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Triumph (song)

Triumph (song)
Single information
ArtistWu-Tang Clan featuring Cappadonna
AlbumWu-Tang Forever
Format12" single, CD single
GenreHip hop
LabelLoud Records
SongwriterWu-Tang Clan
Previous single"Can It Be All So Simple"
Next single"It's Yourz"

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"Triumph" is a single released by Wu-Tang Clan, from their 1997 album Wu-Tang Forever. Unusually for a single, the song does not have a chorus. Instead, it solely consists of verses from eight of the nine official Wu-Tang members and unofficial member Cappadonna, as well as an intro by Ol' Dirty Bastard.

When RZA spoke in an 2005 interview about having the whole clan work together, he mentioned:|}

Triumph (song) Video

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Originally named "Heartbreak Hotel", "This Place Hotel" was a hit recording by The Jacksons when it was released in 1980. Written by Michael, the song would precede Jackson's own hit "Billie Jean" in its insecurity-plagued tale of confusion. While his brothers did not sing background vocals, they were credited with playing percussion on the single while brother Tito contributed a guitar solo. The song reached number twenty-two on the Billboard Pop singles chart and number two on the R&B singles chart when it was released and became the group's second-biggest single off their "Triumph" album, behind "Can You Feel It". The hit single has also become one of the most-sampled songs in hip-hop. The single's title was changed because of the 1956 Elvis Presley hit, "Heartbreak Hotel". In his autobiography, Michael Jackson reveals that he was not a fan of his future wife Lisa Marie's father's music, and it did not enter his mind when writing the song. Thischannel is dedicated to all the great 'old school' R&B music I grew up with, the stuff that originally made me tap my feet and want to be a DJ. Funk, soul, disco, R&B, dance, hip-hop, rap, jazz, pop . . . 60s, 70s, 80s . . . whatever you call it, it's all 'old school' and it's all here! See my videos featuring the Roots of Rap at: Check out my newer music videos and other fun stuff at: Check out my news videography stuff at: Also <b>...</b>
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Carnival Triumph Piano Bar with Eric Fischer on the Eastern Caribbean Cruise July 6th singing the pussycat song with Christy and Emily sitting on the piano singing along!
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Track from mixtape DJ Heat & Blu Present - So(ul) Amazing Three
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Here is the Central Islip High School Concert Choir and director John Anthony, rehearsing, "Song of Triumph," by Dale Grotenhuis. The choir went on to perform it in Austria and the Czech Republic only several weeks later.
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From New Rochelle, NY to youtube....... (all pictures owned by original owners, not me. no illegal usage intended. not to generate profit, just for entertainment) (song: lyrics & music property of Expect Less Band) OUR BALLAD TO COCO: Please coco dont go Were gonna miss you, ya know Who the hell needs the tonight show? So Please coco dont go go I first fell in love with you on Late Night Your Red hair, your pompadour, your unu~sual height You have a funny string dance, and you say keep cool my babies You finally got your shot and now your futures filled with maybies Please coco dont go Were gonna miss you, ya know Who the hell needs the tonight show? So Please coco dont go Everyone loves your classic skits In the year 2000, chuck Norris, were gonna miss Triumph Insult Comic dog, max weinbergs not a creep at all Joels gay asian lovers, and under labambas hat hes bald Your Late Night run comes to an end, Jay Leno moved back to ten Then he fucked up and took his show back, what a great friend. Please coco dont go Were gonna miss you, ya know Who the hell needs the tonight show? So Please coco dont go 7 months in, they never gave you a chance Please give Jay a welcoming Boo (booooooo) for his comeback entrance TO: NBC, 4th place still looks comfy AND TO JEFF ZUCKER, NAME's TOO motherfucker Please coco dont go Were gonna miss you, ya know Who the hell needs the tonight show? So Please coco dont go Please coco dont go Were gonna miss you if you're not on TV Who the <b>...</b>
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OST Download: Other OSTs:
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Campaign kills: ten billion. WOOT! I wrote the song, sung it, played two guitar tracks and a bass track, and yes, it sounds horrible, don't tell me how much I can't sing/play... Such comments will be removed. Enjoy the song. My post on is as follows (Lyrics included): Ten billion kills? That's quite a few covie -blam!- killed! Nice work! Let's sing a song... In five hundred sixty five days of Regret, Mercy has fallen and Truth is in debt, The covenant is failing, their army falls, The moment is waiting, for UNSC to walk down the halls, Of gloooooory, ooof glooooooory... The UNSC has reached its mighty, Goal of ten billion killed, Ten billion enemies lie on the ground, Vultures drink the blood spilled, All those Covenant, lying in waste, Dying again, oh how good the taste, Of gloooory, ooof gloooory... Singin' again, about all the disgrace, The Covenant has put us through, But now we triumph, against that ugly face, That all this war has brought us to, We now may rejoice, for everything we doooooo, Because the covenant are down, ten billion throooough, And we are in, gloooory, how good is gloooory... And now as we party, and love our good joy, Even more Covenant, boys, Is out there for us to kill! Let us go, and make for us the way, To ten billion more, killed another daaaay, And now there is nothing left to saayyyyy, But gloooory, all this gloooory... Keep it up, guys, all the pwnage in the world says we are epic.
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