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Reflexive Entertainment

Reflexive Entertainment
Company nameReflexive Entertainment
Company typePrivate
IndustryInteractive entertainment
HeadquartersLake Forest, California
Key peopleLars Brubaker
ProductsGame development & distribution
Revenue(+) Private
Net income(+) Private

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Reflexive Entertainment is a computer game developer based in Lake Forest, California. The company was founded by Lars Brubaker (and partners) in 1997. Since then they have developed nineteen games independently (for the Windows, Xbox 360 and Mac platforms), published two games, started distribution of downloadable casual games on their online Arcade, created a division of their Arcade entirely devoted to Mac games for Mac users and started hosting ad supported free online web browser games. In 2005, Reflexive's Wik and the Fable of Souls won three awards at the 2005 Independent Games Festival which included Innovation in Visual Art, Innovation in Game Design and the Seumas McNally Award For Independent Game Of The Year. In October 2008, Reflexive Entertainment was officially acquired by On February 3, 2009, began hosting casual game content for internet download.

On March 31, 2010, Reflexive announced plans to stop selling games through its Game Center Solutions affiliate program in order to focus entirely on game development. In a letter sent to Game Center Solutions affiliates, Reflexive Entertainment CEO Lars Brubaker stated that the Game Center Solutions program would continue its business as usual, which includes web support and payment of referral fees on game sales until June 30.

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Game Title Year Released System Notes
Swarm 1998 Windows
Star Trek: Away Team 2001 Windows Published by Activision
Zax: The Alien Hunter 2001 Windows Published by JoWooD Productions
Ricochet Xtreme 2001 Windows
Crimsonland 2003 Windows Developed by 10tons Entertainment
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader 2003 Windows Published by Interplay Entertainment
Ricochet Lost Worlds 2004 Macintosh, Windows
Wik and the Fable of Souls 2004 Windows, Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged 2004 Windows
Big Kahuna Reef 2004 Macintosh, Windows
Big Kahuna Words 2005 Windows
Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery 2006 Windows
Big Kahuna Reef 2 2006 Macintosh, Windows
Monarch: The Butterfly King 2007 Windows
Ricochet Infinity 2007 Windows
The Great Tree 2007 Windows
Airport Mania 2008 iPhone, Macintosh, Windows
Build In Time 2008 Macintosh, Windows
Big Kahuna Party 2008 Wii (WiiWare)
Miss Teri Tale: Where's Jason 2008 Macintosh, Windows Developed by Ouat Entertainment
Music Catch 2008 iPhone, Macintosh, Windows
Swarm Gold 2008 Macintosh, Windows
Costume Chaos 2009 Macintosh, Windows
A Fairy Tale 2009 Macintosh, Windows
Sprouts Adventure 2009 Macintosh, Windows
Simplz: Zoo 2010 Macintosh, Windows
Demolition League 2010 Web Game (Facebook)

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