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Screenshot of Maemo 5
Company / developerNokia
Programmed inC, C++
OS familyLinux
Source modelLargely open source with mandatory proprietary components
Latest stable release5.0 PR1.2
Latest release date25 May 2010(age 0)
Update methodAPT and Flashing
Package managerdpkg
Supported platformsARM architecture
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
user interfaceHildon UI

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Maemo is a software platform developed by Nokia for smartphones and Internet Tablets. It is based on the Debian Linux distribution.

The platform comprises the Maemo operating system and the Maemo SDK.

Maemo is mostly based on open source code, and has been developed by Maemo Devices within Nokia in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel, Debian, and GNOME. Maemo is based on Debian GNU/Linux and draws much of its GUI, frameworks, and libraries from the GNOME project. It uses the Matchbox window manager, and the GTK-based Hildon as its GUI and application framework.

The UI in Maemo 4 is similar to many handheld interfaces, and features a "Home" screen, which acts as a central point from which all applications and settings are accessed. The Home Screen is divided into areas for launching applications, a menu bar, and a large customisable area that can display information such as an RSS reader, Internet radio player, and Google search box.

The Maemo 5 UI is slightly different: The menu bar and info area are consolidated to the top of the display, and the four desktops can be customized with shortcuts and widgets.

At the Mobile World Congress in February 2010, it was announced that the Maemo project would be merging with Moblin to create the MeeGo mobile software platform.

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Alternative desktops : Naming
Version Codename Build identifier Release date First device shipped with Notes Devices Supported
OS2005 1.1 - 2.2005.45-1 November 2005 770 770
3.2005.51-13 December 2005 770
5.2006.13-7 April 2006 770
OS2006 2.0 Mistral 0.2006.22-21 May 2006 Beta release 770
1.2006.26-8 May 2006 770
2.1 Scirocco 2.2006.39-14 November 2006 770
2.2 Gregale 3.2006.49-2 January 2007 770 770
OS2007 3.0 Bora 2.2006.51-6 January 2007 N800 770*, N800
3.1 3.2007.10-7 March 2007 770*, N800
3.2 4.2007.26-8 July 2007 770*, N800
4.2007.38-2 October 2007 SDHC corruption fix 770*, N800
OS2008 4.0 Chinook 1.2007.42-18 November 2007 N810 (N810 only) N810
1.2007.42-19 November 2007 Kernel upgrade only (N810 only) N810
1.2007.44-4 November 2007 Beta release (N800 only) N800
2.2007.50-2 November 2007 770*, N800, N810
2.2007.51-3 January 2008 NOLO (Nokia bootloader) upgrade only 770*, N800, N810
4.1 Diablo 4.2008.23-14 June 2008 Adds SSU (Seamless Software Update) support N800, N810
4.2008.30-2 August 2008 First SSU update N800, N810
4.2008.36-5 September 2008 N800, N810
5.2008.43-7 December 2008 N800, N810
Maemo 5 5.0 Fremantle 1.2009.42-11 November 2009 N900 Bundled officially supported Qt libraries (PR1.2), Emphasis on finger use rather than stylus use N900
1.2009.44-1 January 2010 Preparatory release for the 2.2009.51-1 firmware, released only OTA (Over-the-air) to 1.2009.42-11 users N900
2.2009.51-1 January 2010 Also known as PR1.1. Changes N900
3.2010.02-8 February 2010 Preparatory release for the PR1.2 firmware. Also known as PR1.1.1. Changes N900
10.2010.12-9 May 2010 PR1.2, Hong Kong only, with Chinese input methods, with Chinese input support. Changes N900
10.2010.19-1 May 2010 PR1.2, Changes N900
Harmattan Unknown Bundled officially supported Qt libraries, Begins the transition to MeeGo. Previously known as Maemo 6. Unknown

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