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Universal Declaration of Human RightsSaskatchewan Bill of RightsBinh Ngo djại caoConstitution of Cyprus
Constitution of the PhilippinesConstitution of AustraliaManifesto of the SixteenPhilipsburg Proclamation
Colombian Constitution of 1886Dunmores ProclamationDeed of GiftOrganic Laws of Oregon
Chronicles of MannBerlin Declaration (2007)The 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against SlaveryConstitution of Crimea
Dragolj CodeBratko MenaionBelgrade ProphetologionStudenica Typikon
Nikola GospelsVukan GospelsDeclaration on the Elimination of Violence Against WomenMahlabatini Declaration
Dongan CharterMap of RensselaerswyckCharter of Freedoms and ExemptionsBill of Federalism
Declaration on the Status and Name of the Croatian Literary LanguageUnited States Bill of RightsRadoslav GospelsOregon Constitution
Virginia PlanDeclaration of the Independence of New ZealandDusans CodeCanadian Bill of Rights
Dayton AgreementPetition of RightTreaty of TordesillasBill of Rights 1689
United States Declaration of IndependenceUnited States ConstitutionMagna CartaCharter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
Constitution of RussiaDeclaration of Independence of UkraineConstitution of the Ukrainian Peoples RepublicHumble Petition and Advice
Miroslav GospelsMemorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and ArtsGeorgia (US state) ConstitutionConstitution of Ukraine
Law Regarding the National Flag and National Anthem (Japan)1824 Constitution of MexicoCorfu DeclarationConstitution of Malaysia
Russian Constitution of 1906Israeli Declaration of Independence