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Full nameKandahar
Native nameکندهار
Settlement typeCity
Elevation3280.8 ft (1000 m)
Total Population468200 (2006)
Other information
Time zoneAfghanistan Standard Time (UTC+4:30)

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Kandahar (Pashto: کندهار , Persian: قندهار ) is the second largest city in Afghanistan, with a population of about 468,200 as of 2006. It is the capital of Kandahar Province, located in the south of the country at about 1,005 m (3,297 feet) above sea level. The Arghandab River runs along the west of the city.

Kandahar is a major trading center for sheep, wool, cotton, silk, felt, food grains, fresh and dried fruit, and tobacco. The region produces fine fruits, especially pomegranates and grapes, and the city has plants for canning, drying, and packing fruit. Kandahar has an international airport and extensive road links with Farah and Herat to the west, Ghazni and Kabul to the northeast, Tareen Kot to the north, and Quetta in Pakistan to the south.

The region around Kandahar is one of the oldest human settlements known so far. Alexander the Great founded Kandahar in the 4th century BC and named it with the Ancient Greek name Αλεξάνδρεια Aραχωσίας ( ). Many empires have long fought over the city, due to its strategic location along the trade routes of Southern and Central Asia. In 1709, Mirwais Hotak made the region an independent kingdom and turned Kandahar into the first capital of the Hotaki dynasty. In 1747, Ahmad Shah Durrani, founder of the Afghan Empire, made it the capital of modern Afghanistan.

From 1996 to 2001, it served as the capital of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Since 2002, the city is slowly being rebuilt while dealing with Taliban insurgency.

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Reel men make a ceilidh of Kandahar - Scotsman Tweet this news
Scotsman--TAKE YOUR partners please for the -Kandahar- Reel. No body armour, helmets or desert boots required. A dance created by two Black Watch officers while serving on the front line in Afghanistan has become one of the most popular reels on the ... - Date : Sat, 23 Apr 2011 23:00:57 GMT+00:00
'The Taliban are flailing' - Montreal Gazette Tweet this news
Montreal Gazette--For Afghan and Pakistani insurgents, Afghan civilians and coalition troops in -Kandahar-, there is only one question this spring. Will the Taliban return for the traditional fighting season from their ... - Date : Sat, 23 Apr 2011 07:28:19 GMT+00:00
Assignment Kandahar: Feast or go fish - National Post (blog) Tweet this news
National Post (blog)--I left the mess tent and walked towards the Afghan National Army encampment. There I found a young Afghan sergeant, clutching a fresh fish. A big fat one. A bizarre sight, here in the desert. “How is the food,” I asked an Afghan - Date : Sat, 23 Apr 2011 16:02:29 GMT+00:00
Kandahar Journal: Like a regular meeting … almost - National Post (blog) Tweet this news
National Post (blog)--The trip to the Governor's office wasn'ta straightforward one, although it was less than two kilometres away, it meant a buttoned down LAV [Light Armoured Vehicle] ride for what really could have been a short stroll. Both A - Date : Thu, 21 Apr 2011 03:27:05 GMT+00:00
Kandahar Journal: The Combat Outpost Patrol - Tweet this news slept like a baby. And just like a baby woke up soaking wet. We were billeted with the infantry and had real mattresses to sleep on. Unfortunately they had decided to wrap them in plastic for hygiene reasons is my best guess. So I woke up - Date : Fri, 22 Apr 2011 20:43:34 GMT+00:00
Taliban drive to kill officials goes on - The News International Tweet this news
The News International--The latest to die along with his two bodyguards was General Khan Mohammad Mujahid, the police chief of the key southern province of -Kandahar-. He was killed in a suicide bombing on the police headquarters in the city on April 15. - Date : Tue, 19 Apr 2011 01:02:03 GMT+00:00
Progress is prompt along the 'Gateway to Kandahar' - DVIDS Tweet this news
DVIDS--Highway 4 is often referred to as the “Gateway to -Kandahar-.” The stretch of road is the economic corridor that allows passage from the Weesh crossing, near the Pakistan border, to -Kandahar- City in Afghanistan. “The project is significant - Date : Tue, 19 Apr 2011 12:46:12 GMT+00:00
Deadly Taliban attacks a sign of strategy shift: General - Montreal Gazette Tweet this news
Montreal Gazette--Richard Gigeure (left), Canada's deputy commander in -Kandahar-, and other Canadian officers at his office. () TARNAK, Afghanistan Two hours before -Kandahar's- provincial police chief was slain Friday by a suicide bomber and - Date : Sun, 17 Apr 2011 19:53:31 GMT+00:00
Kandahar Journal: Road Trip - National Post Tweet this news
National Post--Depending on your who you ask, the roadway either - links the Taliban fighters arriving from Pakistan for the spring fighting season directly with -Kandahar- City, takes the ISAF fight directly to the Taliban and their poppy fields, or it c - Date : Tue, 19 Apr 2011 03:30:36 GMT+00:00
Tajik escapee killed; 9 of Abdullo's followers identified - Central Asia Online Tweet this news
Central Asia Online--An Afghan boy plays with a tire and stick in Jelawar in the Arghandab Valley north of -Kandahar- April 18. [REUTERS/Bob Strong] DUSHANBE - Tajik authorities have killed another of the 25 convicts who escaped from prison last August, A - Date : Tue, 19 Apr 2011 23:16:07 GMT+00:00

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