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Louis the German

Louis the German
Seal with Louis' inscription and effigy.
Monarch information
NameLouis the German
ReignKing of Bavaria: 817 � 843;
King of Eastern Francia: 843 � 876
PredecessorLouis the Pious
SuccessorCarloman of Bavaria, Louis the Younger, Charles the Fat
ConsortEmma of Altdorf
OffspringCarloman of Bavaria, Louis the Younger, Charles the Fat
Royal HouseCarolingian
FatherLouis the Pious
MotherErmengarde of Hesbaye

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Louis (also Ludwig or Lewis) the German (806 � 28 August 876), also known as Louis II or Louis the Bavarian, was a grandson of Charlemagne and the third son of the succeeding Frankish Emperor Louis the Pious and his first wife, Ermengarde of Hesbaye.

He received the appellation 'Germanicus' shortly after his death in recognition of the fact that the bulk of his territory had been in the former Germania.

Louis II was made the King of Bavaria from 817 following the Emperor Charlemagne's practice of bestowing a local kingdom on a family member who then served as one of his lieutenants and the local governor. When his father, Louis I (called the pious), partitioned the empire toward the end of his reign in 843, he was made King of East Francia, a region that spanned the Elbe drainage basin from Jutland southeasterly through the Thuringerwald into modern Bavaria from the Treaty of Verdun in 843 until his death.

Louis the German Video

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Disneys Küss den Frosch (OT: The princess and the frog, USA 2009) - DVD-Trailer (German), 2010 | © 2009 The Walt Disney Company. Auf Blu-ray und DVD ab 15.04.2010
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Disneys Der Schatzplanet (OT: Treasure Planet, USA 2002) - German Trailer | © 2002 The Walt Disney Company / © 2009 RTL Television
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A new episode of "The L4D House". Enjoy it! :D
3.93 min. | 4.59 user rating The Few and I met three German ladies, and they promised to buy a CD if Ryan played them a song. Louis used his brushes on the mailbox, I brought out my accordion, and Ryan was on acoustic guitar, singing.
0.92 min. | 4.82 user rating
This is a homemade trailer of 'Anne of the Indies' from 1951, one of my fave childhood swashbuckling films in the exciting and adventurous vein of Errol Flynn's 'Captain Blood' and 'The Sea Hawk' that preceded it in the 1930s. The story touches on friendship and loyalty, romance and betrayal, and even hints at questions on the role of women in society - and is actually quite good and entertaining - better than a lot of pirate films that came after. Of note, this film was ahead of its day, as it shows for the first time a female character as a swashbuckler, right in the centre of exciting scenes of swordplay à la Errol Flynn. Brava, Jean Peters ! This classic pirate film was directed by Jacques Tourneur, using a script inspired by a short story by Herbert Ravenel Sass. The eponymous character, Anne Providence, is based on a true-to-life female pirate named Anne Bonny, a strong and independent woman who plied her illegal trade on the high seas in the 18th century. The real Anne Bonny commanded the respect of her male peers for her fierce temper and courage in battle - something we also get from Jean Peters's feisty portrayal of the fictional character. She clearly had fun with this role ! CAST: Capt. Anne Providence -- Jean Peters Capt. LaRochelle -- Louis Jourdan Molly LaRochelle -- Debra Paget Dr. Jameson -- Herbert Marshall Blackbeard -- Thomas Gomez Red Dougal -- James Robertson Justice Directed by Jacques Tourneur Music by Franz Waxman Produced by George Jessel <b>...</b>
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This is me singing in my School of Music's Lied-class, 28th of February 2009. It's "Roadside Fire" and "Bright is the ring of Words" from the Songcycle "Songs of Travel" by english composer Vaughan WIlliams. Sung in original key, voice = baritone. The poems are by Robert Louis Stevenson - - - I will make you brooches and toys for your delight Of bird-song at morning and star-shine at night, I will make a palace fit for you and me Of green days in forests, and blue days at sea. - I will make my kitchen, and you shall keep your room, Where white flows the river and bright blows the broom; And you shall wash your linen and keep your body white In rainfall at morning and dewfall at night. - And this shall be for music when no one else is near, The fine song for singing, the rare song to hear! That only I remember, that only you admire, Of the broad road that stretches and the roadside fire. - - - Bright is the ring of words When the right man rings them, Fair the fall of songs When the singer sings them. Still they are carolled and said -- On wings they are carried -- After the singer is dead And the maker buried. Low as the singer lies In the field of heather, Songs of his fashion bring The swains together. And when the west is red With the sunset embers, The lover lingers and sings And the maid remembers. I mixed up the first verses of "Bright is the ring of words", because I was so nervous. I'm so sorry ;-) Anyway, no one noticed ^^ have fun! (All rights belong to me. You <b>...</b>
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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Louis I
as King and Emperor of the Franks
King of Bavaria
817 - 843
Succeeded by
as King of Bavaria
King of East Francia
843 - 876
Succeeded by
Louis III
as King of Saxony
Succeeded by
Charles II
as King of Swabia

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