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60th anniversary of the Peoples Republic of ChinaSecond inauguration of Lyndon B JohnsonCivil Forum on the PresidencyWedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer
First inauguration of Andrew JacksonFirst inauguration of Dwight D EisenhowerSecond inauguration of Harry S TrumanFirst inauguration of Thomas Jefferson
Third inauguration of Franklin D RooseveltSecond inauguration of Abraham LincolnFirst inauguration of William McKinleyInauguration of John Tyler
Inauguration of James BuchananInauguration of John F KennedyInauguration of Rutherford B HayesInauguration of Andrew Johnson
Inauguration of James A GarfieldFirst inauguration of Franklin D RooseveltSecond inauguration of Dwight D EisenhowerInauguration of Gerald Ford
First inauguration of George WashingtonInauguration of William Henry HarrisonFirst inauguration of Bill ClintonSecond inauguration of George W Bush
First inauguration of George W BushSecond inauguration of Bill ClintonInauguration of George H W BushSecond inauguration of Ronald Reagan
First inauguration of Ronald ReaganInauguration of Jimmy CarterSecond inauguration of Richard NixonFirst inauguration of Richard Nixon
1954 National Service RiotsInauguration of Chester A ArthurFirst inauguration of Theodore RooseveltInauguration of Warren G Harding
Major explorations after the Age of DiscoveryQuestion Time British National Party controversyJacobite Rising of 1745Signing of the Treaty of Lisbon
1970s energy crisisNoble train of artilleryUSS Kitty Hawk riotDemerara rebellion of 1823
San Antonio Sporting DistrictCummeragunja walk-offFive Constituencies ReferendumTerritorial era of Minnesota
Opposition to the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail LinkAman ki AshaCoronation of Napoleon IInternational Pageant of Pulchritude
Alma College (St Thomas)Reservatum ecclesiasticumIndianapolis Street Car Strike of 1913Declaratio Ferdinandei
Bristol Bus Boycott, 19631948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaPapal conclave, 1513Michael Jackson memorial service
Justice for KhojalyHenry Louis Gates arrest controversyTaxpayer March on WashingtonKoza riot
Free State of GalvestonNational Equality MarchTexas Oil BoomInauguration of Barack Obama
French Revolution18 BrumaireMay RevolutionCoup detat of December Twelfth
Funeral of Pope John Paul IIKhojaly MassacrePower ShiftHock Lee bus riots
Chinese middle schools riotsWashingtons crossing of the Delaware RiverTreaties of NijmegenBreakup of Yugoslavia
Kastner trainBeauharnois scandalInvention of radioHistory of perpetual motion machines
Hijra (Islam)Glorious RevolutionGunpowder PlotIran-Contra affair
Treaty of VerdunMaryland Toleration ActTreaty of UtrechtReichstag fire
1973 oil crisis1979 energy crisisFrench Revolution of 1848Peace of Augsburg
Cuius regio, eius religioJuly RevolutionIranian RevolutionRevolutions of 1989