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Quai de Londres
Full nameVerdun
MayorArsène Lux
Highest Elevation1082.7 ft (330 m)
Lowest Elevation636.5 ft (194 m)
Land Area12 sq mi (31.03 km2)
Total Population19624 (1999)
- Density1637.9/sq mi (632.4/km2)
Postal code55100


Native NameReichsstadt Wirten (de)
Ville libre de Verdun (fr)
Conventional Long NameImperial City of Verdun
Common NameVerdun
RegionLow Countries
EraMiddle Ages
EmpireHoly Roman Empire
Government TypeRepublic
Year End1552
Life Span? � 1552
Date StartUncertain
Event EndThree Bishoprics
 annexed by France
Date End
Event PostPeace of Westphalia
 recognises annexation
Date Post
S1Early modern France
Flag S1Pavillon royal de France.svg
Image CoatBlason Verdun 55.svg

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Verdun (medieval , official name before 1970 Verdun-sur-Meuse) is a city in the Meuse department in Lorraine in north-eastern France. It is a sub-prefecture of the department.

Verdun is the biggest city in Meuse, although the capital of the department is the slightly smaller city of Bar-le-Duc.

Verdun Video

FOR ALL THE PEOPLE POSTING REPETITIVE COMMENTS: "A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." (Bob Dylan). I don't agree with censorship and I will always support freedom of speech and expression. Some people have asked me why I don't delete the entire video because it's being "tarnished" by puerile "games", which are an example of freedom of speech used in a questionable way. I don't want to delete this video because it's not at all about "games". It's about suffering and struggling to live with a mental illness. Imagine yourself in these poor men's shoes for one moment, you'll understand what I mean. I am sorry for you, but I will delete from now any repetitive, meaningless, spam-like comments. "In World War I, shell shock was considered a psychiatric illness resulting from injury to the nerves during combat. The horrors of WWI trench warfare meant that about 10% of the fighting soldiers were killed (compared to 4.5% during World War II) and the total proportion of troops who became casualties (killed or wounded) was 56%. Whether a shell-shock sufferer was considered "wounded" or "sick" depended on the circumstances. The large proportion of WWI veterans in the European population meant that the symptoms were common to the culture, although it may not have become popularly known in the US. Many generals considered those who suffered shell shock to be cowards, and a large number were executed." Clips from the <b>...</b>
1.55 min. | 4.78 user rating
florencia maggio y vanina verdun pe a muy caliantes en una gomeria
3.33 min. | 4.28 user rating
Und nochmal Sabaton Das Video gibts in besserer Qualität unter Die Szenen stammen aus der 5-teiligen Dokuserie "Der erste Weltkrieg": / The Scenes are from the Documentary "The first World war" which has 5 parts: 1 Mythos Tannenberg 2 Gashölle Ypern 3 Alptraum Verdun 4 Schlachtfeld Heimat 5 Trrauma Versailes
5.93 min. | 4.91 user rating
Ce documentaire est sur la bataille de Verdun qui se déroula de février à Décembre 1916. Dans ce court documentaire on apprend en quelque sorte le pourquoi du comment soit quelles furent les raisons de la bataille, qui fut le premier à agir le nombre de pertes, l'avancée de cette bataille durant ces 10 mois, et bien sur son dénouement, le tout sur le fond de films et d'images d'époque. Mais avant tout cela la violence et la barbarie des combats sera évoquée dans une petite histoire retraçant les atrocités de cette bataille. Pour attester de ces atrocités nous aurons également un témoignage d'un poilu français ayant servi à Verdun. Avec lui nous reviendrons sur l'horreur bien sur mais aussi les raisons pour lesquelles se battaient ces hommes... Un documentaire que nous vous conseillons de regarder.
7.37 min. | 4.44 user rating
Thats a clip made out of B/W archive videos of the horrible Battle for Verdun, France in 1916. I hope the video shows the horror of the First World War, especially this Battle of Verdun. Music: Almost Martyrs - The Live of David Gale Original Soundtrack THM Pictures 2007
1.92 min. | 4.90 user rating
My personal tribute to the victims of the battle of Verdun in 1916. All rigths deserve to the Walt Disney Studios, Hans Zimmer and other companies or persons who produced the music "The Kraken".
7.15 min. | 4.65 user rating
This is from the spring of 1999. An episode of 20/20 featuring the subject of backyard wrestling. Featuring Connie Chung, Mick Foley, Vince Mcmahon, Andre Verdun, and Ronny Long.
7.75 min. | 4.65 user rating
Rodney and Karlee Verdun crappie fishing for slab Crappie. Karlee wins!!! Get your slab Crappie fish mount at Or learn how to catch slab Crappie at http
4.08 min. | 4.05 user rating
Chapter 14: VERDUN
3.40 min. | 4.61 user rating
Verdun, un paysage marqué par les stigmates de l'année 1916. Une bataille atroce de la première guerre mondiale (1914-1918)
3.33 min. | 4.70 user rating

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Montreal sees 12th, 13th murders of 2011 - Global BC Tweet this news
Global BC--One in east end Montreal, the other in -Verdun-. The 12th murder of the year took place Tuesday night in Pointe Aux Trembles. A 66-year-old man was killed inside his Notre Dame Street apartment. The victim has been identified as Jean Pierre Bea - Date : Thu, 14 Apr 2011 21:31:27 GMT+00:00
Verdun serves national term with BPOE - Pontiac Daily Leader Tweet this news
Pontiac Daily Leader--Greg -Verdun- is a champion of charitable causes. He is easily able to reel off the many programs assisted by the Pontiac Elks Lodge, of which he has been a member for more than two decades. -Verdun- has devoted many years and countl - Date : Thu, 14 Apr 2011 14:23:02 GMT+00:00
Brown Closes Out Pittsburgh in Game One - DePaul Blue Demons Tweet this news
DePaul Blue Demons--She came on in relief of winning pitcher Kirsten -Verdun- (16-3) in the bottom of the sixth and struck out the side. That gave Brown a string of seven strikeouts in a row. The sophomore from Spring, Texas struck out one more in the sev - Date : Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:57:20 GMT+00:00
After winter must come spring - Midnight Poutine Tweet this news
Midnight Poutine--First Date Series: Chez Doval Try Casa Manolo on Wellington in -Verdun-. Their BBQ chicken rivals Chez Doval and its under 10$! Hello Spring, Says the Cabane à Sucre Hey just want to let everybody know that we are opening a maple sugar - Date : Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:10:22 GMT+00:00
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Blockshopper--Faida Fuller and Yohance Fuller bought a three-bedroom, 3.5-bath home at 1313 Kennedy St. NW in 16th Street Heights from Real Manor Zlk LLC for $460000 on March 11. Real Manor Zlk LLC paid $275500 for the ... - Date : Fri, 08 Apr 2011 16:31:55 GMT+00:00

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