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Vulgar Latin

Latin inscription in the Colosseum
NameVulgar Latin
StatesRoman Republic, Roman Empire
PosterioriDeduced from Romance languages and literary references
Extinctdeveloped into Romance languages 6th to 9th centuries
CaptionLatin inscription in the Colosseum

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Vulgar Latin (in Renaissance Latin, vulgare Latinum or Latinum vulgare) is any of the nonstandard forms of Latin from which the Romance languages developed. Because of its nonstandard nature, it had no official orthography, and only Classical Latin was used in writing. It is sometimes called colloquial Latin, or Proto-Romance or Common Romance (particularly in the late stage).

Vulgar Latin Video

Orquesta Vulgar tocando goes latin
4.65 min. | 5.0 user rating
A peak into what it's like to dream in Romance languages. Pictures from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Romania, and Catalonia. Music in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan. Songs: Amaral-El Universo Sobre Mi, Aldina Duarte-Ai Meu Amor Se Bastasse, Isabelle Boulay-Jamais Assez Loin, Tiziano Ferro-Stop! Dimentica, DJ Project-Departe De Noi, & Amaral-Camins.
9.98 min. | 4.84 user rating
AGRIA se presentara este 21 de Agosto en el Huaralino de Los Olivos en un concierto como los de antes, junto a Por Hablar, Inyectores, Ni voz ni voto, DMente Comun, Turbopotamos, Diazepunk, Contracorriente, Serial Asesino y mas. La cita es a las 5.30 pm
1.47 min. | 5.0 user rating
Asi respondió al hablar de su participación en Aventurera.
3.10 min. | 5.0 user rating
Could this be the Truth? O_o
0.58 min. | 5.0 user rating
Here are shown a few samples of the interviews with characters from ancient Rome. A Latin Qvarter film with Robert Bathurst, Marco Bortolami, Olivia Cockburn, Anthony Easton, Edward Gillespie, Tom Morris, Giada Pantano and Steve Wright. Filmed and produced by George Sharpley. Nero is the emperor, the first Christians are in Rome, and a few months earlier the northern province of Britannia has been rocked by a bloody uprising. Boudicca, queen of the rebellious Iceni, now lies dead, her army too. In Rome, people are nervously awaiting the outcome of a recent murder: Lucius Pedanius Secundus, the city prefect and former consul, has been killed by his own slave. The law demands the execution of all 400 slaves in his household, man, woman and child. Their fate is the talk of Rome ... talk that is here preserved in filmed interviews with a senator, slave, gladiator, merchant, poet and other Romans of the time. The Latin Qvarter has recreated a realistic idea of people speaking the Latin language in ancient Rome.
5.12 min. | 3.66 user rating
This is a FU Friday Vlog! Warning: This video is not for 1) My mother, 2) young children, 3) People who think profanity is offensive. There will and is vulgarity in this Video. The annotations won't let me post the clickable links so here they are. First Link: Second Link:
3.80 min. | 5.0 user rating
Orquesta Vulgar - Fantoche a la realidad
4.82 min. | 5.0 user rating
During the classical Latin period the Latin alphabet contained 23 letters. The Name of the Latin Letters A Ä /aË/ B bÄ /beË/ D dÄ /deË/ E Ä /eË/ F ef /ef/ G gÄ /geË/ H hÄ /haË/ I Ä« /iË/ K kÄ /kaË/ L el /l/ M em /em/ N en /en/ O Å /oË/ P pÄ /pe:/ Q qÅ« /kÊ·uË/ R er /er/ S es /es/ T tÄ /teË/ V Å« /ü/ X ex /eks/ Y Ä« Graeca /i:grajka/ Z zÄta /'ze:ta/
4.45 min. | 5.0 user rating
2.00 min. | 5.0 user rating

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Stressed vowels : Prosthesis
Classical Vulgar
Acad.1 Roman IPA Acad.1
ī long I [iː] [i] i
ĭ short I [ɪ] [e]
ē long E [eː]
ĕ short E [ɛ] [ɛ] ę
ā long A [aː] [a] a
ă short A [a]
ŏ short O [ɔ] [ɔ] ǫ
ō long O [oː] [o]
ŭ short V [ʊ]
ū long V [uː] [u] u
ȳ long Y [yː] > [iː] [i] y, i
ў short Y [y] > [ɪ] [e]
œ OE [oi] > [e]
æ AE [ai] > [ɛ] [ɛ] ę
au AV [au] [au] > [o] au,
1 Traditional academic transcription in Latin and Romance studies, respectively.

Loss of neuter :
Typical Italian endings
Nouns Adj. & determiners
  sing. plur. sing. plur.
m giardino' giardini' buono' buoni'
f donna' donne' buona' buone'
n uovo' uova' buono' buone'

Loss of cases :
Classical Latin
Nominative: rosa
Accusative: rosam
Genitive: rosae
Dative: rosae
Ablative: rosā
Vulgar Latin
Nominative: rosa
Accusative: rosa
Genitive: rose
Dative: rose
Ablative: rosa

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