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Australian Aborigines ( , Aboriginal Australians) are those people regarded as indigenous to the Australian continent.

In the High Court of Australia, Australian Aborigines have been specifically identified as a group of people who share, in common, biological ancestry back to the original occupants of the continent.

Justice Deane of the High Court famously described and defined an Australian Aboriginal person as "a person of Aboriginal descent, albeit mixed, who identifies himself as such and who is recognised by the Aboriginal community as an Aboriginal".

Australian Aborigines Video

from nature to Islam islam is most growing religion in australia
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Images of Australian Aborigines...Odd connections to the evolution of man or the missing link? Check it out!
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WONG: Australian politicians and dignitaries gathered at Parliament House on Tuesday to mark the official opening of the 42nd Parliament with a first-ever welcome ceremony by Aboriginal elders. The indigenous ceremony comes a day before the prime minister is due to deliver a historic apology to the 'Stolen Generation'. STORY: Aborigines playing didgeridoos and smeared with white body paint made history. They became the first Indigenous Australians ever to take part in the opening of the nation's new parliamentary session. Aboriginal elder Matilda House delivered a traditional message to mark the first sitting of parliament since Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's Labor Party won power in last November's elections. [Matilda House, Aboriginal elder]: "Our nation is marked by great success and honorable deeds and some not so. Some made right and some yet to be made right, like tomorrow's apology." Rudd told the crowd at the ceremony he wants this made a future tradition. [Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister]: "We can be a bit slow sometimes, be we got here. Today we begin with one small step to set right the wrongs of the past. And in this ceremonial way, it is a significant and symbolic step. And let us resolve here, as members and senators and members of this great Parliament of the Commonwealth that whoever forms future governments of the nation, let this become a permanent part of our ceremonial celebration of the Australian democracy." A landmark report in 1997 <b>...</b>
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Australian Aborigines.
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A Tribute to Lilian Hawkins Born 20/10/1937 Died 25/7/2006 A servant of Jesus Christ and a Child of God. She was a Minister of God's Love. She took the Gospel to the gypsies in Australia, to the elderly, to the disabled, to children and to Australian Aboriginals with the support of her life long partner Bill. Together Lilian & Bill opened and ran a retirement home which went into financial difficulty resulting in them loosing their home. After getting back on their feet with the help of God and the Church they opened a Refuge taking in families in crisis. This minstry spanned almost a decade. They ministered to people with cerebral palsy living at the spastic society taking a group to church for many years in a bus. They used puppets extensively in their ministries visiting schools, churches, nursing homes, Australian Gypsies and Aborigines. They had three children Nigel, Lisa and Belinda who are all saved and active in the church. She needed Haemodialysis in her final years. She never wavered in her faith and was a good example and an encouragement to all who knew her. She is dearly missed.
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Aborigines of Australian Outback in the New Territory of the Top End of Australia
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Australian Aborigines are a class of peoples who are identified by Australian law as being members of a race indigenous to the Australian continent.
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This bush tucker vlog is about the Australian Bluebell. (It's botanical Latin name is Wahlenbergia.) The native Australian Bluebell is a pretty little plant that has been used by the Aborigines as bush tucker. The attractive blue flowers have a mild taste, and can be eaten as a salad vegetable. Like violet and borage flowers, these native Australian Bluebell flowers, too, can be used as attractive edible garnishes for drinks; or candied and made into pretty cake decorations. Or why not try them with bread and butter or margarine, and a little salt and pepper? A sweeter sandwich version could be made with a little sugar and cinnamon shaken on. Read more about the Australian Bluebell and other great wild foods in "Wild Food in Australia" by AB and JW Cribb. .....
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Kakadu Juice - with superfood nutrition from the world's longest living culture . Australia's Best Kept Secret is now available in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Australian wild foods were the sole source of nutrition for the indigenous Aborigines of Australia for eons and their society is recognized as the longest living culture on the planet. We urge you to try some delicious Kakadu Juice for yourself and experience the difference in your health and well being as you absorb the nutritious phytochemicals from these super foods. Phytochemicals protect your body's cells, repairs and restores them and helps achieve your ideal health. Kakadu Juice is a good source of these phytochemicals. Order Product:
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Big Think--In The Songlines, travel writer Bruce Chatwin tackles the -Australian Aborigines-' poetic relation to their land. The titular 'songlines' are an age-old ... - Date : Tue, 12 Oct 2010 05:37:35 GMT+00:00
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