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Independence Party of New York

Party NameIndependence Party of New York
Party ArticletitleIndependence Party
ChairmanFrank MacKay
HouseleaderFred Thiele
Foundation, 1991

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The Independence Party is an affiliate in the U.S. state of New York of the Independence Party of America. The party was founded in 1991 by Dr. Gordon Black, Tom Golisano, and Laureen Oliver from Rochester, New York, and acquired ballot status in 1994. Although often associated with Ross Perot, as the party came to prominence in the wake of Perot's 1992 presidential campaign, it was created prior to Perot's run. As of April 2009, there were 400,178 members statewide.

Independence Party of New York Video

Note: I made a verbal typo but I feel it is true. The NY Post editorial said Mike Bloomberg bought the Independent Party but I throw in the Working Family Party. The NYP Post did not say that but I felt it. Why? How? Because the WFP endorsed Christine Quinn who betrayed the people of NYC being Mike's puppet and denying us a referendum. So indirectly I felt when the WFP endorsed her Mike has essentially bought the WFP through Quinn. Remember when Mike Bloomberg's Napoleon complex made a Freudian slip and said 4th term on the John Gambling show? King Mike Bloomberg the little emperor of NYC's legacy has another big stain broken by The New York Post's City Hall reporter David Seifman re: $750000 of cash 2 days before the election and Mike can't account for and it is worse than that. Read the story: My YouTube "common -- thread power corrupts" see links in text portion of this youtube. Michael Goodwin "Advise & Council: Jail 'em All!" can't find link. He accuses city council of participating in racketeering enterprise and wants them all arrested. Bloomberg has no right to deny us a referendum and put the vote in front of a city council rife with corruption no matter how much they keep saying no guilty. The city council votes to extend term limits ARE TAINTED and I continue to demand they be tossed out. What about the borough presidents? Can't they take public transportation and we need to see a full <b>...</b>
3.57 min. | 4.6 user rating Incest Albany City Hall - if I am wrong get naked -- just me using words like paint -- being provactive -- I am calling for transparency and full accountability -- disclosure which we have so little of. I actually DO NOT want to see any of them naked! How much are the legal bills to date for Christine Quinn and her staff? Who approved the use of Sullivan and Cromwell as just one example. Where was Mike Bloomberg where was Patricia Harris -- how was citytime debacle and SAIC allowed to gobble up tax payer money so obscenely for so long... Rudy brought in SAIC and CityTime -- his best friend Peter Powers lobbyist for SAIC. Do the math..... Ditto for Skip -- public service turned in to greed....? Mike Bloomberg testified in SECRET by Louis Mike Bloomberg broke campaign laws read articles below
3.88 min. | 5.0 user rating
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There's a disturbing piece on the NY Times website that, quite frankly, makes me wonder if the newspaper has lost its liberal bona fides. The article looks at the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in historical terms and in doing so provides an argument for a more conservative spin on the event. See: Here's the article from The Daily Caller:
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Watch this video and share it with your friends and remember on November 2nd vote for COMMON SENSE. Please Follow me on Twitter:
4.12 min. | 4.5 user rating

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Name Tenure Hometown
Laureen A. Oliver 1991 � 1996 Rochester
Jack R. Essenberg 1996 � February 2000
April 2000 � May 2000
Miller Place
Frank M. MacKay February 2000 � April 2000
May 2000 � present
North Babylon

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