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Wayne County, Michigan

US county information
NameWayne County
US Area
Total Area672.20 sq mi (1741 km2)
Land Area614.15 sq mi (1590.6 km2)
Water Area58.05 sq mi (150.3 km2)
Population1820584 (2010)
Density1144/km2 (2963/sq mi)
FoundedAugust 15, 1796

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Wayne County is a county in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2010 census, its population was 1,820,584 making it the 13th most-populous county in the United States. The county seat is Detroit , the largest city in Michigan.

Wayne County Michigan Video

Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans and Prosecutor Kym Worthy discuss their joint effort to crack down on deadbeat parents who don't pay their child support
1.18 min. | 4.47 user rating
Video showing the arrest of suspected prostitutes posing online as legitimate "escorts."
2.55 min. | 3.0 user rating
*****SUSPECT(S) ARE STILL AT LARGE***** Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan, was found slaughtered, and encased in quikrete construction material and beer cans, on the banks of the Raisin River, at a well known jewish fishing area, by a jewish, biker-like fisherman, in Monroe County, Michigan. Reports from eyewitnesses, last saw her, with a paroled, jewish child molester, Geroge Kennedy, of Monroe Michigan: Another paroled, jewish child molester in that area, Roy Smith, is also described, as a person of insterest: *No charges are pending, involving these alleged suspects. *The state of Michigan, has been experiencing an epidemic of attempted abductions, in the area where Neveah, had been abducted: Map of recent, attempted child abductions, in that area: Neviaeh's Mother, has indicated on radio interviews, that a hasidic child sex and ritual sacrifice cult, may have been involved with the child's gruesome murder. *********************************************** If you have any information on the alleged victim, abductor(s), or vehicle(s), IMMEDIATELY telephone 911. *******MICHIGAN PARENT ALERT******* *REPORTS OF MICHIGAN REGISTERED CHILD SEX OFFENDERS, LIVING DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS THROUGHOUT THE STATE, HAVE ALSO BEEN CONFIRMED IN MICHIGAN. MICHIGAN PARENTS: PLEASE CHECK THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY, TO ENSURE YOUR CHILD'S LIFE, IS NOT IN DANGER: www.mipsor.state.mi <b>...</b>
9.98 min. | 4.2 user rating
Having judges would make no difference; judicial corruption abounds. (PA Kids for Cash scandal perfect example). These monies come from the corruption of banksters and Federal Reserve policies to enslave your children. Stranded in the Foster Care System, April 2010. WXZY7 Detroit. Action news has uncovered cases of foster kids who are loved and cared for by family members, but are still taken away - a heart-wrenching saga of children stranded in the system. The Martins were Jakes foster parents when their niece couldnt care for the little boy. Action News was there the gut-wrenching day little Jake was taken from the only family he has ever known - that was likely last time they would see him. Renee Neals step grandson Immanuel has been in her care since he was born. Now, hes gone. Neal will likely never see him again. Richard McNeil had hoped to adopt his great grandsons. But the state took them away. Records show the state admits all these children were loved and well cared for, but in each case the state decided the kids would be better off with someone else. The man who makes those decisions is Bill Johnson. He heads the Michigan Childrens Institute. By law, he could not speak about specific cases when we interviewed him last year after the state took Jake "those obviously are people who you lived with, who cared for you and we are going to care for you here..Its sad, youre going to miss them, and the child will adjust." But some believe its too much power for just <b>...</b>
5.32 min. | 4.52 user rating
Arrest video of three suspects charged with scamming their labor union's pension fund out of nearly $100000 by falsely claiming they were disabled.
1.50 min. | 5.0 user rating
This story depicts a father and child seperated by Parental Alienation. They were very close. There was never any accusations of abuse, but because her mother convinced her to lie to the court and tell them she doesn't want to see her father anymore, that is all it took! No one would listen to the father's argument. The whole system is corrupt! Wayne County Michigan disregards the laws and makes their own. Family courts in America are tearing apart families left and right. You can't fight the system. We are no longer a Democracy, but a Dictatorship! Fathers are considered horrible monsters, and Mothers must be seen as "saints". These alienators are brainwashing their children and no one sees this as "child abuse".
7.42 min. | 5.0 user rating
This is part 1 of a 1/2 hour program that I edited back in November of 2009. What started with a phone call to the Problem Solvers soon exploded into a story that garnered international media coverage. You first met 87-year-old Marabel Chanin in August of 2008; she was the last one -- desperate and alone -- in her section of Robinwood Street, arguably Detroit's worst nook. She died there alone soon-after, and for months lay bagged in the Wayne County Morgue. There she was joined with dozens of other bodies stalled at death's door -- waiting to be claimed and buried. The response that followed was unmatched -- money was raised for funerals, families discovered long lost loved ones at the morgue and now there's resolution in a solution. FOX 2's Brad Edwards got that first voice mail from Marabel, befriended her, lost, found and now discovers her back-story. Join us for a never before seen look at life and death in the 'D' and the change exacted by Marabel's cry.
8.23 min. | 5.0 user rating
Wayne County,Michigan Skywarn Activation 6/21/08
5.37 min. | 3.71 user rating
bundangbear takes you for a walk in what he considers to be his "home airport," ëí¸ë¡ì´í¸ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. This vid features a wonderfully trippy color changing tunnel and a little "sky train." Enjoy the walk, and come along with bundangbear!
7.28 min. | 4.85 user rating
the view from the expresstram in the detroit metropolitan wayne county airport, detroit, mi.
0.13 min. | 0 user rating

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DETROIT: US District Judge John Feikens dies at 93 - Southgate News Herald Tweet this news
Southgate News Herald--Feikens had numerous high-profile cases, but many Downriver remember his involvement when the US Environmental Protection Agency sued -Wayne County- and 13 Downriver communities for failing to properly treat sewage at the plant in W - Date : Sat, 21 May 2011 19:22:32 GMT+00:00
University of Michigan negotiating deal to provide 'forensic services' to ... - Tweet this news University of -Michigan- Medical School could provide forensic medical services for the -Wayne County- Medical Examiner's Office - one of the busiest in the US - if an ongoing contract negotiation between the two entities pans out. - Date : Wed, 18 May 2011 22:20:18 GMT+00:00
State Police: Limited Detroit crime lab can work - Detroit Free Press Tweet this news
Detroit Free Press--But with -Michigan- State Police crime labs overburdened with a backlog of cases, officials now are trying to encourage law enforcement to make smarter choices about what items from crime scenes are submitted for testing. The -Wayne Co - Date : Tue, 19 Apr 2011 06:37:31 GMT+00:00
Uninsured given access to health screenings today - Detroit Free Press Tweet this news
Detroit Free Press---Wayne County's- uninsured have access to free health screenings, dental care, smoking cessation information and other services today at the annual free health expo at Cobo Center in Detroit. Some programs may require photo identi - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 14:10:53 GMT+00:00
The Children's Center of Wayne County Appoints John J. Dunn as President of ... - PR Newswire (press release) Tweet this news
PR Newswire (press release)---...- most diverse and comprehensive frontline child-serving agencies in -Michigan-, providing over 25 programs addressing therapeutic & mental health needs of children, as well as foster care & adoptions. The - Date : Fri, 15 Apr 2011 19:11:19 GMT+00:00
IEC Electronics foresees big increase in sales - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Tweet this news
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle--IEC Electronics Corp. in -Wayne County- announced preliminary financial results for the quarter that ended April 1, saying it expects to report revenue of roughly $35 million, which would be an increase of almost 40 perce - Date : Sat, 16 Apr 2011 09:09:05 GMT+00:00
Waterstone trial delayed by appeal - The Detroit News Tweet this news
The Detroit News---Wayne County- Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny today postponed the May 3 trial of retired Judge Mary Waterstone to June 7 to give both defense lawyers and prosecutors enough time to hear back from the -Michigan- Court of Appeals. Waterstone - Date : Fri, 15 Apr 2011 15:37:34 GMT+00:00
AG's office investigates Detroit political consultant - Detroit Free Press Tweet this news
Detroit Free Press--He also said the office was taking over the investigation from the -Wayne County- Prosecutor's Office at its request. Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Maria Miller also confirmed the office handed the investigation over to the - Date : Sat, 16 Apr 2011 06:07:51 GMT+00:00
The Henry Ford Will Host the Largest Touring Exhibition of Titanic in 2012, to ... - Marketwire (press release) Tweet this news
Marketwire (press release)--The Henry Ford is also home to Henry Ford Academy, a public charter high school which educates 485 students a year on the institution's campus and was founded in partnership with The Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company and -Way - Date : Sat, 16 Apr 2011 11:34:30 GMT+00:00
Ingham County Health Officials Label HIV Cases "Crisis" - Tweet this news 54 new HIV cases logged in 2010, Ingham County's HIV prevalence is second only to -Wayne County's-. Ingham has consistently ranked among -Michigan's- top three counties for HIV prevalence since the early 2000s. Renee Canad - Date : Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:03:18 GMT+00:00

National protected area :
I-75 Interstate 75 travels through the Downriver communities, then through the southwest-side neighborhoods of Detroit and serves as the northern border of Downtown Detroit as the Fisher Freeway. It then turns away from the Fisher onto the Chrysler Freeway at a complex interchange with I-375 and an unnumbered extension which connects with M-3, then follows M-1, which is less than a mile away through the remainder of Detroit, connecting eastern Wayne County to Toledo and Flint to the south and north respectively. It runs non-stop to the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge to the north and to Florida to the south.
I-94 Interstate 94 runs east-west through the central parts of Wayne County, connecting it to Port Huron eastbound and Chicago westbound. To the west it provides an uninterrupted route as far as Montana and connects to the northern side of the Detroit Metro Airport. In Detroit it is known as the Edsel Ford Freeway.
I-96 has its eastern terminus in the county, in Detroit. It follows Grand River Avenue until the city's northwest side, there it turns due west to I-275, where it turns north to concurrent with I-275. West of Detroit to I-275 it is known as the Jeffries Freeway; in Detroit it is the Rosa Parks Memorial Highway, but it is sometimes still known as the Jeffries.
I-275 Most of Interstate 275's mileage is in Wayne County, serving the southern side of the Detroit Metro Airport as well as the Pinnacle Race Course.
I-375 Interstate 375 is the nation's shortest Interstate Highway to be signed. However some highways are shorter but are not signed at all. It serves as the eastern boundary of Downtown Detroit and is a southern extension of the Chrysler Freeway.
US-12 U.S. Route 12 has its eastern terminus in Downtown Detroit at Cass Avenue. From there it travels through the west side of Detroit and through Dearborn and other points west and is a useful alternative to I-94. Locally it is known as Michigan Avenue.
US-24 U.S. Route 24 traverses through Downriver and the far west sides of Dearborn and Detroit and is a useful alternative to I-75. Locally it is known as Telegraph Road.
US 10 U.S. Route 10 entered the county by two ways. Initially it was via Woodward Avenue but when the Lodge Freeway was completed U.S. Route 10 was relocated onto it; the Woodward route became M-1. Later the existing highway was truncated in Bay City and M-10 replaced it on the Lodge.
US 16 U.S. Route 16 entered Wayne County on Grand River Avenue and ended in Downtown Detroit.
US 25 Locally, U.S. Route 25 was the designated name for Dix-Toledo Highway in Downriver and Fort Street and Gratiot Avenue in Detroit. The construction of I-75 resulted in the truncation of U.S. Route 25 to Cincinnati.
US 112 U.S. Route 112 followed Michigan Avenue out of Downtown Detroit and out of Wayne County. Is now a routing of U.S. Route 12.
M-1 M-1 has its southern terminus in Downtown Detroit at Adams Street. It travels through Midtown Detroit and New Center and through Highland Park. It serves as an alternative to I-75 and M-10. Locally known as Woodward Avenue. M-1 was a result of US-10 being redesignated to the Lodge Freeway.
M-3 M-3 has its southern terminus in Downtown Detroit at Randolph and Jefferson Avenue. It proceeds northeasterly through Detroit's northeast side and beyond towards Mount Clemens and points further north. Locally known as Gratiot Avenue. M-3 was the result of the removal of US-25 from Michigan.
M-5 M-5 begins at the northern intersection with I-96 on Detroit's northwest side and follows Grand River Avenue out of the county.
M-8 M-8 runs from I-96 to Conant Street in Detroit, passing through Highland Park. The freeway portion is known as the Davison Freeway.
M-10 M-10 starts at the same intersection where M-3 starts in Downtown Detroit and travels further into the city on the Lodge Freeway and connects it to Southfield.
M-14 M-14 starts at the interchange with I-96 and I-275 in Livonia and travels out into rural areas, serving Plymouth and Ann Arbor.
M-39 M-39 starts in Lincoln Park's city center and runs along Southfield Road to Allen Park and becomes the Southfield Freeway, traveling through the west side of Detroit.
M-53 M-53 begins at M-3 in Detroit, running through the city and connecting it to the Thumb area of the state. Locally known as Van Dyke Avenue.
M-85 The entire length of M-85 is in Wayne County, starting at Griswold Street in Downtown Detroit and connecting the city's southwest side to Downriver, ending near Flat Rock at I-75, for whom which M-85 serves as an alternative. Locally known as West Fort and South Fort, divided at the River Rouge.
M-97 M-97 only runs a short distance through Detroit's northeast side, starting at M-3. In the city it follows Gunston Street and Hoover Street.
M-102 M-102 follows the county line between M-5 and I-94. Locally known as West 8 Mile and East 8 Mile, divided at John R. Street.
M-153 M-153 starts at Wyoming Street on the Detroit-Dearborn limit and continues through the western suburbs as Ford Road.
M-16 M-16 became part of U.S. Route 16, which is also removed from Michigan.
M-17 M-17 once followed Ecorse Road into Lincoln Park, then ran concurrently with U.S. Route 25 to Downtown Detroit.
M-56 During the 1950s, M-56 connected U.S. Route 25 in Flat Rock to U.S. Route 112 in Canton along Huron River Drive and Belleville Road.
M-112 During World War II and the years following, M-112 entered Wayne County on an expressway, providing access to the Willow Run Airport in Van Buren Township and turned onto present-day Interstate 94 in Romulus Township. In Taylor Township it had interchanges with both M-17 and U.S. Route 24, then ended at U.S. Route 112 in Dearborn.
Dixie Highway Dixie Highway ran through Wayne County as early as 1915. Back then it was one of the only routes that connected the county to the Southern United States. Today there are no traces of the old highway in the county.
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Detroit Metro Airport is located in the Downriver community of Romulus. It serves as a hub for Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines and is one of the two airports operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority.
Willow Run Airport Willow Run Airport is located in Van Buren Township and has four runways (a fifth was recently converted into a taxiway). No scheduled flights operate out of Willow Run and is one of the two airports operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority.
Grosse Ile Municipal Airport It is located about two miles (3 km) south of Grosse Ile Township's downtown area. It has two paved runways. No scheduled flights operate out of this airport as well.
Coleman A. Young International Airport Also known as the Detroit City Airport (not to be confused with the larger and nearby Detroit Metro Airport). It is located just a short drive from Downtown Detroit along M-3. It also has two runways and no scheduled flights, although it has been attempted in the past.

Presidential Election Results 1960-2008
Wayne County Elected officials :
Year Democrat Republican
2008 74.02% 660,085 24.62% 219,582
2004 69.39% 600,047 29.81% 257,750
2000 69.01% 530,414 29.02% 223,021
1996 68.95% 504,466 24.04% 175,886
1992 60.39% 508,464 26.96% 227,002
1988 60.18% 450,222 39.03% 291,996
1984 57.19% 496,632 42.31% 367,391
1980 58.60% 522,024 35.42% 315,532
1976 60.11% 548,767 38.18% 348,588
1972 53.26% 514,913 45.08% 435,877
1968 63.25% 654,157 26.16% 270,566
1964 75.97% 831,674 23.83% 260,901
1960 65.99% 773,327 33.66% 394,485

Allen Park *Belleville *Dearborn Heights *Dearborn *Detroit *Ecorse *Flat Rock (partially in
Monroe County) *Garden City *Gibraltar>
Wayne County Elected officials :

Cities :

Municipalities and communities of Wayne County, Michigan

County seat: Detroit
CitiesAllen Park * Belleville * Dearborn * Dearborn Heights * Detroit * Ecorse * Flat Rock � * Garden City * Gibraltar * Grosse Pointe * Grosse Pointe Farms * Grosse Pointe Park * Grosse Pointe Shores � * Grosse Pointe Woods * Hamtramck * Harper Woods * Highland Park * Inkster * Lincoln Park * Livonia * Melvindale * Northville � * Plymouth * River Rouge * Riverview * Rockwood * Romulus * Southgate * Taylor * Trenton * Wayne * Westland * Woodhaven * Wyandotte |title3=Charter
townships |body3= Brownstown * Canton * Huron * Northville * Plymouth * Sumpter * Redford * Van Buren |title4=Civil
township |body4= Grosse Ile |title5=Footnotes |body5= �This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties
Brownstown * Canton * Huron * Northville * Plymouth * Sumpter * Redford * Van Buren
Grosse Ile
Footnotes�This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties

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