Subaru Rex
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Subaru Rex

Vehicle information
Also calledSubaru Viki, Subaru Fiori, Subaru 600, Subaru Sherpa, Subaru M60/M70/M80
Production1972 - 1992
PredecessorSubaru R-2
SuccessorSubaru Vivio
Classmicrocar/kei car
Body style3-door Hatchback
5-door Hatchback
Layoutrear engine, rear drive (1972-1981)
Front engine, front drive / AWD
Engine358cc EK21 straight-twin
490cc EK22 straight-twin
544cc EK23 straight-twin
547cc EN05 straight-4
758cc EN08 straight-4 (export)
Wheelbase1920 mm (75.6 in) (1972-1981)
2255 mm (88.8 in)
Length2995 mm (117.9 in)
3195 mm (125.8 in)
Width1295 mm (51 in)
1395 mm (54.9 in)
Height1255 mm (49.4 in) (1972-1981)
1350 mm (53.1 in)
Weight500 kg (1102.3 lb) (1972-1981)
590 kg (1300.7 lb)

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The Subaru Rex, also known as Ace, Viki , Sherpa, 600 or M60/M70/M80 in some countries, was a kei car automobile produced from 1972 to 1992 for sale in Japan by Subaru, although it was also sold in Europe, South America, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

The name "Rex" comes from Latin for "king".

The Rex, introduced July 15 1972, was the replacement for the Subaru R-2, which was meant to be the replacement for the long lived, but outdated Subaru 360. Because the R-2 was based largely on the 360, it lasted only a few years due to its air-cooled two-stroke engine continued from the 360. In contrast, the 360 was produced for 11 years and the Rex was produced for 20. The Rex appeared around the same time as the Suzuki Alto, the Mitsubishi Minica and the Daihatsu Mira.

The Subaru Rex represented a fresh start, having little do with the Subaru 360, although they did share a rear-engine layout. The appearance of the new Rex was similar to the new larger platform, the Subaru Leone. The Rex featured a 358 cc rear-mounted, watercooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, upgraded from the two stroke engine used by the 360 and R-2 models. The yellow Subaru Rex (1972) in the photo featured the EK23 series 544 cc rear-mounted, watercooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a 4 gear + Reverse gearbox It produced 31 hp (68.3 lb) at 6200 rpm and 4.2 kgm at 3500 rpm.

The engine came with a 32 bhp (70.5 PS) single carburetor on the Custom L, Super L, and other trim levels, or a 37 bhp (81.6 PS) double carburetor on the GST and the TS (Touring Sport). Front disc brakes were introduced October 1973. An automatic clutch was added March 1980.

In October 1981, the second generation Subaru Rex became front wheel drive with optional on-demand 4WD on October 1983. The 4WD system was electrically engaged by depressing an imbedded switch on top of the gear shift. A turbo was introduced on the Rex with 4WD December 1983. The Rex Dinos, a trim level introduced in 1982, was available by mail order catalog.

The third generation was released for sale November 1986 with the 3-door Rex Combi and the 5-door Sport Grade. The engine was upgraded to SOHC with 3 valves per cylinder (two intake and one exhaust). A 2 speed automatic transmission was also introduced. Full time 4WD made available January 1987, using a limited slip differential for the rear axle. A CVT transmission was added June 1987, called ECVT. A supercharger with an intercooler was added to the options list March 1988, with the horsepower of the engine increased to 55 bhp (121.3 PS) available on both the 3- and 5-door versions. May 1988 saw an electrically deployed canvas top added to the 3-door. June 1989 saw the replacement of the EK series engine to the EN05 with 38 bhp (83.8 PS) available on the standard engine and 61 bhp (134.5 PS) on the supercharged engine. This was also available in combination with the ECVT transmission.

The end for the Rex came in March 1992, when it was replaced by the Vivio.

Recently it has become somewhat of a cult car in Japan, being used in front wheel drive drift events.

Rex is also a common nickname for the high performance Subaru Impreza WRX, especially in Australia where the actual Rex was marketed as the Fiori. The Fiori derivative was also equipped with pink and blue pinstriping from factory and a 2 year, 50,000k warranty was offered when new. Equipped with a different engine, the Fiori had Subaru's 758 cc carburetted 4 cylinder EN08 powerplant, also used in some European markets.

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