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CatDog logo
FormatAnimated series
Created byPeter Hannan
Voices ofTom Kenny
Jim Cummings
Carlos Alazraqui
Maria Bamford
Nika Frost
John Kassir
Dwight Schultz
Billy West
Peter Hannan
ComposerDenis M. Hannigan
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes68
List of episodesList of CatDog episodes
Running time22-23 minutes.
Original channelNickelodeon
First airedApril 4, 1998
Last airedJuly 24, 2004

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CatDog is an American animated television series which first aired on April 4, 1998, and ended with an unaired episode on July 24, 2004. The series was created for Nickelodeon by Peter Hannan. It was also shown as a sneak peek in theaters with The Rugrats Movie. The series depicts the life of conjoined brothers, with one half being a cat and the other a dog.

Nickelodeon at first ordered 40 episodes and planned to debut it in spring 1998. Nick produced the series from Burbank, California, United States.

The show had average ratings, but it managed to maintain a moderate yet loyal fan base. Towards the end of the series run, a made-for-TV movie was released, titled CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery. Reruns are played on Nicktoons.

The show is produced by Nickelodeon Network and Peter Hannan Productions. Its distributors are Nickelodeon Network and YTV.

CatDog Video

CATDOG LYRICS: One fine day with a woof and a purr A baby was born and it caused a little stir No blue buzzard, no three-eyed frog Just a feline canine little CatDog. CatDog, CatDog, alone in the world is a little CatDog! Out on the road or back in town All kinda critters putting CatDog down Gotta rise above it gotta try to get along Gotta walk together gotta sing this song. CatDog, CatDog, alone in the world is a little CatDog! CatDog (CatDog) CatDog (CatDog) Alone in the world is a little CatDog!
0.78 min. | 4.91 user rating
One fine day there was a woof and a purr. A baby was born and it caused a little stir. No blue buzzard, no three eyed frog, Just a feline/canine little CatDog. CatDog! CatDog! Alone in the world is the little CatDog! Out on the road or back in town, All kind of critters putting CatDog down. Gotta rise above it, gotta try to get along. Gotta walk together, gotta sing this song. CatDog! CatDog! Alone in the world is the little CatDog! CatDog! CatDog! Alone in the world is the little CatDog!
0.82 min. | 4.96 user rating
Catdog Intro
0.77 min. | 2.60 user rating
how to be emo how to be ninja fred ps3 halo obama joe the plumer
0.77 min. | 4.88 user rating
Happy Halloween! CatDog sings their own version of trick or treat songs! Clips from CatDogula, and last one Vexed of Kin Disclaimer: CatDog created by Peter Hannan, and Nickelodeon. I don't own CatDog, just a fan. Our wishes have come true! I have good news for all searching for CatDog on DVD. It's finally possible to get them on! Recently they released 4 sets- season 1, season 2 part 1, and part 2, and finally season 3. This deal is NOT available in stores, it's an Amazon exclusive! Click here to get them! Season 1-
1.00 min. | 4.71 user rating
intro de catdog en español
0.78 min. | 4.86 user rating
Title! *** I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS *** Don't ask how I got this because I won't tell you (sorry!) Boy do I miss this show!!! Rate thumbs up if you do too! ^^^Lyrics: One Fine Day,With a Woof and a Purr A baby was born and it caused a little stir. No blue buzzard,no three-eyed frog.Feline,Canine.Little Catdog. Catdog catdog,alone in the world is a little catdog. Out on the road,or back in the town,Alot of other critters puttin' catdog down. Gotta rise above,gotta try to get along,gotta walk toogether,gotta sing this sing. Catdog,catdog,alone in the world is a little catdog. Catdog,catdog. ALONE IN THE WORLD IS A LITTLE CATDOG!
0.87 min. | 4.46 user rating
Let's get some classics up in this YouTube! Here's a Classic Nicktoon!
4.60 min. | 4.9 user rating
Idon't hold any copyrights of the clips and songs that I use in my videos. They all belongs to their respective artists, record labels and owners. The only thing I take credit for is the editing which are made for entertainment purposes only. No Copyright Infringement is intended
0.80 min. | 4.89 user rating
infamous line by Cat.
0.38 min. | 4.86 user rating

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Voice actor Role
Jim Cummings Cat
Tom Kenny Dog
Carlos Alazraqui Winslow
Billy West Mr. Sunshine
Rancid Rabbit
Maria Bamford Shriek
John Kassir Dunglap
Dwight Schultz Eddie the Squirrel

Supporting characters :
Season Release date Discs Episodes
Season 1 June 7, 2010 4 20
Season 2 February 7, 2011 7 34
Season 3 December 1, 2010 3 13
Season One June 28, 2011 4 20


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