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Music genre
Stylistic originsPunk rock, art rock, krautrock, electronic, progressive rock, dub, funk, reggae, experimental, disco
Cultural originsMid-Late 1970s, United Kingdom, United States, Australia
Typical instrumentsDrums - Guitar - Bass guitar - Synthesizer - Keyboard - Drum machine - Modified electronics - Saxophone
Mainstream popularityModerate in late 1970s, moderate to high in the early-mid 1980s, low to moderate in late 1980s and 1990s. Large revival in early 2000s.
Derivative formsAlternative rock - Dark Wave - Gothic rock - No Wave - Shoegazing - Indie rock - Post-punk revival - Industrial - Dance-punk
Regional scenesDutch Ultra - German Neue Deutsche Welle - French Coldwave
Other topicsPost-hardcore - Industrial music - New Wave - No Wave

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Post-punk is a rock music movement with its roots in the late 1970s, following on the heels of the initial punk rock explosion of the mid-1970s. The genre retains its roots in the punk movement but is more introverted, complex and experimental. Post-punk laid the groundwork for alternative rock by broadening the range of punk and underground music, incorporating elements of Krautrock (particularly the use of synthesizers and extensive repetition), Jamaican dub music (specifically in bass guitar), American funk, studio experimentation, and even punk's traditional polar opposite, disco, into the genre.

It found a firm place in the 1980s indie scene, and led to the development of genres such as gothic rock, industrial music, and alternative rock.

Post-punk Video

See Music Videos that you CAN'T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. The members of The Cure first started releasing music in the late 1970s. Their first album, Three Imaginary Boys (1979), and early singles placed them as part of the post-punk and New Wave movements that had sprung up in the wake of the punk rock revolution in the United Kingdom. During the early 1980s the band's increasingly dark and tormented music helped form the gothic rock genre. After the release of 1982's Pornography, the band's future was uncertain and frontman Robert Smith was keen to move past the gloomy reputation his band had cultivated. With the 1982 single "Let's Go to Bed" Smith began to inject more of a pop sensibility into the band's music. The Cure's popularity increased as the decade wore on, especially in the United States, where the songs "Just Like Heaven", "Lovesong" and "Friday I'm in Love" entered the Billboard Top 40 charts. By the start of the 1990s, The Cure were one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the world and have sold an estimated 27 million albums as of 2004.As of 2007, The Cure have released twelve studio albums and over thirty singles, with a thirteenth album due in October 2008.
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Download link is in the description. 2nd Sucks - The latest release from American-Based Pop-Punk/Post Hardcore band A Day To Remember. Album: What Separates Me From You. Download Link: :)
2.47 min. | 4.89 user rating
Favourite Worst Nightmare Studio album by Arctic Monkeys Released 18 April 2007 Recorded December 2006 at Miloco Studios London, England Genre Post-punk revival Length 37:34 Label Domino, Warner Bros. Producer James Ford Mike Crossey Favourite Worst Nightmare is the second studio album by Sheffield indie rock band Arctic Monkeys that was first released in Japan on 18 April 2007[1] before being released around the world. Recorded in East London's Miloco Studios with producers James Ford and Mike Crossey, the album was preceded by the release of new single "Brianstorm" on 16 April 2007.[2] In its first week following release the album sold over 220000 copies, emulating Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not in going straight to number one in the UK Albums Chart, albeit selling 100000 copies fewer than their record-breaking debut. Favourite Worst Nightmare's first day sales of 85000 outsold the rest of the Top 20 combined, while all twelve tracks from the album entered the top 200 of the UK Singles Chart in their own right.[3] In the USA, the album debuted at number seven, selling around 44000 copies in its first week.[4] The album has since gone 2x platinum[5]in the UK and the album was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Prize. At the 2008 BRIT Awards it won Best British Album Track History: "Teddy Picker" is a song by the Arctic Monkeys and the third single[1] from their second album Favourite Worst Nightmare. It was released on December 3, 2007 in the United Kingdom.[2 <b>...</b>
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EDIT: For those who are interested in downloading the 'Youth' song from the Dutch band Kensington: Alrighty then, these are my favorite songs from a certain genre I usually listen to. Could probably be described the best as 'indie rock'. I don't care if the term 'indie' is misused (As in some of these bands being part of a major recordlabel, I just don't give a crap so keep those comments to yourself).. If you disagree or agree or whatever, feel free to comment =). Tell me what you think ^^ 10. The Courteeners - Not nineteen forever 9. Kensington - Youth 8. Foals - Balloons 7. The Subways - Burst 6. We Are Scientists - It's a hit 5. Arctic monkeys - Still take you home 4. The Bravery - Unconditional 3. The Killers - Somebody told me 2. Bloc party - Banquet 1. The Strokes - Reptilia
6.77 min. | 4.68 user rating
SPECIMEN were a glam horror post-punk band, who became most known for launching the 'Batcave' club in London around 1982 or so. The club became a fertile dark arts club where interesting artists of the time would perform to the nightlife in-crowd. It was just the new hip post-punk scene; only in retrospect tagged 'goth'. They signed to London Records, first releasing a now rare Batcave compilation (Test Dept, Patti Palladin, Brilliant, etc) and some singles which became a mini-album on Sire in USA. But the success of the club maybe was a distraction. Later they had releases on Flicknife. All their recordings, including the 12" version of KKBB can be found on the Jungle CD 'Azoic' FREUDCD054. More info in an interview at:
4.27 min. | 4.88 user rating
Gossip, the post-punk band hailing from Olympia, Washington stopped by the studio to sit down and talk about their latest recording, 'Music for Men'.
23.73 min. | 4.82 user rating
Okayy made a new 15. Heres the songs + Bands In Order: 15. A late night serendade - Tight Like A Tiger 14. Pierce the veil - Beat IT 13. Dear whoever - Say Something else 12. Consort With Romeo - When Playground Games Become 11. Take The Crown- Lights, Camera, Disaster 10. Blessthefall - Well Sleep When were Dead 9. The Maine - Everything I Ask FOr 8. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - You Better Pray 7. Every Avenue - Think of you later 6. I Set My Friends On Fire - Crank Dat 5. Mayday Parade - When I Get home Your so Dead 4. All Time Low - Break Out! Break Out! 3. Emarosa - The Past Should Stay dead 2. Eyes Set To KIll - Liar In The GLass 1. Escape The Fate - Not Good for Truth In Cliche Old to 15 bands: Favourite Vocalist/Singers: New and Improved Vocal List: Tyler "Telle" Smith Tribute: Top 14 Songs of all time: TY fr watchin
5.37 min. | 4.36 user rating
ARTIST : THE YERS (à¹à¸à¸­à¸° à¹à¸¢à¸­à¸£à¹à¸ª) STYLE : Post-Punk / Alternative (à¹à¸à¸ªà¸à¹à¸à¸±à¹à¸à¸à¹ / อัลà¹à¸à¸­à¹à¸à¸à¸µà¸) LABEL : SMALLROOM DIRECTOR KITTITHAT & DOLLACH PRODUCER PHIRATEE DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY MOTION A EDITOR THE BUTCHER COLORIST VORK LIGHTING KEY LIGHTING LOCATION TOON & PUM MAKE UP EMMIE & TEAM ACTOR BOAT ACTRESS ANN RUNNER TANG,LEK & YERN TEAM สมาà¸à¸´à¸ อู๠- ยศà¸à¸£ à¸à¸¸à¸à¸à¸à¸à¸²à¸ à¸´à¸§à¸±à¸à¸à¹ (à¸à¸µà¸à¹à¸²à¸£à¹+รà¹à¸­à¸) à¹à¸à¹à¸² - à¸à¸à¸² à¸à¸¸à¸ªà¸¸à¸¡à¸ à¹ (à¸à¸µà¸¢à¹à¸à¸­à¸£à¹à¸+à¹à¸à¸­à¸à¸±à¸ªà¸à¸±à¹à¸+รà¹à¸­à¸) à¸à¸¹à¸¡ - à¸à¸´à¸£à¸£à¸±à¸ ภูà¹à¸¡à¹à¸§à¸ (à¸à¸¥à¸­à¸ ) à¹à¸à¹à¸ - à¸à¸´à¸à¸´à¸¨ วารายาà¸à¸à¸à¹ (à¹à¸à¸ª) à¸à¹à¸­ - à¸à¸à¸´à¸ มà¸à¸à¸à¸²à¸£à¸à¸´à¸§à¸à¸à¹ (à¸à¸µà¸à¹à¸²à¸£à¹+รà¹à¸­à¸) 5 หà¸à¸¸à¹à¸¡à¸à¸¸à¸à¸à¸³à¸à¸±à¸à¸à¸à¸à¸£à¸µà¸à¸µà¹à¸à¸°à¸à¸±à¸à¸à¹à¸­à¸à¸­à¸¢à¸¹à¹à¹à¸à¸ªà¸¡à¸­à¸ "The Yers มาà¸à¸²à¸à¸à¸³à¸­à¸¸à¸à¸²à¸à¸à¸µà¹à¹à¸¡à¹à¸¡à¸µà¸à¸§à¸²à¸¡à¸«à¸¡à¸²à¸¢" The Yers (à¹à¸à¸­à¸°à¹à¸¢à¸­à¸£à¹à¸ª) à¹à¸£à¸´à¹à¸¡à¸à¸¶à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸¢à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸à¸à¸£à¸µà¹à¸à¹à¸à¸ªà¸·à¹à¸­à¸à¸¥à¸²à¸à¹à¸à¸à¸²à¸£à¹à¸à¸·à¹à¸­à¸¡à¸¡à¸´à¸à¸£à¸ à¸²à¸à¸à¸§à¸²à¸¡à¹à¸à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸·à¹à¸­à¸à¹à¸«à¹à¹à¸à¹à¸ à¸à¸¥à¸±à¸à¸à¸±à¸à¹à¸à¸¥à¸·à¹à¸­à¸à¸à¸²à¸à¹à¸à¸¥à¸ à¹à¸à¸¢à¸¡à¸µà¸­à¸¹à¹à¸à¸±à¸à¸£à¹à¸­à¸à¸à¸³ à¹à¸à¹à¸à¹à¸à¸à¸à¸¥à¸²à¸à¸à¸­à¸à¸à¸§à¸²à¸¡à¸ªà¸±à¸¡à¸à¸±à¸à¸à¹à¸à¸­à¸ à¹à¸à¹à¸² à¸à¹à¸­ à¹à¸à¹à¸ à¹à¸¥à¸°à¸à¸¹à¸¡ à¸à¸µà¹à¸­à¸¢à¸¹à¹à¸à¸à¸¥à¸°à¸à¸µà¹ à¹à¸«à¹à¸¡à¸²à¸£à¸§à¸¡à¸à¸±à¸§à¸à¸±à¸à¹à¸à¹à¸ The Yers(à¹à¸à¸­à¸°à¹à¸¢à¸­à¸£à¹à¸ª) วà¸à¸à¸à¸à¸£à¸µà¸£à¹à¸­à¸à¸¥à¹à¸²à¸ªà¸¸à¸à¸à¸²à¸à¸à¹à¸²à¸¢à¸ªà¸¡à¸­à¸¥à¸¥à¹à¸£à¸¹à¸¡
4.10 min. | 4.96 user rating
Kino - legendary Russian post-punk/new wave band
8.43 min. | 4.98 user rating
Swans were an influential American rock, experimental and post-industrial band active from 1982 to 1997, led by singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. Swans were one of the few groups to emerge from the New York No Wave scene intact. The band was formed in 1982 by Michael Gira, and employed a shifting lineup of musicians until their dissolution in 1997. Besides Gira, the only other semi-constant members were keyboardist/vocalist Jarboe, and, to an extent, guitarist Norman Westberg. Experimental Art rock Noise rock Post-industrial Post-punk No Wave
4.82 min. | 4.93 user rating

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