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Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America
Film information
NameOnce Upon a Time in America
(C'era una volta in America)
Directed bySergio Leone
Produced byArnon Milchan
StarringRobert De Niro
James Woods
Elizabeth McGovern
William Forsythe
James Hayden
Tuesday Weld
Treat Williams
Joe Pesci
Burt Young
Brian Bloom
Music byEnnio Morricone
CinematographyTonino Delli Colli
Editing byNino Baragli
StudioEmbassy International Pictures (now Regency Enterprises)
Distributed byProducers Sales Organization
The Ladd Company for Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date 
Running time229 minutes
LanguageEnglish, Italian, Yiddish
Gross revenue$5,321,508

Once Upon a Time in America

Album information
NameOnce Upon a Time in America
ArtistEnnio Morricone
ReleasedOctober 17, 1995
GenreContemporary classical
LabelMusicrama / Koch
ProducerEnnio Morricone

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'Once Upon a Time in America' is a 1984 Italian/American epic crime film directed and co-written by Sergio Leone and starring Robert De Niro and James Woods. The story chronicles the lives of Jewish ghetto youths who rise to prominence in New York City's world of organized crime. The film explores themes of childhood friendships, love, lust, greed, betrayal, loss, broken relationships, and the rise of mobsters in American society.

Leone adapted the story from the novel The Hoods, written by Harry Grey, while filming Once Upon a Time in the West. From there, Leone began production of Once Upon a Time in America. The film went through various casting developments and production issues before filming began in 1982.

The film premiered out of competition at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival in its original running time of 229 minutes (3 hours 49 minutes) where it received critical acclaim. However, Once Upon a Time in America was heavily edited against the director's wishes for its June 1, 1984, release. The short version changed the flashback narrative by moving the scenes in chronological order. Leone was reportedly heartbroken by the American cut, and never made another film before his death in 1989, making this his final film.

Once Upon a Time in America Video

Once upon a Time in America - Ennio Morricone - Deborah's Theme - live in Warsaw, Poland
3.53 min. | 4.95 user rating
Ennio Morricone "Once Upon a Time in America", live in Warsaw - Poland
1.53 min. | 4.95 user rating
Once upon a time in America - Sergio Leone (1984) with Robert De Niro, James Woods.
2.37 min. | 4.93 user rating
una gran escena de esta gran pelicula, erase una vez america
4.02 min. | 4.96 user rating
Noodles e Deborah in riva al mare
6.80 min. | 4.95 user rating
Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In America Theme
4.30 min. | 2.92 user rating presents the first video off Stomper's Once Upon A Time In America, "Aztlan Is The Truth" *ιllιlιââ[Please] ââιlιllι* âââ¦âââ¦ââââ¦ââ¦â¦â¦â¦ââââ âââ£âââââ£ââ£ââ£ââ£âââ£â⣠â âââââââ ââââ£ââââââ⣠âââ©âââ©ââ©ââ©ââ©âââ©ââ©ââ and http WARNING: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS Check out the first video off Stomper's highly anticipated Once Upon A Time In America. "Aztlan Is The Truth" is the first single off the album. With many more videos to come Stomper kicks off the album with a very knowledgeable song, to inspire and teach the listeners. Adding visuals will only help Stomper get his point accross with this song. . Make sure you pick this album up on July 7th 2010. As always to get exclusive videos & interviews. Also subscribe to our channel today @ or !
5.10 min. | 4.77 user rating
blog : Once Upon a Time in the West ( Italian: C'era una volta il West ) is a 1968 epic spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone. The film stars Henry Fonda cast against type as the villain Frank, Charles Bronson as his nemesis "Harmonica", Jason Robards as the bandit Cheyenne and Claudia Cardinale as Jill, a newly-widowed homesteader with a past as a prostitute. After making his American Civil War epic The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Leone had intended to retire from making Westerns, believing he had said all he wanted to say. He had come across the novel The Hoods by the pseudonymous 'Harry Grey', an autobiographical book based on the author's own experiences as a Jewish hood during Prohibition, and planned to adapt it into a film (this would eventually, seventeen years later, become his final film, Once Upon a Time in America). Leone though was offered only Westerns by the Hollywood studios. United Artists (who had produced the Dollars Trilogy) offered him the opportunity to make a film starring Charlton Heston, Kirk Douglas and Rock Hudson, but Leone refused. However, when Paramount offered Leone a generous budget along with access to Henry Fonda, his favorite actor with whom he had wanted to work for virtually all of his career, Leone accepted the offer. Leone commissioned Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento film critics, who later became directors to help him develop the film in late 1966. The men spent much of the following year <b>...</b>
10.93 min. | 4.99 user rating

4.32 min. | 4.91 user rating
bir zamanlar america...
4.32 min. | 5.0 user rating

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1933 :
Character Actor (adult) Actor (adolescent)
David "Noodles" Aaronson Robert De Niro Scott Tiler
Maximilian "Max" Bercovicz / Christopher Bailey James Woods Rusty Jacobs
Deborah Gelly Elizabeth McGovern Jennifer Connelly
Patrick "Patsy" Goldberg James Hayden Brian Bloom
Philip "Cockeye" Stein William Forsythe Adrian Currie
Carol Tuesday Weld
Moe "Fats" Gelly Larry Rapp
Frankie Minaldi Joe Pesci
James Conway O'Donnell Treat Williams
Bugsy James Russo
Peggy Amy Ryder
Joe Minaldi Burt Young
Chief Vincent Aiello Danny Aiello
Eve Darlanne Fluegel
Dominic Noah Mozelli
Chicken Joe Richard Bright

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1970sA Fistful of Dynamite (1971)
1980sOnce Upon a Time in America (1984)

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