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South Hwanghae

South Hwanghae

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South Hwanghae ('Hwanghaenam-do') is a province in western North Korea. The province was formed in 1954 when the former Hwanghae Province was split into North and South Hwanghae. The provincial capital is Haeju.

South Hwanghae Video

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10.00 min. | 3.66 user rating
Están preparando submarinos norcoreanos un ataque contra EE.UU.? La desaparición de dos submarinos norcoreanos del puerto en el que se encontraban levanta sospechas de que Pyongyang ...
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Kim Il Sung Square in Haeju - South Hwanghae Province - Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). September 2010.
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Journalists were allowed a rare glimpse inside one of the world's most isolated nations, as Pyongyang strives to project strength despite the failure of its ballistic missile test. -- Video by Reuters.
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Here I am performing traditional Korean Bongsan mask dance at a huge festival in downtown Seoul, effectively crossing one more thing off my bucket list whilst freezing my butt off XD. Leave...
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ì ëªì¼ë¡ íëëë í민족 íë¡ì í¸ ì¶ì , 길! íµì¼ì ì¼ìì ë´ì ì´ë¶5ëì ì리, 춤, ëì´ ë± í민족ì ì íµë¬¸í를 ëê»´ë³´ì¸ì! * ëë, ê²½ì¬ê±°...
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ì ëªì¼ë¡ íëëë í민족 íë¡ì í¸ ì¶ì , 길! íµì¼ì ì¼ìì ë´ì ì´ë¶5ëì ì리, 춤, ëì´ ë± í민족ì ì íµë¬¸í를 ëê»´ë³´ì¸ì! * íê´ë¬´...
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Absurd Propaganda Promoting NK Heir Apparent - 동아일보 Tweet this news
동아일보---...- farm in Sariwon, North -Hwanghae- Province. The farm was said to have produced 15 tons of rice per jungbo, or 9917 square meters. -South- Korea, which has ... - Date : Tue, 12 Oct 2010 23:14:19 GMT+00:00

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South Hwanghae

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