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President of Moldova

President of Moldova
InsigniaStandard of the President of Moldova.svg
InsigniacaptionStandard of the President of Moldova
NativenamePreşedintele Republicii Moldova
IncumbentMarian Lupu (Acting)
IncumbentsinceDecember 30, 2010
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidencePresidential palace
AppointerParliament of Moldova
TermlengthFour years, renewable once
FormationSeptember 3, 1990
InauguralMircea Snegur

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The President of the Republic of Moldova is the head of state of Moldova.

President of Moldova Video

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Vice president of the United States of America Joe Biden in Moldova
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Russia More Corrupt Despite Medvedev Vows, Ranking Shows - NASDAQ Tweet this news
NASDAQ--It was tied with Haiti, Kenya and Tajikistan, and was ranked as the most corrupt country in Europe, with -Moldova-, the next most corrupt, finishing in 105th ... - Date : Tue, 26 Oct 2010 09:28:38 GMT+00:00
Moldova's ex-president heads list of parliamentary candidates - ITAR-TASS Tweet this news
ITAR-TASS--CHISINAU, October 3 (Itar-Tass) - -Moldova's- ex--president- Vladimir Voronin heads the list of candidates from the Communist Party for the early parliamentary ... - Date : Sun, 03 Oct 2010 15:51:00 GMT+00:00
Moldavian President Dismisses Parliament - The Epoch Times Tweet this news
The Epoch Times---Moldova- still does not have an elected -president-. After Parliament failed to elect a new -president- twice in 2009, Ghimpu, who was the speaker of Parliament, ... - Date : Thu, 30 Sep 2010 00:48:12 GMT+00:00
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank president visits Armenia - Information-Analytic Agency Tweet this news
Information-Analytic Agency October 25, delegation of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank headed by bank's -president- Andrey Kondakov will arrive in Armenia. ... - Date : Mon, 25 Oct 2010 10:31:22 GMT+00:00

Picture Name From Until Party
  Ion Inculeţ     Socialist Revolutionary Party

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet :
Picture Name From Until Party
  Mircea Snegur 27 April 1990 3 September 1990 Communist Party of Moldova

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet :
No Picture Name Took office Left office Party
1 Mircea Snegur 3 September 1990 15 January 1997 Non-party
2 Petru Lucinschi 15 January 1997 7 April 2001 Agrarian Party of Moldova
3 Vladimir Voronin 7 April 2001 11 September 2009 Party of Communists
    Mihai Ghimpu
11 September 2009 28 December 2010 Liberal Party
(Alliance for European Integration)
    Vlad Filat
28 December 2010 30 December 2010 Liberal Democratic Party
(Alliance for European Integration)
    Marian Lupu
30 December 2010 Incumbent Democratic Party
(Alliance for European Integration)

MD topics

HistoryPrehistoric Balkans * Dacia * Principality of Moldavia * Bessarabia * Union with Romania * Greater Romania * Moldavian SSR * War of Transnistria * Post-independence
GeographyRivers * Prut * Dniester * Danube * Climate * Fauna
Cities and regionsCities * Localities * Chişinău * Gagauzia * Transnistria
LawDeclaration of Independence * Constitution * Constitutional Court * Nationality law * Passport * Law enforcement * Crime * Human rights * LGBT rights
PoliticsParliament * Elections * Parties * President * Prime Minister * Cabinet * Status of Transnistria * Joint Control Commission * Moldovan language * Unification movement * Foreign relations * Diplomatic missions
EconomyMoldovan leu * National Bank * Banks * Transport * Communications * Internet * Education
MilitaryAir Force * Ground Forces
Demographics2004 Census * Moldovans (list) * Languages * National identity * Religion
CultureRomanian language * Literature * Writers * Poets * Music * Cinema * Cuisine * Rugby * Sport

Leaders of Moldova

Moldavian SSR First SecretariesPiotr Borodin * Nikita Salogor (acting) * Nicolae Coval * Leonid Brezhnev * Dimitri Gladki * Zinovie Serdiuk * Ivan Bodiul * Semion Grossu * Petru Lucinschi * Grigore Eremei
Moldova PresidentsMircea Snegur * Petru Lucinschi * Vladimir Voronin * Mihai Ghimpu (acting)

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