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The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone
NameThe Twilight Zone
Created byRod Serling
Narrated byRod Serling
Charles Aidman
Forest Whitaker
Desi Arnaz Pilot Intro
Theme music composerGregor F. Narholz
Opening theme"Dramatic Twilight"
Ending themesee Opening Theme
ComposerGregor F. Narholz
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodesOriginal series (1959 � 1964) 156
First revival (1985 � 1989) 75
Second revival (2002 � 2003) 44
List of episodesList_of_The_Twilight_Zone_episodes
Running time30 minutes in seasons 1 � 3, 5; 60 minutes in season 4 (including commercials)
24 � 25 min., 50 min. unedited (on DVD)
Original channelCBS (1959 � 2002)
UPN (2002 � 2003)
First airedOctober 2, 1959 - June 19, 1964
September 27, 1985 � April 15, 1989
September 18, 2002
Last airedMay 21, 2003

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'The Twilight Zone' is an American television anthology series created by Rod Serling. Each episode (156 in the original series) is a mixture of self-contained drama, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, or horror, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist. A popular and critical success, it introduced many Americans to serious science fiction and abstract ideas through television and also through a wide variety of Twilight Zone literature. The program followed in the tradition of earlier shows like Tales of Tomorrow 1951 � 53, which also dramatized What You Need, and Science Fiction Theatre 1955 � 1957. As well as radio programs such as The Weird Circle and X Minus One and the radio work of Serling's hero, dramatist Norman Corwin. Serling himself was a fan of anthology pulp fiction stories as a little boy and as an adult, he wished to write of social commentary themes such as racism, government, war, society and human nature in general. He decided to combine the two so he could not only indulge both of these passions, but also to get away with talking about these on television at a time when TV wasn't allowed to address such things.

The series was produced by Cayuga Productions, Inc. a production company owned and named by Serling. It reflects his background in upper New York State and is named after the local Lake Cayuga where Cornell University is located.

The success of the original series led to the creation of two revival series: one series that ran for several seasons on CBS and in syndication in the 1980s, and another series that ran on UPN from 2002 to 2003. It would also lead to a feature film, a radio series, a comic book, a magazine and various other spin-offs that would span five decades.

Aside from Serling himself, who crafted nearly two-thirds of the series' total episodes, writers for The Twilight Zone included leading genre authors such as Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Jerry Sohl, George Clayton Johnson, Earl Hamner, Jr., Reginald Rose, Harlan Ellison and Ray Bradbury. Many episodes also featured adaptations of classic stories by such writers as Ambrose Bierce, Lewis Padgett, Jerome Bixby and Damon Knight.

The term "twilight zone" predates the television program, and originally meant simply a "gray area." (Intelligence analysts in the early Cold War labeled a country a twilight zone if there was no definite U.S. policy on whether to intervene militarily to keep it from going Communist.) Rod Serling himself chose the title of the series, and said that only after the series aired did he discover that the "twilight zone" was also a term applied by the US Air Force to the terminator, the border between "night" and "day" on a planetary body.

The Twilight Zone Video

This is the theme song for the TWILIGHT ZONE series 1962. Does that take you back or what?
0.47 min. | 4.92 user rating
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Trailer - Maturità? Licantropi? Un vero incubo! Terzo capitolo tratto dalla saga fantasy scritta da Stephenie Meyer, la pellicola è diretta dal regista David Slade, continuando il trend impostato da New Moon di avere un regista diverso per ogni pellicola della serie. Alla sceneggiatura torna Melissa Rosenberge, autrice degli script dei primi due film mentre per quanto riguarda il cast artistico vi è il ritorno di Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson e Taylor Lautner rispettivamente nei ruoli di Bella Swan, Edward Cullen e Jacob Black, mentre Bryce Dallas Howard sostituirà in questo film l'attrice Rachelle Lefecre nei panni di Vittoria. Nuovi membri del cast sono gli attori Xavier Samuel nel ruolo di Riley, Jack Huston in quello di Royce King II, Catalina Sandino Morenno in quello di Maria, Julia Jones nei panni di Leah Clearwater e Boo Voo Stewart in quelli di Seth Clearwater. Bella (Kristen Stewart) si ritrova ancora una volta circondata dal pericolo, quando Seattle è funestata da una serie di misteriosi omicidi, e una vampira crudele continua a cercare vendetta. Nel frattempo Bella è costretta a scegliere tra il suo amore per Edward (Robert Pattinson) e l'amicizia con Jacob (Taylor Lautner): sa che la sua decisione potrebbe rinfocolare l'antica lotta tra vampiri e licantropi. Poco prima di diplomarsi al liceo, Bella ha di fronte la decisione più importante della sua vita.
3.88 min. | 4.29 user rating
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney's California Adventure theme park in The Disneyland Resort, CA. Plunge down 13 floors in an elevator into the 5th dimension--into The Twilight Zone.
2.18 min. | 4.74 user rating
The segments of intro divide the different seasons. All episodes are in order in which they first aired (instead of production order), I believe, except Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge which is purposely put last, just because I thought it was more climactic at the end (I'm used to seeing it at the end of the Zicree guide also!)
9.97 min. | 4.82 user rating
Theme song forr the twilight zone
0.95 min. | 4.94 user rating
The Twilight Zone - The Movie (Trailer)
1.30 min. | 3.96 user rating
You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... The Twilight Zone.
10.83 min. | 4.92 user rating
Rush The Twilight Zone
3.33 min. | 4.96 user rating
PLEASE READ FIRST:No permission is given to anyone to upload this video to YouTube as this is my video, and a few times someone has reuploaded without permission. EA Sports released the official soundtrack for NHL 11 and listed the songs. I put all those songs in the video. This link proves that this is real: The songs are: Bouncing Souls-Ole, Darude-Sandstorm, Europe-The Final Countdown, In Whispers-Here I Stand, Airbourne-Bottom Of The Well, Megadeath-Dialectic Chaos, Panterra-Walk, Bullet For My Valentine-Fever, Danko Jones-Full Of Regret, 2 Unlimited-Twilight Zone, Black Box-Strike It Up, The Black Keys-Howlin' For You, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Mama Taught Me Better, Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop, Shazam-Unstoppable and Dropkick Murphys-Shipping Up To Boston
2.77 min. | 4.85 user rating
Wondering what this video is about? It's part of a GIANT interactive DISNEY WORLD VIDEO where you can walk around the park and even ride the rides! It's almost like being there!
3.58 min. | 4.88 user rating

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The Twilight Zone

SeriesThe Twilight Zone (1959-1964) * The Twilight Zone (1985-1989) * The Twilight Zone (2002-2003)
Key peopleRod Serling * Buck Houghton * Charles Beaumont * Richard Matheson * Jerry Sohl * George Clayton Johnson * Earl Hamner, Jr. * Reginald Rose * Ray Bradbury * Paul Chitlik * Jeremy Bertrand Finch
See alsoList of The Twilight Zone episodes * List of The Twilight Zone guest stars * The Twilight Zone (pinball) * Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) * The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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