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RightScale is a web based cloud computing management platform for managing cloud infrastructure from multiple providers. Santa Barbara, California-based RightScale received $4.5m in venture capital in April 2008 and $13m in December 2008.

RightScale Video

This video explains the concept of a RightScale Deployment and how you can use them to more effectively launch and manage servers in the cloud. Learn how easy it is to clone and create staging deployments for development and testing. Deployments make it easier to manage instances in the cloud because you can define common inputs for all servers at the deployments level. Learn how you can create and share macros (of deployments) with other users or groups to build collaborative work environments in your organization.
8.28 min. | 5.0 user rating
Watch RightScale CTO & Founder Thorsten von Eicken
5.98 min. | 4.57 user rating
In The VAR Guy's FastChat Video, Alfresco Chief Marketing Officer Ian Howells describes how open source content management will move to the cloud. Also, how Alfresco is working with RightScale, the cloud management company.
9.37 min. | 5.0 user rating
Michael Crandell, CEO and Founder of RightScale, explains how to achieve greater productivity and agility in the cloud through the RightScale Cloud Computing Platform.
9.95 min. | 4.83 user rating
Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst at RedMonk moderates panel at Zend/PHP Conference 2009 titled, "Developing on the Cloud." Panelists from left-to-right: Stephen O'Grady/RedMonk (moderator), Doug Tidwell/IBM, Wil Sinclair/Zend, Vijay Rajagopalan/Microsoft, Thorsten von Eicken/RightScale, and Dave Nielsen/CloudCamp. Filmed Tuesday 20 October 2009, San Jose Convention Center, California. See for more information about the Simple Cloud API open-source project. Copyright (c) 2009, by Zend Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
9.92 min. | 3.4 user rating
Supercomputing power over the Internet? Michael Crandell, CEO & Founder, RightScale Inc., discusses automated technology that helps companies run scalable applications across numerous public and private clouds. Series: Technology Management Program [9/2009] [Business] [Show ID: 17093]
56.68 min. | 4.83 user rating
Mark Angel, CTO of KANA, recently gave a talk at a conference hosted by IBM & Amazon about KANA's experience with the Cloud Quick Start Program. The Cloud Quick Start Program is a joint effort between IBM, Amazon, RightScale and WaveMaker to provide organizations with a fast , easy and trusted on-ramp to the cloud. Some excerpts from the video: "Our walk into the cloud turned out to be a very short journey. And a pretty pleasant one." "This took, roughly speaking, a few hours longer than it does to deploy inside an eBay IT shop or a Citicorp IT shop when we do an on-premise install with one of our clients." "Our managed services people got pretty excited about the fact that they can in fact clone images very easily and be able to use this kind of approach externally the way we use VMs (Virtual Machines) internally." "From a KANA perspective, we - like everybody in the world - have been talking for a while about how the cloud's the next big thing. It's going to come. It's inevitable. It's going to change our business. It's going to change the way that we sell to our customers, the way we're asked to support our customers. But, given that it's an inevitability, I think we can in fact manage how quickly and how well we ride this train."
2.53 min. | 0 user rating
RightScale customers share their impressions.
4.25 min. | 5.0 user rating
RightScale Screen Cast
4.45 min. | 5.0 user rating
This week we have James Segil, President of Edgecast, David Hornik, General Partner at August Capital and Uri Budnik, Rightscale. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to
74.78 min. | 5.0 user rating

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