ain't putting up a fight music is gone, and it seems game over The mainstream literally bent us over I look at the man in the mirror and thanks to Micheal Jackson i can see myself clearer John Lennon wanted us to imagine so lets do something the corrupt couldn't fathom remember this is a free Nation Soulja boy on... just change the station this so called music is making me sick so lets jailhouse rock <b>...</b>
3.88 min. | 4.66 user rating
Rock cover of Mozart's Turkish March
2.35 min. | 4.89 user rating
More Kayak Music Videos Here: :-) KAYAKING MONTREAL QUEBEC / VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA. Roger Hodgson's 2011 World Tour begins in North America, then on to Europe, Including the UK - and more! ROGER HODGSON 2011 TOUR "Fools Overture" is the closing track from Supertramp's 1977 album Even in the Quietest Moments. Written and song by guitarist, keyboard player, singer and songwriter Roger Hodgson, the song tells about World War II England and the lessons learned from it. The song, which is over 10 minutes long, is a collage of progressive instrumentation and sound samples. First there are excerpts of Winston Churchill's famous June 4, 1940 House of Commons speech regarding England's involvement in World War II ("Never Surrender"), and later sounds of police cars and church bells are heard. The flageolet-sounding instrument plays an excerpt from Gustav Holst's "Venus", from his orchestral suite The Planets. There is also a reading of the first verse of William Blake's poem "And did those feet in ancient time" (more commonly known as "Jerusalem"), ended by a very short sample of the band's song "Dreamer". Its writing credits are given to Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson,Although Roger and Rick shared joint writer credit throughout their years together with Supertramp, they actually wrote separately. It is easy to tell the composer of the songs as Roger sings all the songs he wrote, and Rick sings the songs he wrote <b>...</b>
10.95 min. | 4.93 user rating
tull-bungle in the jungle with jungle scenes Jethro Tull are a english rock group formed in 1967. Their music is characterised by the lyrics, vocals and flute work of Ian Anderson, who has led the band since its founding, and guitarist Martin Barre, who has been with the band since 1969. Initially playing blues rock with an experimental flavour, they have also incorporated elements of classical music, folk music, jazz and art rock into their music. The band have sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.
3.57 min. | 4.88 user rating
My first Youtube and Tribute to a friend... "Live : Overcome" Soles Denounce Blogstream rock Inspirational Loss Sunset Life after Death Dennis Merry Art
4.33 min. | 4.90 user rating
* * * * * * * Life, Death, Love, Resurrection! A trip to the movies... "Swan Cinema" by The Vidya was shot entirely in the mystical city of Saint Angelo, Capital of Missions Region, in the remote interior of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, utilizing local resources, crew and talent as well as regional iconography. It is a short musical fable about the transformative power of cinema - its four act structure parallels that of Tchaikovsky's classic Russian Ballet "Swan Lake" as its loose 70's Rock Musical Narrative takes the audience in a surreal journey through a series of cinematic references ranging from Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" to Michael Cimino's "The Deer Hunter" to DW Griffith's "Intolerance" to Prince's "Purple Rain". Upon its completion "Swan Cinema" served its most important purpose as the kickoff point for The Vidya's "Mission Cinema", an independent non-profit movement that mobilized Saint Angelo's local community in an effort to save from extinction its one and only movie theater, the glorious Cine Cisne (Swan Cinema), largest silver screen still standing in the entire South of Brazil. Art 4 Life! WINNER: - New York International Independent Film Festival (Best Musical Short) OFFICIAL SELECTION: - San Francisco Short Film Festival - Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival FOR FULL CREDITS & MORE: Let's Make Love! (Sebastian DeVicente) I miss you You miss me I want you You want me Let's Make Love! Tonight Today Right now I say Let's Make Love <b>...</b>
9.62 min. | 4.15 user rating
Trailer of the new documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. Directed by Tamra Davis, the documentary features never-before seen footage of the prolific artist painting, talking about his art, and existing in the two years prior to his death in 1988. The OST features music from Mike D and Ad Rock. Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child was released on Feb 21st.
3.18 min. | 4.95 user rating
Famous Czech art-rock band from Brno and their legendary song CD Progres 2 "Dialog s vesmírem" TEXT Ty, který jsi pÅilét z hvÄzd, hledej maják moudrých cest. Nám vládne král, má jméno Heroin. LeÅ¥ radÄj dál, dÅív než se vyrojí. Démonů úl, spí drogy v kvÄtinách, Äím pláÄe sůl, když slzu proklíná. Nám vládne král, má jméno Heroin. Šílená princezna spí, snad ji ticho probudí, schizofrenní kníže snů, jeÅ¡tÄ nikdy neusnul. Nám vládne král, má jméno Heroin. Zní kladiv chór, zní z rakví beránků, nám vládne mor, má rád krev z Äervánků. Náš mocný král má jméno Heroin.
4.63 min. | 4.90 user rating
GREAT A-SYNCOPIC PLAYING - - The Late Michel Petrucciani - I try this kind of playing all the time but fail somewhat --- - Please, HIROMI UEHARA, - I hope you see this -, you can play this piece like he did - Please take it up TAGS : piano jazz keyboard HIROMI UEHARA Michel Petrucciani funk funky swing groove grooving beat rock brazilian like erroll garner oscar peterson horace silver ella fitzerald Miles Davis John Coltrane Paul Chambers Jimmy Cobb bud shank herbie man adderly art blakey messengers roy hargrove
3.72 min. | 4.94 user rating

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