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Thunder Bay
NameThunder Bay
Nickname(The) Lakehead; TBay; The Bay
Settlement typeCity
MottoSuperior by Nature / The Gateway To The West
RegionNorthwestern Ontario
DistrictThunder Bay District
CMAThunder Bay
Seat typeElectoral Districts &
Thunder Bay-Superior North/Thunder Bay-Rainy River
PartsThunder Bay-Superior North/Thunder Bay-Atikokan
GovernmentMunicipal Government
MayorLynn Peterson
City ManagerTim CommissoBurkowski, Peter. "manager," The Chronicle-Journal (19 August 2008). Retrieved 19 August 2008.
Governing BodyThunder Bay City Council
MPsBruce Hyer (NDP)
John Rafferty (NDP)
MPPsMichael Gravelle (OLP)
Bill Mauro (OLP)
Settled1679 as Fort Caministigoyan
See Histories OfPort Arthur and Fort William
AmaLocal Governmentmation1 January 1970
Total Area447.5 sq km (172.7 sq mi)
Land Area328.5 sq km (126.8 sq mi)
Water Area119.0 sq km (45.9 sq mi)
Area water percent26.6
Urban Area179.7 sq km (69.4 sq mi)
Metro Area2550.4 sq km (984.5 sq mi)
Elevation183m (600.4 ft)
Population Total109140 (Ranked 43rd) (2006)
Population Density332.3 sq km (860.7 sq mi)
Population Metro122907 (Ranked 31st)
Population Urban103247 (Ranked 29th)
DemonymThunder Bayer
TimezoneEST( UTC-5)
Timezone DSTEDT( UTC-4)
Geocode48�22'56'N 89�14'46'W
Postal codeP7A to P7G, P7J, P7K
Area code807

Thunder Bay (2006 census population 109,140), formerly the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, is a city in and the seat of Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada. It is the most populous municipality in Northwestern Ontario, and the second most populous in Northern Ontario after Greater Sudbury. The census metropolitan area of Thunder Bay has a population of 122,907, and consists of the city of Thunder Bay, the municipalities of Oliver Paipoonge and Neebing, the townships of Shuniah, Conmee, O'Connor and Gillies and the Fort William First Nation.
European settlement in the region began in the late 1600s with a French fur trading outpost on the banks of the Kaministiquia River.Bay - Fort William and the Fur Trade - The North West Company. Retrieved on 5 June 2007. The city was formed in 1970 by the merger of the cities of Fort William, Port Arthur and the geographic townships of Neebing and McIntyre. Its port forms an important link in the shipping of grain and other products from western Canada through the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence Seaway to the east coast. Forestry and manufacturing play important roles in the city's economy, but with their decline in recent years they are being replaced by a "knowledge economy" based on medical research and education. An example of this, is Thunder Bay being the location of the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute.
The city takes its name from the immense bay at the head of Lake Superior, known on 18th century French maps as "Baie du Tonnerre".See 3rd paragraph. The city is often referred to as the Lakehead or Canadian Lakehead because of its location at the end of Great Lakes navigation.Tronrud, Thorold J; Epp, Ernest A.; and others. (1995). Unity - Introduction and Acknowledgements, pp. vii. Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society ISBN 0-920119-22-0.
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Labour force
Rate Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
Employment 57.7% 60.8% 62.2%
Unemployment 7.6% 8.9% 7.7%
Participation 62.4% 66.8% 67.4%
As of: February 2009

Employment by industry, 2006Bay, 2006 Community Profile. Statistics Canada. Retrieved on 2 May 2008.
Industry Thunder Bay Ontario
Agriculture and resource-based 3.6% 2.9%
Construction 5.4% 5.9%
Manufacturing 7.7% 13.9%
Wholesale Trade 2.8% 4.7%
Retail trade 12.7% 11.1%
Finance and real estate 4.2% 6.8%
Health care and social services 15.2% 9.4%
Education services 8.9% 6.7%
Business services 16.8% 19.7%
Other services 22.6% 18.7%

Selected Ethnic
Origins, 2006
Ethnic origin Population
English 34,360
Scottish 26,400
Canadian 24,650
Irish 22,260
French 21,165
Ukrainian 17,620
Italian 17,290
Finnish 14,510
German 13,090
Aboriginal 11,870
Polish 8,595
Swedish 5,580
Visible minorities 3,175
multiple responses included

City of Thunder Bay
Population by yearFor 1911: Tronrud, Thorold J; Epp, Ernest A.; and others. (1995). Unity. Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, pp. 59. ISBN 0-920119-22-0.
1911 27,719
1921 35,427
1931 46,095
1941 55,011
1951 66,108
1956 77,600
1961 92,490
1966 104,539
1971 108,411
1976 111,476
1981 112,486
1986 112,272
1991 113,946
1996 113,662
2001 109,016
2006 109,140

Club Sport League Venue
Fort William North Stars Ice Hockey Superior International Junior Hockey League Fort William Gardens
Lakehead Thunderwolves Basketball Ontario University Athletics C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse
Lakehead Thunderwolves Ice Hockey Ontario University Athletics Fort William Gardens
Lakehead Thunderwolves Volleyball Ontario University Athletics C.J. Sanders Fieldhouse
Thunder Bay Bearcats Ice Hockey Superior International Junior Hockey League Fort William First Nations Arena
Thunder Bay Border Cats Baseball Northwoods League Port Arthur Stadium
Thunder Bay Chill Soccer USL Premier Development League Chapples Park Stadium

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