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Hunter (U.S. TV series)

Title card for first three seasons of the show.
FormatCrime drama, Action
Created byFrank Lupo
StarringFred Dryer
Stepfanie Kramer
Charles Hallahan
John Amos
Bruce Davison
Darlanne Fluegel
Lauren Lane
Arthur Rosenburg
John Shearin
Garrett Morris
James Whitmore, Jr.
Ruby Ramos
Perry Cook
Richard Beauchamp
Courtney Barilla
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes153
Executive producerStephen J. Cannell (1984 � 1985)
Roy Huggins (1985 � 1988)
George Geiger (1988 � 1989)
Fred Dryer (1989 � 1991)
Running time1 hour
Production companyStephen J. Cannell Productions
DistributorSony Pictures Television
Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channelNBC
First airedSeptember 18, 1984
Last airedApril 26, 1991

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'Hunter' is a police drama television series starring Fred Dryer as Sgt. Rick Hunter and Stepfanie Kramer as Sgt. Dee Dee McCall, which ran on NBC from 1984 to 1991. However, Kramer left after the sixth season (1990) to pursue other acting and musical opportunities. The seventh season saw Hunter partnered with two different women officers. The titular character, Sgt. Rick Hunter, was a wily, physically imposing, and often rule-breaking homicide detective with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Created by Frank Lupo, the show in its early episodes played as television's answer to Dirty Harry . Even after the show's violence was toned down during the second season in hopes of boosting ratings, Hunter and McCall still managed to resolve many cases by shooting the perpetrators dead.

The show's executive producer during the first season was Stephen J. Cannell, whose company produced the series. (This was one of the few series made by his company that he did not either create or co-create.)

Hunter (US TV series) Video

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Dialogo fra Hunter(Fred Dryer) e McCall(Stepfanie Kramer) tratto dalla prima puntata della celebre serie tv HUNTER.
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Revival series :
DVD Name Ep# Release Date
The Complete First Season 19 January 19, 2010
The Complete Second Season 23 May 18, 2010
The Complete Series 152 July 27, 2010

Television series produced or created by Stephen J. Cannell

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