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Vietnamese people

Vietnamese people
Ethnic group
GroupVietnamese people
người Việt
Main regionVietnam 74,000,000 (2008 est.)
(86% population of Vietnam)
Taiwan120,000 - 200,000
Australia174,200 (2001)
Canada151,410 (2001)
Germany83,526 (2004)
United Kingdom55,000-70,000
Czech Republic60,931 (2010)
Japan41,136 (2008)
People%27s Republic of China30,000
Norway18,333 (2006)
Netherlands18,000 (2007)

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The Vietnamese people ( or ) are an ethnic group originating from present-day northern Vietnam and southern China. They are the majority ethnic group of Vietnam, comprising 86% of the population as of the 1999 census, and are officially known as Kinh to distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Vietnam. The earliest recorded name for the ancient Vietnamese people appears as "Lạc".Although geographically and linguistically labeled as Southeast Asians, long periods of Chinese domination and influence have placed the Vietnamese culturally closer to East Asians, or more specifically their immediate northern neighbours, the Southern Chinese and other tribes within the South China. The word Việt is shortened from Bách Việt, a name used in ancient times. Nam means "south".

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Ethnic groups in Vietnam by language family

Chứt * Mường * Thổ * Việt (Kinh) Kradai
Bố Y * Giáy * Lào * Lự * Nung * Sán Chay * Tày * Thái * Cờ Lao * La Chí * La Ha * Pu Péo Hmong Dao
Dao * H'Mông * Pà Thẻn
(Nhóm ngôn ngữ Nam đảo)

Chăm * Chu Ru * Ê-đê * Jarai * Ra Glai Tibeto-Burman
(Nhóm Tạng)

Cống * Hà Nhì * La Hủ * Lô Lô * Phù Lá * Si La

Overseas Vietnamese

AsiaCambodia * People's Republic of China (Mainland * Hong Kong) * Japan * Korea * Laos * Malaysia * Philippines * Singapore * Taiwan * Thailand * UAE
EuropeBelgium * Bulgaria * Czech Republic * France * Germany * Netherlands * Norway * Poland * Russia * Ukraine * United Kingdom
OthersAustralia * Canada * Côte d'Ivoire * New Zealand * Senegal * United States

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