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A lithium-ion battery (sometimes Li-ion battery or LIB) is a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge, and back when charging. Chemistry, performance, cost, and safety characteristics vary across LIB types. Unlike lithium primary batteries (which are disposable), lithium-ion electrochemical cells use an intercalated lithium compound as the electrode material instead of metallic lithium.

Lithium-ion batteries are common in consumer electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronics, with one of the best energy densities, no memory effect, and a slow loss of charge when not in use. Beyond consumer electronics, LIBs are also growing in popularity for military, electric vehicle, and aerospace applications. Research is yielding a stream of improvements to traditional LIB technology, focusing on energy density, durability, cost, and intrinsic safety.

Lithium-ion batteries account for 67% of all portable secondary battery sales in Japan. In the UK lithium-ion batteries account for 4.3% of all portable battery sales and in the EU 1%.

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Great for motorycycles, electric cars, boats, wheelchairs, etc. Charges in less time and weighs a fraction of Lead Acid Batteries. Can be purchased at
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Instructable : Dell Laptop battery pack repair. How to replace laptop 18650 lithium ion cells. Save approx. $90 with this rebuild
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Reuters (Chicago) reports the following news about Lithium Ion Batteries. This will be a big boon for the RC Modelers too! Let's hope the manufacturers decide to do it. Here is the link to read more about it at Reuters Thanks for watching and Subscribing. Dave
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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled Nissan LEAF, the world's first affordable, zero-emission car. Designed specifically for a lithium-ion battery-powered chassis, Nissan LEAF is a medium-size hatchback that comfortably seats five adults and has a range of more than 160km (100 miles) to satisfy real-world consumer requirements. Get the complete story on all alt fuels and vehicles at
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Ultimate fuel economy: An all-electric SUV from Phoenix Motorcars has a 138 mile range, a top speed of 95 mph and it recharges in as little as ten minutes. The secret: Nano-materials that keep next-gen lithium-ion batteries from overheating -- and give them a long life. For more videos from Popular Mechanics visit: Everything from the World of Popular Mechanics: Subscribe to Popular Mechanics: -
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Dallas Morning News--"Volt engineers are now admitting that when the vehicle's -lithium-ion battery- pack runs down and at speeds near or above 70 mph, the Volt's gasoline engine ... - Date : Sun, 31 Oct 2010 05:08:55 GMT+00:00
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Autochannel (press release)--Engineered with Li-ion Motors' patent-pending -lithium-ion battery- technology and management system, the INIZIO is a full-sized super car that has a range of ... - Date : Mon, 01 Nov 2010 20:11:39 GMT+00:00
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Positive electrodes :
Electrode material Average potential difference Specific capacity Specific energy
  3.7 V 140 mA·h/g 0.518 kW·h/kg
  4.0 V 100 mA·h/g 0.400 kW·h/kg
  3.5 V 180 mA·h/g 0.630 kW·h/kg
  3.3 V 150 mA·h/g 0.495 kW·h/kg
  3.6 V 115 mA·h/g 0.414 kW·h/kg
  3.6 V 160 mA·h/g 0.576 kW·h/kg
Li( )  4.2 V 220 mA·h/g 0.920 kW·h/kg

Negative electrodes :
Electrode material Average potential difference Specific capacity Specific energy
Graphite ( ) 0.1-0.2 V 372 mA·h/g 0.0372-0.0744 kW·h/kg
Hard Carbon ( ) ? V ? mA·h/g ? kW·h/kg
Titanate ( ) 1-2 V 160 mA·h/g 0.16-0.32 kW·h/kg
Si ( ) 0.5-1 V 4212 mA·h/g 2.106-4.212 kW·h/kg
Ge ( ) 0.7-1.2 V 1624 mA·h/g 1.137-1.949 kW·h/kg

LIB types
Disadvantages : Safety requirements
Area Technology Researchers Target application Date Benefit
Cathode Manganese spinel (LMO) Lucky Goldstar Chemical, NEC, Samsung, Hitachi, Nissan/AESC Hybrid electric vehicle, cell phone, laptop 1996 durability, cost
  Lithium iron phosphate University of Texas/Hydro-Québec,/Phostech Lithium Inc., Valence Technology, A123Systems/MIT Segway Personal Transporter, power tools, aviation products, automotive hybrid systems, PHEV conversions 1996 moderate density (2 A·h outputs 70 amperes) operating temperature >60 C (165.6 F)
  Lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) Imara Corporation, Nissan Motor 2008 density, output, safety
  LMO/NMC Sony, Sanyo power, safety (although limited durability)
  Lithium iron fluorophosphate University of Waterloo 2007 durability, cost (replace Li with Na or Na/Li)
  Lithium air University of Dayton Research Institute automotive 2009 density, safety
  5% Vanadium-doped Lithium iron phosphate olivine Binghamton University 2008 output
Anode Lithium-titanate battery (LT) Altairnano automotive (Phoenix Motorcars), electrical grid (PJM Interconnection Regional Transmission Organization control area, United States Department of Defense), bus (Proterra) 2008 output, charging time, durability (20 years, 9,000 cycles), safety, operating temperature (-50 - 70 C 
  Lithium vanadium oxide Samsung/Subaru. automotive 2007 density (745Wh/l)
  Cobalt-oxide nano wires from genetically modified virus MIT 2006 density, thickness
  Three-Dimensional (3D) Porous Particles Composed of Curved Two-Dimensional (2D) Nano-Sized Layers Georgia Institute of Technology high energy batteries for electronics and electrical vehicles 2011 specific capacity > 2000 mA·h/g, high efficiency, rapid low-cost synthesis
  Iron-phosphate nano wires from genetically modified virus MIT 2009 density, thickness
  Silicon/titanium dioxide composite nano wires from genetically modified tobacco virus University of Maryland explosive detection sensors, biomimetic structures, water-repellent surfaces, micro/nano scale heat pipes 2010 density, low charge time
  Porous silicon/carbon nanocomposite spheres Georgia Institute of Technology portable electronics, electrical vehicles, electrical grid 2010 high stability, high capacity, low charge time
  nano-sized wires on stainless steel Stanford University wireless sensors networks, 2007 density (shift from anode- to cathode-limited), durability issue remains (wire cracking)
  Metal hydrides Laboratoire de Réactivité et de Chimie des Solides, General Motors 2008 density (1480 mA·h/g)
  Silicon Nanotubes (or Silicon Nanospheres) Confined within Rigid Carbon Outer Shells Georgia Institute of Technology, MSE, NanoTech Yushin's group stable high energy batteries for cell phones, laptops, netbooks, radios, sensors and electrical vehicles 2010 specific capacity 2400 mA·h/g, ultra-high Coulombic Efficiency and outstanding SEI stability
Electrode LT/LMO Ener1/Delphi, 2006 durability, safety (limited density)
  Nanostructure Université Paul Sabatier/Université Picardie Jules Verne 2006 density

Galvanic cells

primary cells
Alkaline battery * Aluminium battery * Bunsen cell * Chromic acid cell * Clark cell * Daniell cell * Dry cell * Grove cell * Leclanché cell * Lithium battery * Mercury battery * Nickel oxyhydroxide battery * Silver-oxide battery * Weston cell * Zamboni pile * Zinc-air battery * Zinc-carbon battery
secondary cells
Lead-acid battery * Lithium air battery * Lithium-ion battery * Lithium-ion polymer battery * Lithium iron phosphate battery * Lithium sulfur battery * Lithium-titanate battery * Nickel-cadmium battery * Nickel hydrogen battery * Nickel-iron battery * Nickel-metal hydride battery * Low self-discharge NiMH battery * Nickel-zinc battery * Rechargeable alkaline battery * Sodium-sulfur battery * Vanadium redox battery * Zinc-bromine battery
Kinds of cellsBattery * Concentration cell * Flow battery * Fuel cell * Trough battery * Voltaic pile
Parts of cellsAnode * Catalyst * Cathode * Electrolyte * Half cell * Ions * Salt bridge * Semipermeable membrane

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