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PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Portable
Original model (PSP-1000) and logo of the PSP.
TitlePlayStation Portable (PSP)
CaptionOriginal model (PSP-1000) and logo of the PSP.
ManufacturerSony Computer Entertainment
TypeHandheld game console
Japan : December 12, 2004
North America : March 24, 2005
PAL region : September 1, 2005
CPUMIPS R4000-based; clocked from 1 to 333 MHz
RAM32 MB (PSP-1000); 64 MB (2000, 3000 and PSP Go).
MediaUMD, digital distribution, Blu-ray Disc (used for content transfer via Remote Play) 
StorageMemory Stick Duo and Memory Stick PRO Duo (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB)
SoftwareXMB (crossMediaBar) FW ver: 6.10
Display480 × 272 pixels with 16.8 million colors, 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD, 3.8 in (96.5 mm) (PSP GO), 4.3 in (109.2 mm) (All other models)
74 mm (2.9 in) (h)
170 mm (6.7 in) (w)
23 mm (0.9 in) (d)
71 mm (2.8 in) (h)
169 mm (6.7 in) (w)
19 mm (0.7 in) (d)
69 mm (2.7 in) (h)
128 mm (5 in) (w)
16.5 mm (0.6 in) (d)
280 g (9.9 oz)
189 g (6.7 oz)
158 g (5.6 oz)
ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11b), IrDA, USB
UnitssoldWorldwide: 67.8 million ( ) (details)
TopgameMonster Hunter Portable 3rd (4.11 Million+) (as of February 10, 2011)
SuccessorNext Generation Portable (NGP)

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|} is a handheld game console manufactured and marketed by Sony Corporation Development of the console was announced during E3 2003, and it was unveiled on May 11, 2004, at a Sony press conference before E3 2004. The system was released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in the PAL region on September 1, 2005.

The PlayStation Portable is the first handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc (UMD), as its primary storage medium. Other distinguishing features of the console include its large viewing screen, robust multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, other PSPs, and the Internet.

After the release of a remodeled, slimmer, and lighter version of the PlayStation Portable, titled Slim & Lite, in early September 2007, sales quadrupled in the United Kingdom the following week and increased by nearly 200% in North America for the month of October. The PSP-3000 had a minor redesign including a new screen and inbuilt microphone, and has since been followed by the PSP Go.

PlayStation Portable Video

Click Here to Watch the Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Villains Trailer: Spiderman Shattered Dimensions E3 2010 Trailer [HD] Developer: Griptonite Release: Q4/2010 Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: PS3/X360/Wii/DS Publisher: Activision Website: Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Spiderman Shattered Dimensions E3 2010 Trailer [HD] machinima videogame video game xbox 360 xbox360 microsoft playstation playstation3 ps3 3 nintendo wii nes snes ds dsi portable activision griptonite vemon movie dr octopus sandman green goblin carnage comicbook comic book marvel stan lee yt:quality=high
1.75 min. | 4.71 user rating
Little Big Planet 2 Debut Trailer [HD] Developer: Media Molecule Release: Q4/2010 Genre: Platformer Platform: PS3 Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Website: Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Little Big Planet 2 Debut Trailer [HD] machinima videogame video game playstation 3 ps3 playstation3 psp portable go pspgo sony computer entertainment online scea soe media molecule lbp littlebigplanet new exclusive 2010 e3 yt:quality=high
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Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Web Doc Trailer [HD] Developer: Rebellion Release: 11/3/2009 Genre: Action Platform: PSP/DS Publisher: LucasArts Website: Star Wars Battlefront® is back and bigger than ever on the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system and Nintendo DS™! Releasing this Fall, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is the deepest and most action-packed Star Wars Battlefront game ever. Experience battlefronts that span ground, space and capital starships, a robust original storyline and expanded gameplay features that deliver seemingly endless replay ability. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
4.12 min. | 4.20 user rating
Here are the Top 5 Best PlayStation Portable Games! I Hope You Enjoy Watching This Just As Much As I Enjoyed Making It! #6. Loco Roco (Physics-Based Game) #7. Beats (Think Guitar Hero) #8. Crush (Third-Person Puzzle Game #9. Tekken: Dark Resurrection (Fighting Game)
8.72 min. | 4.32 user rating Click this to watch Online League WWS5: Bullying Bargnani f OKC Thunder v Phoenix Suns by Chris Smoove (NBA 2K10) Sports! Online League WWS5 Highlights f Yao Ming, Aldridge, Tony Parker & Jason Richardson (NBA 2K10) Sports Players featured in this video: Yao Ming - The China Man, He's from China man! Lamarcus Aldridge - LA! LA! Tony Parker - Mr. Sexy Layups - The One Man Fast Break! Jason Richardson - The Poster Boy, He'll put you on a poster boy! Enjoy my drafted teams highlights in season 5! MUSIC: S Original Music DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high NBA 2K10 2010 Visual Concepts 2K Sports Xbox 360 Xbox360 Playstation 2 3 PS2 PS3 PSP Portable Wii Nintendo PC UPC 710425396373 710425396496 710425336423 MPN 39637 710425336423 710425376412 Basketball S Original Music Smoove7182954 chris smoove Yao Ming china lamarcus aldridge tony parker jason richardson online league wws layups poster alley oop injury injured chuck hayes freethrow free throw steve francis franchise poster
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One day I hit up Kevin Butler about the status of the PlayStation Portable. The next day I'm crowned as the official voice of the PSP. Watch this video to see how it went down.
1.50 min. | 4.43 user rating
To LOVE ru -Trouble- dokidoki! rinkai gakkou hen To LOVEる-とらぶる- ドキドキ!臨海学校編GENRE : Adventure RELEASE : October 2, 2008 PUBLISHER : Marvelous Entertainment FORMAT : PSP (PlayStation Portable) Official website: PSP's To LOVE ru's theme song featured in this promotion video is called "hoshi no kakera" (星のカケラ) and is sung by Anna (BON-BON BLANCO). This song is included in Anna's solo debut single CD "Lucky Tune" (ラッキーチューン). "Lucky Tune" is the ending theme song for the anime series. For details, check out the webpage below.
1.42 min. | 4.69 user rating
Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars E3 2010 Debut Trailer [HD] Developer: Travellers Tale Release: Q4/2010 Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: PS3/X360/PSP/Wii/DS Publisher: LucasArts Website: Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars E3 2010 Trailer [HD] machinima videogame video game xbox 360 xbox360 microsoft playstation 3 ps3 playstation3 sony computer entertainment scea soe Nintendo wii ds psp go portable movie lucasarts travelers tale toy cartoon new exclusive yt:quality=high
1.27 min. | 4.66 user rating Click here to watch Versus: Console War Part 2! Versus - Nintendo 3DS vs PlayStation NGP (S03E02) This week on Versus Brendon and Rob debate which new hand-held gaming device is going to reign supreme when its released, the Nintendo 3DS or the Playstation NGP. Click on your favorite and vote then come back next week to see the winner! This video will teach you how to: HOW TO decide which new hand-held gaming device you should buy. HOW TO decide which new hand-held gaming device is better. HOW TO be a better hand-held gamer. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Versus vs Brendon Rob Talbert yt:quality=high Nintendo 3DS 3D Handheld Console Games Game System Sony Playstation Portable PSP2 PSP II "PSP 2" Next Generation Portable NGP New Analog Stick
7.75 min. | 4.76 user rating
Poll: Whats better, the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP? Experiment #163: PlayStation Portable For some reason, you MicroKnights love watching us destroy expensive gaming consoles... and I'm not gonan lie - we're starting to run out of them. But hey... what's this? We haven't already nuked a PSP?! Well hell, let's do it! So, you're probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects... so you don't have to! The "Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2.5" is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protectors, safety clothing, and many sexy microwaves. +++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks to Nyck Rusnak for donating the PSP! +++++++++++++++++++++++ ** New Episodes Every Monday & Friday! ** +++++ Support The Show +++++ FAQ Video - T-Shirts ----- ideo App ---- Live Show -- Donate $$ -- +++++ Connect With Us +++++ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube ---- Twitter ------- Facebook --- ::: Jory Caron ::: YouTube ---- Twitter ------- Facebook --- ::: Riley McIlwain ::: YouTube ---- Twitter ------- Facebook --- ::: ideo Productions ::: YouTube ---- Twitter ------- Facebook --- +++++ Video Credits +++++ Starring: Jory Caron, Riley McIlwain, & Jonathan Paula Filmed & Edited By: Jonathan Paula An ideo <b>...</b>
4.52 min. | 4.82 user rating

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PSP region codes
Region codes :
Codes Country
PSP-x000 Japan
PSP-x001 US / North America
PSP-x002 Australia / New Zealand
PSP-x003 UK
PSP-x004 Europe
PSP-x005 Korea
PSP-x006 Hong Kong / Singapore
PSP-x007 Taiwan
PSP-x008 CIS
PSP-x009 China
PSP-x010 Central / South America

PSP Core Pack launch prices
Retail configurations :
Country Release price Release date
Australia A$349.95 September 1, 2005
India INR19,990 September 1, 2005
Pakistan PKR15,600 September 1, 2005
United Kingdom Β£179.99 September 1, 2005
Canada CA$229.99 March 22, 2006
Europe -199.99 March 22, 2006
United States US$199.99 March 22, 2006
Chile CLP$169,990 April 4, 2008

Hardware issues :
Region Units sold First available
Japan 15 million (as of December 28, 2009) December 12, 2004
United States 17 million (as of March 14, 2010) March 24, 2005
Europe 12 million (as of May 6, 2008) September 1, 2005
United Kingdom 3.2 million (as of January 3, 2009) September 1, 2005
Worldwide 67.8 million ( )


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