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Google App Engine

Google App Engine
Software information
Initial releaseApril 7, 2008
Operating systemEvery (Web-based application)
TypeWeb development

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Google App Engine (also used by the acronym GAE) is a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers. It was first released as a beta version in April 2008.

Google App Engine is cloud computing technology. It virtualizes applications across multiple servers and data centers.

Other "cloud"-based platforms include offerings such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft's Azure Services Platform. App Engine differs from services like Amazon Web Services, though, in that AWS is Infrastructure as a Service while App Engine is Platform as a Service.

Google App Engine is free up to a certain level of used resources. Fees are charged for additional storage, bandwidth, or CPU cycles required by the application.

Google App Engine Video

This video introduces developers to building apps on Google App Engine. For more in-depth information and deep-dive technical sessions, come to Google I/O, Google's largest developer event:
9.48 min. | 4.70 user rating
Google App Engine enables developers to build their web applications on the same scalable systems that power Google applications. For more info on Google App Engine:
9.17 min. | 4.74 user rating
This video provides an overview of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a tool which enables developers to produce highly optimized, browser-specific JavaScript for their apps. Andrew Bowers will demonstrate how GWT is incorporated into the development cycle by walking through a sample App Engine application utilizing GWT. Join us at Google I/O, Google's largest developer event, happening May 27-28, 2009 in San Francisco. The Google Web Toolkit team will be on hand to answer any questions and hold deep-dive technical sessions. Register to attend:
4.17 min. | 4.83 user rating
This video introduces the latest features of App Engine, including an early look at Java language support. Andrew Bowers will walk through the development of a sample Java application, from creation to deployment. Join us at Google I/O, Google's largest developer event, happening May 27-28, 2009 in San Francisco. The App Engine team will be on hand to answer any questions and hold deep-dive technical sessions. Register to attend:
7.65 min. | 4.82 user rating
Rapid Development with Python, Django, and Google App Engine Guido van Rossum (Google) Learn how to create great web applications quickly on Google App Engine using the Django web framework and the Python language. Google App Engine lets you host complete, scalable web applications written in Python with minimal fuss. This tutorial assumes basic familiarity with Python but definitely no advanced Python knowlege; Django experience is optional. You will learn how to use the Django web framework with the datastore API provided by Google App Engine, and how to get the most mileage out of the combination. You will also see how to use Django best practices like unit testing when developing for Google App Engine.
57.15 min. | 4.78 user rating
Learn how to sign up for App Engine billing and purchase additional computing resources.
2.40 min. | 4.09 user rating
Google Software Engineer Brett Slatkin builds and deploys a sample guestbook web app on top of Google App Engine. For more info on Google App Engine:
12.58 min. | 4.73 user rating
Dave Westwood, co-founder of Buddypoke, talks about how they built their app using Google App Engine.
5.53 min. | 4.5 user rating
A screencast showing a mashup using Google Analytics, Protovis, SVG, JQuery, Google App Engine, and GData. Done by Nick Mihailovski.
2.03 min. | 4.46 user rating
Google Tech Lead Kevin Gibbs walks through the Google App Engine stack: 1) scalable serving infrastructure; 2) python runtime and libraries; 3) SDK; 4) web-based admin console; and 5) scalable datastore. For more info on Google App Engine:
13.32 min. | 4.76 user rating

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Hard limits :
Quota Limit
Apps per developer 10
Time per request 30 sec
Blobstore size (total file size per app) 2 GB
HTTP response size 10 MB
Datastore item size 1 MB
Application code size 150 MB

Free quotas :
Quota Limit
Emails per day 2,000
Bandwidth in per day 1,000 MB
Bandwidth out per day 1,000 MB
CPU time per day 6.5 hours per day
HTTP Requests per Day 1,300,000*
Datastore API calls per day 10,000,000*
Data stored 1 GB
URLFetch API calls per day.. 657,084*

Cloud computing

ClientsBrowser (Desktop * Laptop * Handheld) * Netbook * Nettop
ApplicationsGoogle Apps * Intacct * Microsoft Online * NetSuite * SalesForce
PlatformsApp Engine * AppScale * Azure * Engine Yard * * Heroku * MTurk * NS-BOS * RightScale * S3 * SimpleDB * SQS
InfrastructureEC2 * Eucalyptus * FlexiScale * GoGrid * Nimbus * Rackspace Cloud * VPC
TechnologiesComputer network * Datacenters * Distributed File Systems * Internet * Structured storage * Virtualization * Web Services

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