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Sexual Feeling

Sexual Feeling
Single information
NameSexual Feeling
ArtistLa Toya Jackson
AlbumBad Girl
Format7", 12", CD single
GenrePop, Italo House, Hip House, dance
Length5:22 (Album Version)
6:03 ("La Toya" Remix)
LabelHigh Fashion Music
SongwriterL. Pozzi, F. Moiraghi, D. Vollaro
ProducerClaudio Donato, F. Donato
Previous single"You and Me"
Next single"Why Don't You Want My Love?"

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"Sexual Feeling" is a 1990 single by American singer La Toya Jackson.

Sexual Feeling Video

3.93 min. | 0 user rating
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1.25 min. | 4.73 user rating
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9.73 min. | 4.95 user rating
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4.43 min. | 4.38 user rating
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4.32 min. | 3.22 user rating
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13.98 min. | 4.87 user rating
Feel trapped? Jay groomed and sexually exploited his girlfriend, giving her alcohol and drugs so she'd sleep with his friends. Call ChildLine free on 0800 1111 in confidence. Find out more...
1.82 min. | 4.85 user rating
Steven George and Caroline Moore talk about being molested by Jimmy Savile on hospital wards while he had the keys to the hospital. Then a nurse (Aline) speaks on the phone about the rumours...
13.17 min. | 4.09 user rating

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La Toya Jackson

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