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3rd Wish

Personal information
OriginOrlando, Florida, United States
GenresR&B, Latin, Hip hop
Years active2004 � present
Associated actsMintman , Baby Bash
MembersJustin Martin
Ricky Gonzales
Alex Acosta

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3rd Wish is an American boygroup. The group consists of Ricky Gonzales (who is of Puerto Rican ancestry), Justin Martin and Alex Acosta (who is of Cuban ancestry). They have had a Top 10 hit with "Obsesión", and are known for their songs "I Am" and "Niña". The genres of their music are R&B and hip hop.

3rd Wish Video

go to CamCaponeNews.Com for all the latest in west coast hip hop Album: 3rd Wish To Rock The World Song" 3rd Wish " By: SPM
5.27 min. | 4.89 user rating
Baby Bash feat. 3rd Wish - Obsesion
3.92 min. | 4.78 user rating
HQ Audio and Clip with various channel teasers for comeback and the official teaser video. Released at 12pm The first song in their 3rd mini album. Addictive song :D ìëìë 미ëì¨ë² 3ì§ - í (Hoot) 01. í(Hoot) - Mp3 Download 02. ë´ ì못ì´ì£  (Mistake) 03. ë¨ì§ (My Best Friend) 04. Wake Up 05. 첫ëì...(Snowy Wish) Preorder at: Cr: Soshified and XDDDD30
3.32 min. | 4.62 user rating
good track
3.85 min. | 4.78 user rating

5.23 min. | 4.75 user rating
Feat. Baby Bash Sing It! son las cinco de la manana y no he dormido nada just thinking 'bout your beauty,got me crazy in the head el insomnio es mi castigo tu amor sera´mi alivio until you're in my arms,girl i can have no peace in bed it's five o'clock in the morning can't get no sleep i think about your beauty and it makes me weak i lay restless at home,without you there until you are mine,i find no relief amor,si es amor your love's got me feeling obsessed in my soul si es amor and not an illusion that makes me do things,that my heart can't control i know you're not my lady but i'm full of hopes and maybes and if your love can't save me solo puedo hablar de ti saw you with your "amigo" girl he don't look so "rigo" no sabe complacerte,como lo haria yo it's five o'clock in the morning can't get no sleep i think about your beauty and it makes me weak i lay restless at home,without you there until you are mine,i will find no relief amor, si es amor your love's got me feeling obsessed in my soul si es amor and not an illusion that makes me do things,that my heart can't control amor
3.93 min. | 4.91 user rating
With Lyrics!!! Helena I love you baby Sodapop You take the breath from me Make my life heavenly I can't believe the way the good Lord is blessin' me One in a million, mother of my children Me without you like car without engine You listen to my dreams that I vision Respect that I smoke Mary Jane, it's like my religion The pigeons, sometimes make you worry But I can see, you know my vision ain't blurry The innocence, still strong like a feminist I reminisce, on the first time we ever kissed In the devilish world you my only angel Cancel concerts to stay with you and watch cable Kiss your navel, candlelights on the table You never cared if I was financially stable 12 years, to me it feels like 12 minutes My love for you, sees no limits [Chorus:] Where would I be without you? I know I wouldn't be rappin' into soundproof I know I wouldn't be pushin' a Benz I'd probably be gettin' transferred, to different pens Or chillin' with my dead friends Or still at the weed house makin' 5's and 10's Miss Perfect, God-given When I was lost, you made my life worth livin' They say nothing on this earth is perfect I don't believe it, you never cheated Perfect record, undefeated I needed a miracle to save my life When I was hustlin' and grindin' late at night I paid the price and listened to you bitchin' me You start bringing up the past, that's history Never again will I jeopardize That's a promise that I'll memorize Real love never dies It's paradise, no matter where we at The movies, the <b>...</b>
4.03 min. | 4.90 user rating
WITH LYRICS!!!! [First Verse (SPM):] Another deadly ceremony, In a sacred territory, It was all done for the glory, You bitches ain't got nothin' for me OG, from the HI, double L, W, double O, D Live the life of the lowly, Movin' white ponies, still puttin' in work for the dead homies, Show me the way out, stayin' ready for anything under the sun, Under the moon, under the stars, God I'm lookin' for somewhere to run Dumpin' my gun, as soon as I'm done, Leavin' 'em numb, with one in his lung, Livin' fast and dyin' young, always business never for fun [Chorus (Marilyn Rylander):] Tell me what it is Tell me what you want For your 3rd Wishhhhhhhh This is your last wishhhhhhh Tell me what it is Tell me what you need For your 3rd Wishhhhhhh This is your last wishhhhhhh [Second Verse (SPM):] Bussin' our teflon, at the red dawn, I ain't fuckin' with nothin', get stepped on The purest, I'm the surest, playin' a tourist walkin' through Saigon, Been a hustler servin' up big bricks, And livin' my life to hit licks, Trip on a G like me and see the beads of banana clips Trick Stamina cannot be duplicated, Bite on the dust, you get faded, So many wannabe criminals up in the game of drug-related Open up, open up your dopehouses Turning you men into mouses Saggin' my burgendy trousers, Letting you know how the South is [Chorus] [Bridge One (Grimm & SPM):] [phone rings] [SPM:] "Dopehouse Records" [Grimm:] "Say man Los, man it ain't go right man, I'ma tell you man, Lil' Drugs dead man <b>...</b>
5.23 min. | 4.85 user rating
Credits: CodeMonmonHD I take no credit. No copyright infringement intended. Just wanted to upload this because the account got banned (unfortunately) and it was pretty difficult to find. This is for all those who enjoyed his mixes. RIP: CodeMonmon Update: He's back!
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4.10 min. | 4.62 user rating

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