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Programming language
ParadigmNatural language, Scripting
Appeared in1993
Software developerApple Inc.
Stable release2.1.1 (November 9, 2009)
Typing disciplineweak, dynamic
Influenced byNatural language, HyperCard
Operating systemSystem 7, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
LicenseApple EULA (parts available under APSL)
Usual file extensions.scpt .AppleScript

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AppleScript is a scripting language created by Apple Inc. and built into Macintosh operating systems since System 7. The term "AppleScript" may refer to the scripting system itself, or to particular scripts that are written in the AppleScript language.

AppleScript is primarily an inter-application processing system, designed to exchange data between and control other applications in order to automate repetitive tasks. AppleScript has some limited processing abilities of its own - basic calculation abilities, and some more intricate text processing tools - and is extensible, allowing the addition of scripting additions which add new functions to the language itself. Mainly, however, AppleScript relies on the built-in functionalities of other applications and processes to handle complex tasks.

AppleScript has some elements of object-oriented programming, particularly in the construction of script objects, and some lisp-like natural language processing tendencies, but fails to conform to either category properly.

AppleScript Video

Ever wanted to have a video instead of an image as your desktop background? This video tip will tell you how! The Blog: SaveHollywood: Divx Player: AppleScript Application: Desktop Movie Player: (Not recommended!)
8.17 min. | 3.96 user rating
A short tutorial on how to launch applications with Script Editor for the Mac and a little bit about what to do with them after they're launched. This video was done as an accompaniment to my blog post at
2.97 min. | 4.51 user rating
10.60 min. | 4.58 user rating
I'm quite new to Applescript but I'm getting the hang of the simple stuff. Hope everyone finds this tutorial helpful! It's a 2-parter and heres the second half: PS Damn, forgot about the "giving up after 3" line :( Well, I'll try and explain it in text: All it means is that the window will close after 3 seconds, simple eh?
9.55 min. | 4.68 user rating
With this simple Applescript you can create a Youtube search application. More Information: 1. Open Script Editor ---Applications/Applescript/Script Editor 2. Type the applescript into script editor 3. Save the script as an application 4. Run it, Search, and away! Any questions, leave a comment or send a message - i'll do my best! More to come :) EDIT: Unfortunately, the text is almost impossible to see so here's the script: set search to text returned of (display dialog "Enter YouTube Video Search" default answer "" buttons {"Search", "Cancel"} default button 1) open location " & search
1.58 min. | 4.36 user rating
Basics of getting started in OS X Leopard's Applescript for complete newbies.
3.55 min. | 3.95 user rating
Want to know how I got that snazzy "iTunes Playing" information on my desktop? Here it is! I've included the three iTunes scripts, directions on how to use them, and an extra Mail script here: If you want all the script copied into a text document here it is: Twitter:
10.57 min. | 4.69 user rating
this video shows you how you can build a database in applescript!!! please comment and rate! the code is here: set s to "sam price" set d to "dave blogg" set j to "jack tumb" set m to "max dog" set f to "fabio james" set sa to "sara parker" set o to "oliver jones" set b to "bob samuel" set x to text returned of (display dialog "Search for a member" default answer "ENTER THE NAME HERE!" buttons {"Search"} default button 1) ignoring white space ignoring case if x contains s then display dialog "Sam Price,member number: 1 phone number: 123" buttons {"OK"} else if x contains d then display dialog "Dave Blogg, member number: 2 phone number: 1234" buttons {"OK"} end if if x contains j then display dialog "jack tumb, member number: 3 phone number: 12345" buttons {"OK"} else if x contains m then display dialog "Max Dog, member number: 4 phone number: 12345" buttons {"OK"} end if if x contains f then display dialog "Fabio James, member number: 5 phone number: 123456" buttons {"OK"} else if x contains sa then display dialog "Sara Parker, member number: 6 phone number: 1234567" buttons {"OK"} end if if x contains o then display dialog "Oliver Jones, member number: 7 phone number: 12345678" buttons {"OK"} else if x contains b then display dialog "Bob samuel, member number: 8 phone number: 12345678" buttons {"OK"} end if end ignoring end ignoring
5.00 min. | 3.61 user rating
For those of you who do not know how to use Applescript examples or sources you find online
3.07 min. | 3.25 user rating
What you are seeing here is a short example of AppleScript with Final Cut Pro. The video is real-time, and is NOT sped up. Look closely and you can see the time in the top right corner. What once took roughly 250 individual keystrokes to create, now takes the computer about 14 seconds to do on its own. This script ... 1) Asks the user for the Project Name 2) Creates all appropriate media folders in the Finder using the project name, including placeholder graphics to allow empty folder import to FCP. 3) Activates FCP if closed, and creates a new project with the correct name and settings 4) Saves the project in the appropriate location 5) Imports all media folders and creates organizational structure of bins and sequences 6) Sets appropriate logging bin 7) Opens log & capture window, sets appropriate description and reel names for the first tape, and begins capture The entire program can be activated by a single keystroke, mouse click or shortcut key with a device like the Contour Design Shuttle Pro or the Kensington Expert Mouse. Have a question about AppleScript, Final Cut Pro or the mac? I'd like to hear from you. Send me a message or comment, and subscribe to be updated on more videos in the future. - DJ
0.28 min. | 4.2 user rating

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Language structures :
Looping Conditionals Application Targeting Error Handling
Repeat with i from 1 to 2000 if x is greater than 3 then tell application "MyApp" try

Language structures :
Function handler Folder actions block Run handler
on myFunction(parameters...) on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving theseItems on run

on rock around the clock display dialog (clock as string) end rock -- called with: rock around the current date | to check for yourNumber from bottom thru top if bottom ≤ yourNumber and yourNumber ≤ top then display dialog "Congratulations! You scored." end if end check --called with: check for 8 from 7 thru 10 >
Language structures :

Mac OS X

VersionsPublic Beta * 10.0 "Cheetah" * 10.1 "Puma" * 10.2 "Jaguar" * 10.3 "Panther" * 10.4 "Tiger" * 10.5 "Leopard" * 10.6 "Snow Leopard"
ApplicationsAddress Book * Automator * Calculator * Chess * Dashboard * Dictionary * DVD Player * Finder * Front Row * Grapher * iCal * iChat * iSync * iTunes (version history) * Mail * Photo Booth * Preview * QuickTime * Safari (version history) * Stickies * TextEdit
UtilitiesActivity Monitor * AirPort Utility * Archive Utility * Audio MIDI Setup * Bluetooth File Exchange * ColorSync * Console * Crash Reporter * DigitalColor Meter * Directory Utility * DiskImageMounter * Disk Utility * Font Book * Grab * Help Viewer * Image Capture * Installer * Keychain Access * Migration Assistant * Network Utility * ODBC Administrator * Remote Install Mac OS X * Screen Sharing * Software Update * System Preferences * System Profiler * Terminal * Universal Access * VoiceOver * X11
Technology and
user interface
Command key * Option key * Apple menu * AppleScript * Aqua * Audio Units * Bonjour * Boot Camp * BootX * Brushed metal * Carbon * Cocoa * ColorSync * Core Animation * Core Audio * Core Data * Core Foundation * Core Image * Core OpenGL * Core Text * Core Video * CUPS * Cover Flow * Darwin * Dock * Exposé * FileVault * Grand Central Dispatch * icns * Inkwell * I/O Kit * Kernel panic * Keychain * Mach-O * MacRuby * Menu extra * OpenCL * Preference Pane * Property list * Quartz * QuickTime * Quick Look * Rosetta * Smart Folders * Spaces * Speakable items * Spotlight * Stacks * Time Machine * Uniform Type Identifier * Universal binary * WebKit * Xgrid * XNU

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