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Hyperion Entertainment

Hyperion Entertainment
Company nameHyperion Entertainment
Company typePrivate
IndustryInteractive entertainment
FoundedFebruary, 1999
ProductsAmigaOS 4, Game ports

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:Not to be confused with the software company Hyperion Solutions.

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA is a Belgian software company which specialises in porting Windows games to Amiga, Linux and Macintosh. They were also the company contracted by Amiga Incorporated to develop AmigaOS 4, which runs only on the (now unavailable) AmigaOne systems, Commodore Amiga systems with a Phase5 PowerUP accelerator board, Pegasos II systems and Sam440 systems.

Hyperion's game ports include (but may not be limited to): Heretic II, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, Gorky 17, Quake II, SiN and Descent: FreeSpace � The Great War. On their official website, Hyperion also claimed to have acquired the license to port Worms Armageddon, but it was never released by Hyperion.

Hyperion's current Managing Partner is Evert Carton, who took over the position after Ben Hermans stepped down in mid-2003. Hermans had courted controversy by repeatedly claiming that MorphOS, an AmigaOS-like competitor, was illegal, and had on several occasions threatened to take legal action claiming Bill Buck leading the Genesi company funding MorphOS was a "con-artist". On 29 May 2007, Carton stated that the open-source AmigaOS reimplementation AROS was "probably illegal", on page 27 of court documents related to the Amiga-Hyperion court case.

In 2007, Hyperion were sued by Amiga Incorporated for trademark infringement in the Washington Western District Court in Seattle, US. Amiga, Inc. sued Hyperion for breach of contract, trademark violation and copyright infringement concerning the development and marketing of AmigaOS 4.0. Hyperion have launched a counter action claiming fraud in Amiga, Inc. handling of Amiga intellectual properties and debts. In defiance of the ongoing legal dispute, in late September 2007 Hyperion published, distributed and marketed a standalone version of AmigaOS 4 for classic Amiga, an action Amiga, Inc. had claimed as illegal.

However, in 30 September 2009, Hyperion was granted an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to AmigaOS 3.1 in order to use, develop, modify, commercialize, distribute and market AmigaOS 4.x and subsequent versions of AmigaOS (including AmigaOS 5). In 2010, the rights to all other versions of AmigaOS, the AmigaOS brand and Amiga trademarks has now passed to Commodore USA LLC, legally separating AmigaOS 4 from the rest of the earlier AmigaOS releases and the Commodore Amiga computer.

Hyperion Entertainment Video

Dream battle!
0.45 min. | 4.03 user rating
second part of Terran briefing
8.08 min. | 4.88 user rating
a BS fight noob hyp though. this megathron is not me, look at the guns I have fitted, you would be a retard to put on a megathron and i dont think you would take down the hyp
4.17 min. | 2.86 user rating
All of Hyperion's attacks. This is from Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 for the PS2.
3.43 min. | 4.82 user rating
für die die sagen ich soll das alte lied wieder rein machen: DANN KÃNNT IHR DAS VID NICHT MEHR GUCKEN! so ich schreib das damit ihr mal diese kommis lasst ich weià selber das das lied kacke is aber anders kann man das video nicht angucken ;) neue videos folgen bald extra tags : metin2 metin crazywalker crazy judgement devilsblood parti9 gpp9 +9 p perfekter meister pvp video duell duelle vs mosha kartago astreya hyperion antharos cascardon lesanya torkas legoria phelon lykanthra mikor amkira evielas sertain gonea altheos erfoo lechas tulipos sobo weshna dafihn imba shaine moss
3.13 min. | 4.47 user rating
After my last video (See ), I decided to show how the same techniques would apply to bigger ships. And to prove I do fly "The Best" occasionally. Sequences - Assassination mission against a Teladi Albatross Attacking Xenon sector 534 in the Hyperion.. and showing how NOT to take out a Xenon K :D Dogfighting in Mookeye's Revenge in a Pirate Nova Raider. Due to a copyright violation I was forced to change the soundtrack. The music you hear now is "Who's got the time" by Madison park, from the album Boutique. Doesn't fit as well but its a nice song.
6.45 min. | 4.47 user rating
i took this video for my friend flying his heli... very cool! T-rex 450 sport gp750 gyro ds410 servos on cyclic ds420 servo on tail ar5100 rx dx7se tx hyperion 2100mah lipos 11.1v
3.58 min. | 4.2 user rating
第ï¼æ¬¡ã¹ã¼ãã¼ã­ããã大æ¦Î± ã¢ã«ããªãªã³ï¼ãã¬ãªãªã³ åä½
1.78 min. | 4.47 user rating
Walkera 4g6 2s with feigao 5320kv 16t hyperion G3 240Mah 25c lipos plastic head
3.18 min. | 4.76 user rating
Gundam Astray X FMV.
1.20 min. | 4.76 user rating

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San Jose Mercury News--Secretariat by William Nack (-Hyperion-, $16.99). The great Triple Crown champion; reissue of "Big Red of Meadow Stable" (1975). 7. Where Men Win Glory by Jon ... - Date : Sun, 31 Oct 2010 07:05:47 GMT+00:00
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God is a Geek (blog)--Players take the role of Jim Raynor, Marshall of Blackwater and leader of the “rebels” aboard the behemoth class battle cruiser, the -Hyperion-. ... - Date : Wed, 04 Aug 2010 21:24:52 GMT+00:00
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Broadway World--He is an exclusive -Hyperion- recording artist, and many of his catalogue of more than 40 CDs have garnered international prizes, including the Deutsche ... - Date : Thu, 05 Aug 2010 00:01:12 GMT+00:00
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Publishers Weekly--Disney--Hyperion- editorial director Stephanie Owens Lurie did the deal for world rights with Ian Kleinert of Objective -Entertainment-. ... - Date : Wed, 30 Jun 2010 15:21:55 GMT+00:00
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Fox12Idaho---Entertainment- News from AP By WAYNE ORTMAN AP Writer PIERRE, SD (AP) - A judge on Tuesday granted a request from -Hyperion- Resources to have a state board ... - Date : Wed, 16 Jun 2010 01:54:35 GMT+00:00
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