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Protectionist Party

Party NameProtectionist Party
Party WikicolouridProtectionist
LeaderAlfred Deakin
SuccessorCommonwealth Liberal Party

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:This article is about the Protectionist Party of 1889-1909. For the Swedish political Party, see Protectionist Party (Sweden).The Protectionist Party was an Australian political party, formally organised from 1889 until 1909, with policies centred on protectionism. It argued that Australia needed protective tariffs to allow Australian industry to grow and provide employment. It had its greatest strength in Victoria and in the rural areas of New South Wales. Its most prominent leaders were Sir Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin, who were the first and second prime ministers of Australia.

In the main, the Protectionists formed government with the support of the Labor Party, on the understanding that they would implement social reforms desired by Labor. Labor's program, however, was frequently too radical for the Protectionists, and compromises had to be made. Several changes of minority governments occurred.

The Protectionist vote had declined considerably by the 1906 federal election, and with Labor already having formed a minority government in 1904 under Chris Watson, Labor had formed another in 1908 under Andrew Fisher. A scandalised establishment pressured the two non-Labor parties to form an anti-socialist alliance, which saw Deakin and Free Trade leader Joseph Cook believe a merger was needed to counter Labor's increasing electoral dominance. The Protectionist Party ended up splitting, with the more liberal Protectionists, such as Isaac Isaacs and H. B. Higgins, supporting Labor while Deakin and his supporters merged with the Anti-Socialist Party (formerly Free Trade Party) to become the Commonwealth Liberal Party, who would form another minority government, before Fisher and Labor achieved Australia's first federal majority government, and the first Senate majority, at the 1910 election.

In 2007, a new political party was set up under the same name.

Protectionist Party Video

The AUSTRALIAN PROTECTIONIST PARTY (APP) is the premium Nationalist party in Australia. Protect Your Future - Preserve our heritage. When the homosexual activist/politician Bob Brown defends the Muslims, Darrin Hodges makes the point that Brown would be hung in Iran (under the Islamic Sharia Law, homosexuality is punishable by death). NOTE: 26th January 2009 The Australian Protectionist Party is on the way to registering as a political party to contest the next federal election. At this stage, we have not reached the 500 members required to register. As a sign of our determination to become registered, APP has declared that free memberships will be offered to enable national registration. Time is running out for Australia and we do not have time to muck around. Our nation needs a federally registered political party to represent Australians, and this is what we intend to achieve. Come on and join us - and help us win back Australia. Membership forms available on website link below. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Website:
4.60 min. | 3.64 user rating
It's time to stop the failed experiment of multiculturalism and political correctness. We need to start learning from the mistakes that Europe has made into accepting mass immigration and the so called 'diversity.' The Australian Protectionist Party is calling out for a national movement of men and women who are willing to take a stand for our country's independence, freedom, preservation of our nation and people - our future. Are YOU willing to take a stand for the future of this nation?? It's time to win back Australia!
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The Australian Protectionist Party (APP) is the premium Nationalist party in Australia. What are you waiting for? Join today!
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See how they run! The elites clearly live in some parallel universe where the lion really does lay down with the lamb. Note to Tanya, the Annangrove saga continues with Muslims buying land near the prayer hall - "Abas Aly says that he's now dealing with another problem that's emerged. He says there are rumours circulating that a ten acre block of land recently purchased has been earmarked for an Islamic school. ABAS ALY: Firstly the land has not been bought by the centre, it's a personal purchase. The second thing is it's not for a school - and they know that very well, again this is the stories that get created by a handful of people. If we did, hypothetically decide to build something there, again if we met the planning rules it shouldn't be a problem." - So my statement in this program about "planning creep" was 100% correct.
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A brief video demostrating a racist attack on Australians by a member of the Socialist Alliance. They believe that it is not racial vilification when the victim and the abuser are of the same race, however the anti-vilification laws have no such provision. Racial vilification is based around the principle that attacking somebody on the basis of their race is illegal regardless of the racial descent of the abuser.
3.80 min. | 4.2 user rating
Lizz Winstead is a comedian, Co creator of The Daily Show and Co founder of Air America Radio. She is really wowed by the new GOP "Plan" You can read her relentless spamming by following her on twitter @lizzwinstead, and at
2.42 min. | 4.76 user rating
Guest speaker Nick Chance from the British National Party talks about the growth and success of the BNP.
5.30 min. | 5.0 user rating
Why should we follow policies of the US Department of State which are detrimental to the United Kingdom?
4.90 min. | 4.75 user rating Ifyou support what we're doing to promote the cause of freedom on the Walk For Liberty, please consider supporting our work by making even a $3 contribution. Every contribution helps! http (click here to subscribe to the WalkForLiberty channel) *** Video notes November 20th 2008, day 197 / Entering Canandaigua / Local house of tyranny / Would attorneys and lawyers be necessary in a pure free market justice and dispute resolution system? / Attorneys are necessary in the current monopolistic legal system because of the thousands of laws (including case law) in existence / Laws written in legalese / Representing yourself in civil vs criminal trials / What would a free market system look like? / All property would be private / No central monopolistic "government" claiming to have authority over everything and everyone / No legislature, so there wouldn't be hundreds of new laws accumulating each year / Categories of property: individual, retail or service business, roads, other (farms, factories) / Rules that you must follow if you want to remain on someone's property / Businesses would want repeat customers, so their rules would likely be simple and straightforward / Probably only a very few commonly accepted laws across all property, namely those against behavior which physically harms or threatens another's person or property / Representing yourself in front of mutually-agreed upon arbitrator / Hiring a person to represent you who is skilled in <b>...</b>
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