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Middle French

NameMiddle French
NativenameMoyen français
Extinctevolved into Modern French by the early 17th century

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Middle French ( ) is a historical division of the French language that covers the period from (roughly) 1340 to 1611. It is a period of transition during which:

* the French language becomes clearly distinguished from the other competing Oïl languages, which are sometimes subsumed within the concept of Old French (ancien français)

* the French language is imposed as the official language of the kingdom of France in place of Latin and other Oïl and Occitan languages

* the literary development of French prepares the vocabulary and grammar for the Classical French (français classique) spoken in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Middle French Video

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October 6th 2010 - January 11th 2011 Galeries Nationales, Grand Palais, Paris An exhibition organized by the Rmn and the Art Institute of Chicago, in collaboration with the musée du Louvre, the musée de Cluny -- musée national du Moyen Age and the musée national de la Renaissance, château d'Ecouen. It is realised with the special contribution of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. To be shown at the Art Institute of Chicago, 26 February-29 May 2011 This exhibition explores a time of unprecedented artistic contact and creative effervescence in France, which many people know little about. It is the first major exhibition devoted to a turning point in French history, in the reigns of Charles VIII (1483-1498) and Louis XII (1498-1515), which was dominated by the personality of Anne de Bretagne, successively the wife of both kings. A period of economic recovery, demographic growth, and territorial ambitions with the famous Italian wars, as well as cultural development in the humanist spirit. It was also a time of exceptional flowering and sharp contrasts in art. Nonetheless, these movements are often skimmed over to the extent that most books on Europe European art in the period barely mention France at all. The exhibition draws on recent research and presents 200 masterly works which give a clearer view of France at a crucial intersection in history, while questioning the ideas of tradition and movement, continuity and breaks. It brings together exceptional ensembles by <b>...</b>
1.95 min. | 4.42 user rating
Yes, believe it or not, Nate Dunkley is wearing a dress made my me, Nikki Thude. Special thanks to Samantha Miller for modeling the dress in the making. Now, as for Nate, we all knew this day would come eventually. However, i'm sure some of us are quite surprised to see this young boy in a wonam's french dress of the 1800s. Please feel free to comment and say whatever you want! This takes place at Smith Middle School, February 3rd, 2010. Mrs.Nuber's 3rd period horizons class. :) thanks!
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I was 3rd chair french horn in this band and we learned this song in about 3 hours.It was really fun to play in the concert.This song was made by Robert W Smith. Thanks for watching.
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Directed By Elevator :: Follow @Elevator_ // @AceSoLoco_sl // @rickyralphiel // @HeirRoy
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Their quick adaptability expressed itself in the shrewd Norman willingness to take on local men of talent, to marry the high-born local women; confidently illiterate Norman masters used the literate clerks of the church for their own purposes. Siege of a motte-and-bailey castle from the Bayeux Tapestry.The Normans were in contact with England from an early date. Not only were their original Viking brethren still ravaging the English coasts, they occupied most of the important ports opposite England across the Channel. This relationship eventually produced closer ties of blood through the marriage of Emma, sister of Duke Richard II of Normandy, and King Ethelred II of England. Because of this, Ethelred fled to Normandy in 1013, when he was forced from his kingdom by Sweyn Forkbeard. His stay in Normandy (until 1016) influenced him and his sons by Emma, who stayed in Normandy after Canute the Great's conquest of the isle. When finally Edward the Confessor returned from his father's refuge in 1041, at the invitation of his half-brother Harthacanute, he brought with him a Norman-educated mind. He also brought many Norman counsellors and fighters, some of whom established an English cavalry force. This concept never really took root, but it is a typical example of the attitudes of Edward. He appointed Robert of Jumièges archbishop of Canterbury and made Ralph the Timid earl of Hereford. He invited his brother-in-law Eustace II of Boulogne to his court in 1051, an event which <b>...</b>
2.20 min. | 4.0 user rating

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Rome Sentinel--Areas affected by the boil-water advisory are: Pratt and Taylor avenues, -Middle-, -French-, Peckey, Railroad, North, East and Acee streets, and all of Milgate ... - Date : Mon, 02 Aug 2010 20:25:38 GMT+00:00
Last updated at 6:09 AM on 12th August 2010 - Daily Mail Tweet this news
Daily Mail--The singer unveiled yet another piece of body art today - the words rebelle fleur, which translates from the -French- as flower rebel. ... - Date : Thu, 12 Aug 2010 06:50:17 GMT+00:00
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