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Google Apps

Google Apps
Google Apps Online Control Panel
Software information
DeveloperGoogle Inc.
Operating systemAny (Web-based application)
TypeWeb productivity tools

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Google Apps is a service from Google providing independently customizable versions of several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including: Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites.

The Standard Edition is free and offers the same amount of storage as regular Gmail accounts. The Premier Edition, which offers additional e-mail storage, is available for an annual fee. The Education Edition, which is free, combines features from the Standard and Premier editions.

Google Apps Video

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook allows you to switch your Microsoft Exchange server on the backend to Gmail. Your employees enjoy less spam, tons of space and built-in Google search. Let employees access email from anywhere and choose the interface they want: Gmail, Outlook, or BlackBerry.
3.05 min. | 4.38 user rating
Learn about the Gmail features you'll find in Google Apps, including built-in chat, filters and labels, conversations, and mobile access.
3.52 min. | 4.67 user rating
Google Sites, a new offering from Google Apps, makes creating a team site as easy as editing a document. Use Google Sites to centralize all types of information -- from videos to presentations -- and share your site with just a few people, your entire organization, or the world. Learn more at:
2.43 min. | 4.46 user rating
Watch this quick tour of Google Apps Visit to sign up or learn more.
1.95 min. | 4.61 user rating
Your smartphone has apps. Now your TV does too. Here's a sneak preview of the apps that will be available on Google TV this fall.
1.53 min. | 4.83 user rating
This is our list of the top 5 apps for the Google Nexus One. Now of course there are plenty of other options out there so let us know your favorite android apps as well and we will check them out. The Top 5 Nexus One Apps: 5. Movies 4. Ringdroid 3. Seesmic 2. PDAnet 1. Google Translate
2.58 min. | 4.66 user rating
Click Here for More Info: Need to wipe your G1 because the phone is corrupted or frozen, eg, your G1 keeps rebooting over and over again without getting to the desktop/home page? Are you a non-geek/newbie and not sure how your phone got messed up? Ready to sell your soul to Satan to get out of your predicament and able to use your G1, again? Have your friends asked "Why are you carrying that brick?" or "What are you pounding on the table and why are you swearing at it?" Is your G1 so clogged up that it's time to soak it in Liquid Drano? Well help has arrived. Here is how you do a factory wipe or hard reset. (Note: this procedure assumes you can't get to the G1's reset "button" located in the Android OS settings menu and you DO NOT know what the terms "jailbreak" or "root" mean.) Update: This tutorial is for non-rooted phones. The hard reset (or wipe) will put your phone back to the way it was when you first opened the box. Inside Information: THIS IS THE "SECRET" PROCEDURE T-MOBILE TECH SUPPORT HAS NON-GEEK CONSUMERS GO THROUGH AS A LAST RESORT WHEN THE G1 CANNOT RECOVER FROM A CRASH. (This is done before the CSR says to send the phone back for a replacement.) Sidenote: Don't feel bad, these phones do a lot nowadays, they crash often and need to be reset. And sometimes the phone will freeze and refuse to reboot. This procedure should save your butt. My video covers both hard and soft resets. WARNING: The hard reset procedure erases all third party applications you <b>...</b>
8.67 min. | 4.72 user rating Jeff and Sam from Google talk about Google Apps Education Edition
10.63 min. | 4.58 user rating
The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. To start exploring the store, visit or click the store icon in Chrome's New Tab page.
1.68 min. | 4.82 user rating
My Nokia 5230 Firmware v10 S60v5. Using gDesk 0.33g Platform / apps. Made Nexus One Ui for this phone. Good: - Icon 72x72 for Thumb size (without using stylus pen to operate). (In this video is difficult to hold camera while playing the phone) - Google search Widget actually going to Opera Mobile 10 beta. - 5 Different home screen (1800x460 wallpaper). - Nexus One Launcher Grid and Home icon. - Add your shortcut on Home Screen or Launcher by enable the gdesk menu (Fav icon). Bad: - The weather widget not functional. - The notes always goes to original. - Double tap / single tap for click. - The apps of gDesk has little bug (crashing when fast rotating). Enjoy the view.. :P DOWNLOAD it here
5.65 min. | 4.29 user rating

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: Available services depending on type of Google Account
Non-Google address Gmail address Google Apps Account
Gmail No Yes Yes (Requires domain name)
Google Apps Sync No Yes (using Microsoft Exchange) Yes
Google Calendar No Yes Yes
Google Contacts No Yes Yes (Listed as in beta)
Google Contacts Sync No Yes (using Microsoft Exchange) Yes
Google Docs No Yes Yes
Google Groups No Yes Yes
Google Sites No Yes Yes
Google Tasks No Yes Yes
Google Video No Yes Yes
Google Voice No Yes Yes
Google Wave No Yes Yes

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