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Wu-Tang Forever

Wu-Tang Forever
Album information
NameWu-Tang Forever
ArtistWu-Tang Clan
ReleasedJune 3, 1997
GenreHip hop
Length44:58 (Disc 1)
67:08 (Disc 2- US)
77:53 (Disc 2- International)
07863-66905 (North America)
74321-45768 (international)
ProducerRZA, 4th Disciple, True Master, Inspectah Deck
Previous albumEnter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Next albumThe W

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'Wu-Tang Forever' is the second studio album of American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, released June 3, 1997 on Loud/RCA Records in the United States. Pressed as a double album, it was released after a long run of successful solo projects from various members of the group, and serves as the follow-up to their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Forever features several guest appearances from Wu-Tang affiliates Cappadonna, Streetlife, 4th Disciple, True Master, and Tekitha, as well as an extensive embodiment of lesser known members of the group. The album's production has been noted by several music writers as having an aura similar to that of Wu-Tang related albums Liquid Swords, and Ironman.

Despite limited radio /TV airplay, and a lead single that famously clocked at nearly six minutes with no chorus, Wu-Tang Forever debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 612,000 copies sold in its first week. The album was certified 4X's platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on October 15, 1997, making it the group's highest selling album to date. Upon its release, Wu-Tang Forever received favorable reviews from most music critics, while it also earned the group a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album at the 40th Grammy Awards in 1998.

Wu-Tang Forever Video

Edited slideshow video of Wu-Tang's "Bells Of War"
5.23 min. | 4.97 user rating
Director: Video Rahim Live at the Atrium Wu-Tang Forever Triple Platinum Party. Earlier that day they were at the Wu-Wear store in Atlanta, Then they opened up for Rage Against the Machine.
3.15 min. | 4.82 user rating
Wu-Tang Clan "For Heaven's Sake" 1997 Wu-Tang Forever [Lyrics} [Intro: Inspectah Deck] Yo, one two one two Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang It's the Wu, creepin in the shadows Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang (Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang) Oh baby, for heavens sake Sir I, Excalibur Oh baby, for heavens sake (Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang) [2X] Oh baby, for heavens sake [Verse One: Inspectah Deck/Rebel INS] Yo, aiyyo my rap style swing like Willie Mays My eyes Purple Haze, my solar razor burn through shades My grenades raid the airwaves, catch this rap page I glide like, hovercrafts on the Everglades Boom master, with the faster blade, track slasher Manufacture poems to microphones, bones fracture Limited edition composition spark friction non-fiction, the calm bomb keep your arm distant Zero tolerance, dominant intelligence Wu original, true colors step from the melanin The most high, most try, to get close by and overthrow I, but choke, with they hopes up high I circulate the tri-state and vibrate beyond the Richter Flies sense to flock when they spot this live nigga The crowd seducer black your third eye before I lose ya Verbal high I leave stars in the eyes of Medusa Top ten, parley like Cochran, it's often narrow margin, of your odds to dodge the marksman Murder rap, kill you soft like Roberta Flack Words attack like a british bulldog, observe the stacks Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang Oh baby, for heavens sake [repeat both lines 4X] [Verse Two: Masta Killa] Now all pay <b>...</b>
4.23 min. | 4.96 user rating
ODB speaks up after Wu Tang lost to Puff on the Best Rap Album of the Year, also showing Kanye how its properly done. RIP Dirt Dog
0.82 min. | 4.90 user rating
The official musik clip: Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited (Remix).Original song from wu tang forever album (1997).Lyrics: Method Man RZA and Ol Dirty Bastard ODB(RIP Russell Tyrone Jones). Backround vocals: Roxanne. (Wu Tang mother****** its boom mother****** )
3.37 min. | 4.70 user rating
2.55 min. | 4.84 user rating
my favorite song by the Wu
5.50 min. | 4.96 user rating
Wu-Tang - Visionz [Forever]
3.15 min. | 4.98 user rating
Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited from Wu Tang Forever
4.15 min. | 4.98 user rating
Wu Tang Clan- Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours Album- Wu Tang Forever
3.02 min. | 4.95 user rating

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Singles from Wu-Tang Forever
SinglesReleased date
It's YourzSeptember 23, 1997
ReunitedMarch 30, 1998

Preceded by
Spice by Spice Girls
Billboard 200 number-one album
June 21-27, 1997
Succeeded by
Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace) by Bob Carlisle
Preceded by
Open Road by Gary Barlow
UK number one album
June 14, 1997 - June 20, 1997
Succeeded by
Middle of Nowhere by Hanson

Last singleThis singleNext single

Disc one :
# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Samples Time
1 Wu-Revolution RZA 6:46
2 Reunited RZA 5:21
3 For Heaven's Sake RZA 4:13
4 Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (Still
Don't Nothing Move But the Money)
4th Disciple 3:01
5 Visionz Inspectah Deck 3:09
6 As High as Wu-Tang Get RZA 2:37
7 Severe Punishment RZA 4:49
8 Older Gods 4th Disciple 3:05
9 Maria RZA 2:55
10 A Better Tomorrow 4th Disciple 4:55
11 It's Yourz RZA 4:17

Disc two :
# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Samples Time
1 Intro RZA 2:02
2 Triumph RZA "Everybody Everybody" by Black Box 5:38
3 Impossible 4th Disciple,
Co-produced by RZA
4 Little Ghetto Boys RZA 4:49
5 Deadly Melody RZA 4:20
6 The City 4th Disciple 4:05
7 The Projects RZA 3:17
8 Bells of War RZA 5:12
9 The M.G.M. True Master 2:38
10 Dog Shit RZA 3:34
11 Duck Seazon RZA 5:42
12 Hellz Wind Staff RZA 4:52
13 Heaterz True Master 5:26
14 Black Shampoo RZA 3:49
15 Second Coming RZA 4:39
16 The Closing RZA 2:37
*17 Sunshower
(international track only)
RZA 6:11
*18 Projects (International Remix)
(international track only)
RZA 4:34

Disc two :
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums Top Canadian Albums UK Albums Chart
1997 Wu-Tang Forever #1 #1 (18 Weeks) #1 #1

Wu-Tang Clan

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