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Michael Conrad

Personal information
Birth dateOctober 16, 1925
Place of birthNew York City, New York
Date of deathNovember 22, 1983(age 58)
Death placeLos Angeles, California

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Michael Conrad (October 16, 1925 - November 22, 1983) was an American television actor.

Michael Conrad Video

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Following the untimely death of Michael Jackson, the Jackson family attorney Londell McMillan has been appointed the sole spokesperson for the Jackson clan. He spoke with Matt Lauer about Michael Jackson's estate and the temporary custody that has been granted to Katherine Jackson, grandmother of the children and Michael's mother. We also cover Conrad Murray, Jackson's doctor, as he falls under scrutiny.
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The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's personal doctor began Tuesday with a shocking photo of the singer's dead body and an eerie recording his voice slurring through a purported propofol haze. The prosecution picture projected in the courtroom showed Jackson's lifeless body on a hospital gurney under the powerful heading "Homicide." Have you seen the recently released photograph that is said to be Michael Jackson's death photo? Is it real? I have not only done online research, but I made actual phone calls to prove that this photo is fake. In this video, you will see proof that the STRETCHER used in this photo is from Stryker's "RENAISSANCE" series. These stretchers were made from 1991-2003. Michael was suppossedly at UCLA Medical Center June 25, 2009. I called UCLA to see if they keep any OLDER models of any stretcher and they confirmed that they in fact got rid of any old stretcher they had there. If this is an OLD stretcher NOT USED IN HOSPITALS ANYMORE, than this photo is a proven fake. Michael Jackson is ALIVE and this is a proven HOAX. Stay tuned for more information as the conrad murray trial continues on.
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La Toya Jackson exits Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills on a rainy Friday evening, and reports that she'll "absolutely" be attending Dr. Conrad Murray's court case regarding the homicide of her brother, Michael. La Toya says that there are additional people responsible for her brother's death and that she'll keep us informed as the truth unfolds.
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On May 10, 2009, Dr. Conrad Murray made an audio recording on his iPhone ... the recording documents Michael Jackson highly under the influence of "unknown agents" with Murray sitting there. It shows Murray knew Michael's state and what he was doing to the singer. MORE COVERAGE:
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No primeiro dia de julgamento do médico Conrad Murray, nesta terça-feira, em Los Angeles, o promotor David Walgren mostrou aos jurados, em um telão, uma foto de Michael Jackson em uma maca, já morto no hospital. O julgamento do médico, que o atendia o cantor, começa mais de dois anos após a parada cardíaca que matou o astro pop.
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A recording of Michael Jackson has been played by the prosecution at the Conrad Murray trial. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
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TMCnet--(Canadian Press Broadcast Wire (Canada) Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) (-Conrad- Black) (Audio: 103) -Conrad- Black's movements are restricted to the United States ... - Date : Sat, 24 Jul 2010 09:09:36 GMT+00:00

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor � Drama Series

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