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ë¯¸ì¤ ìì´miss A - ë¬ë¸ì´ê²ì¸ Love Again Chinese Version with onscreen lyrics Samsung Anycall Campaign JYP Entertainment's new girl group Singer : Miss A ë¯¸ì¤ ìì´ Album : TBA Single : Love Again Debut Date : 2010.07.01 Genre : Dance / Pop Members : Fei íì´ Jia ì§ì Min 민 Suzy ìì§ Uploaded for sharing purposes Comments are welcome Please support my channel by subscribing Questions? Just ask
4.12 min. | 5.0 user rating
Five cell phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, etc) were setup in a group texting app on an iPhone and sent text messages through the or gateways for at&t and Verizon. Six rounds of texting were done with at&t winning almost every round and Verizon usually coming in last. All text message went out through Gmail to keep things even. my favs is available at the AppStore at or learn more at . You can get my favs lite at the App Store, and the full version of my favs at
3.93 min. | 3.0 user rating
ç°ä»£æä¸ãã£ã³ã 4æ19æ¥(ç«) ACL äºé¸ 第ï¼ç¯ 鹿島vsæ°´åä¸æãã«ã¼ã¦ã¤ã³ã°ã¹(éå½) ï¼ï¼ï¼ ï¼ å½ç«éã¶ä¸ç«¶æå ´ 14:00 観è¡4619人 AFC Champions League 2011 Group Stage KASHIMA ANTLERS(JPN) vs SUWON SAMSUNG BLUEWINGS(KOR)
0.63 min. | 4.33 user rating
Nom : 4Tomorrow Nom réel / alternatif : í¬ í¬ëª¨ë¡ì° Nationalité : Coréenne Genre(s) : K-pop, Dance Biographie 4Tomorrow est l'une des grosses collaborations de l'année 2009 car il s'agit en fait du "Dream Team Girl Group" dont on parle depuis quelques temps sur le net. Quatre membres ont été sélectionnées parmi les girlsbands les plus populaires de cette fin d'année 2009. Il est donc composé de HyunA de 4minute , UEE de After School , Ga In des Brown Eyed Girls et enfin de Seung Yeon de KARA . Il s'agit en fait d'un groupe marketing formé par la marque Samsung qui aura pour tâche de promouvoir leurs téléphones portables, tout comme l'ont fait AnyBAnd avant elles pour la gamme Anycall, ou plus récemment Son Dambi et After School pour Amoled ou encore Son Dambi , Kim Bum Kim Joon et Kim Hyun Joong pour AnyCall Haptic
3.12 min. | 5.0 user rating

0.33 min. | 5.0 user rating
Beginning of Paul's Live Performance @ We are one Festival in Berlin. Special Perfomance by The Blue Man Group! Enjoy! recorded with Samsung Galaxy S i9000 @ 720p
15.02 min. | 1.0 user rating
両ãã¼ã é¸æç´¹ä» ACLver. æ°´åä¸æãã«ã¼ã¦ã¤ã³ã°ã¹ GK ã­ã ã»ããã¡ã³ ê¹ëí KIM Dae Hwan DF ã¤ã³ã»ãµã³ãã³ ìì민 YANG Sang Min DF ãªã»ãã ã½ã¯ ì¤ë²ì OH Beom Seok DF ãã¡ã³ã»ã¸ã§ã¦ã©ã³ í©ì¬ì HWANG Jae Won DF ã«ã¯ã»ãã¸ã¥ ê³½í¬ì£¼ KWAK Hee Ju MF ã¤ã»ã¨ã³ã¬ ì´ì©ë LEE Yong Rae MF ã¦ã»ã¹ã³ã¸ã§ ì°ì¹ì  WOO Seung Jea MF ã¨ã ã»ã®ãã³ ì¼ê¸°í YEOM Ki Hun FW ã¤ã»ãµã³ã ì´ìí¸ LEE Sang Ho FW ãã§ã»ã½ã³ã°ã¯ ìµì±êµ­ CHOI Sung Kuk FW ãã»ãã®ã¥ã³ ííê·  HA Tae Goon GK ã¯ã©ã³ã»ãã¢ã³ ê¶íì KWON Tae Ahn DF ãã ë§í  Mato NERETLJAK DF ã·ã³ã»ã»ã² ì ì¸ê³ SIN Se Gye MF ãªã»ã¸ã£ã³ã¦ã³ ì¤ì¥ì OH Jang Eun MF ã¤ã»ãã§ã³ã¸ã³ ì´íì§ LEE Hyun Jin MF ãã¯ã»ã¸ã§ã³ã¸ã³ ë°ì¢ì§ PARK Jong Jin FW ãã«ã½ã³ ë² ë¥´ê·¸ì¡ BERGSON Gustavo Silveira da Silva ç£ç£ ã¦ã³ã»ã½ã³ã㧠ì¤ì±í¨ Yoon Sung Hyo 鹿島ã¢ã³ãã©ã¼ãº GK æ½ã¶ç«¯ æº SOGAHATA Hitoshi DF æ°äºå ´ å¾¹ ARAIBA Toru DF å²©æ¿ å¤§æ¨¹ IWAMASA Daiki DF ã¢ã¬ãã¯ã¹ ALEX Antônio de Melo Santos DF ä¸­ç° æµ©äº NAKATA Koji MF éæ¨ å AOKI Takeshi MF å°ç¬ å æºç· OGASAWARA Mitsuo MF ãã§ãªãã»ã¬ããªã¨ã« FELLYPE GABRIEL de Melo e Silva MF éæ²¢ æä¹ NOZAWA Takuya FW è梠 æä¸ KOHROKI Shinzoh FW ç°ä»£ æä¸ TASHIRO Yuzo GK æå±± å² SUGIYAMA Tetsu DF ä¼éæ³¢ é彦 INOHA Masahiko MF æ¬å±± éå¿ MOTOYAMA Masashi MF å¢ç° èªå¿ MASUDA Chikashi MF æ¬ç° æä¹ HONDA Takuya MF é è¤ 康 ENDO Yasushi MF å°è°·é é¡æ²» KOYANO Kenji ç£ç£ ãªãºã¯ã«ãã»ãªãªã´ã§ã¤ã© Oswaldo de Oliveira Filho 4æ19æ¥(ç«) ACL äºé¸ 第ï¼ç¯ 鹿島vsæ°´åä¸æãã«ã¼ã¦ã¤ã³ã°ã¹(éå½) ï¼ï¼ï¼ ï¼ å½ç«éã¶ä¸ç«¶æå ´ 14:00 観è¡4619人 AFC <b>...</b>
5.72 min. | 5.0 user rating
As a follow-up to the original video, we tested two phones, an iPhone and a Samsung on Verizon, to see how fast text messages would be received when sent as a group text from the native iPhone SMS app and the my favs Quick Connections for all your Contacts group texting feature. While one would expect AT&T to win the in-network portions (iPhone SMS sent messages) the my favs app puts the task on even ground because Gmail is the sender, and AT&T still clearly held the edge. We encourage others to setup tests to see if they can replicate these results, please post them so we all can share in the knowledge. More details on how the group texting is possible using my favs is available at You can get my favs lite at the App Store, and the full version of my favs at
4.25 min. | 2.14 user rating
Samsung telephone Systems Watch OfficeServ Samsung (#8) next. Samsung telephone Systems demonstration 7 th video clip in the series. Covers; ACD (automatic call distribution) UCD (Uniform call distribution) Supervisor Key Call stats Longest ringing Number of calls queuing Abandoned calls Longest queuing now or today Number of calls received Average time in queue in/out of group agent log-n Calls received per agent Average call time average ring time print & clear Choose subscribe to be advised of new uploads by us
6.25 min. | 0 user rating
Samsung 7200 OfficeServ telephone systems. Watch Samsung telephone Systems (#7) next Samsung 7200 telephone system demonstration 6 th video clip in the series. Covers; Ring Groups (to determine which extenions ring) Circular groups (to evenly distribute inbound calls) Wrap-up time (to allow agents time to complete a call) Auto Log-out (to knock unanwered agents out of the group) Sequential ring groups (to give calls agent priority) Unconditional ring groups (to make all phones ring) Over-flow groups Choose subscribe to be advised of new uploads by us
3.80 min. | 0 user rating

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Samsung Fascinate to Get Froyo Update Thursday - PC Magazine Tweet this news
PC Magazine--After a lengthy wait, Verizon today announced that it will begin pushing Android 2.2 ("Froyo") to -Samsung- Fascinate phones on Thursday. The update will contain a slew of performance enhancements and improvements, most nota - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 19:40:29 GMT+00:00
Seagate Hard Drives a Bargain with Samsung - Technorati Tweet this news
Technorati--Seagate Technology announced purchased the hard drive division of -Samsung- Electronics Co for around $1.4 Billion in cash and stock. In a joint statement, the companies said "...The transactions and agreements significantly expand Se - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 18:10:16 GMT+00:00
Samsung introduces anything-proof, HD camcorder with the W200 - Tweet this news that the Flip Cam has been killed off, alternatives are coming out of the woodwork, and -Samsung- has something to add to that list with the W200. The pocket camera's make is reminiscent of many of its pocket camcorder competit - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 19:41:25 GMT+00:00
Seagate posts lower 3Q earnings, revenue - BusinessWeek Tweet this news
BusinessWeek--Separately, Seagate also said it is buying the hard disk drive business of -Samsung- Electronics Co. in a $1.38 billion cash and stock deal. For the three months ended April 1, the company earned $93 million, or 21 cents per share, down from - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 11:42:15 GMT+00:00
Samsung Droid Charge accessories and promo cards appear - Android Community Tweet this news
Android Community--We still don't have a lot to go on regarding the -Samsung- Droid Charge, here is some information about the source code for the Charge being released already. This phone has not been officially announced other than being called “ - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 21:09:00 GMT+00:00
Samsung RV511-A01 - PC Magazine Tweet this news
PC Magazine--Bottom Line: The -Samsung- RV511-A01 budget laptop may not be much to look at, but it offers decent performance and a few interesting features for the price. by Matthew Murray The RV511-A01's appearance is no-nonsense, almost to the poin - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 20:19:00 GMT+00:00
Samsung's dual-core 2GHz Smartphone coming next year - NewsDen Tweet this news
NewsDen--It's been more than one year since the first 1GHz Smartphone made appearance and now it's been reported that -Samsung- Electronics is working on dual-core 2 GHz Smartphone. The news came through Korean news blog MK who claims that a hig - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:55:31 GMT+00:00
Samsung RC512-S02 - PC Magazine Tweet this news
PC Magazine--The -Samsung- RC512-S02 is a powerful desktop replacement geared toward multimedia enthusiasts, but one that could sure use a bigger battery option. The -Samsung- RC512-S02 ($1199.99 list at Best Buy) desktop replacement laptop targets power - Date : Wed, 20 Apr 2011 14:26:29 GMT+00:00
Samsung vows to top Southwest Asian market - Himalayan Times Tweet this news
Himalayan Times--NEW DELHI: Korean electronics maker -Samsung- is all set to top consumer electronics in South Asian market. With our Smarter Life philosophy and new marketing strategy, we will place -Samsung- in top position in consumer electronics in So - Date : Sat, 16 Apr 2011 20:52:47 GMT+00:00
Samsung says it will cancel Bootloader lock in future - Phone Beta Tweet this news
Phone Beta--The Bootloader unlock service for Sony Ericsson brings much pressure to other firms, and -Samsung- has started to reconsider the users' attitude toward Bootloaders. News comes from related developer that -Samsung- ... - Date : Sat, 16 Apr 2011 15:40:45 GMT+00:00

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