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LMS Garratt

LMS Garratt
An unidentified garratt near Ampthill Tunnel north portal, 1954 with a Toton-Brent coal train for which it was designed. Note the Midland milepost in the foreground.
NameLMS Beyer-Garratt
CaptionAn unidentified garratt near Ampthill Tunnel north portal, 1954 with a Toton-Brent coal train for which it was designed. Note the Midland milepost in the foreground.
BuilderBeyer, Peacock & Co.
Serialnumber6325 6327, 6648 6677
Builddate1927 (3), 1930 (30)
Retiredate1955 1958
CylindercountFour, outside
Cylindersize18+1/2 x 26 in
ValvegearWalschaerts, piston valves
Leadingdiameter39.5 in (1 m)
Driverdiameter63 in (1.6 m)
Boilerpressure190 psi (4.8 MPa)
BoilerLMS type Garratt
Fuelcap1927 built: 7 LT (0.2 MPa)
1930 built: 9 LT (0.2 MPa)
Watercap4500 impgal (20457.4 l)
Locoweight1927 built: 148.75 LT (676.2 l)
1930 built: 152.5 LT (693.3 l)
Length87 ft 10+1/2 in (26.8 m)
Wheelbase79 ft (24.1 m)
Tubesandflues1954 sqft (595.6 m)
Superheaterarea500 sqft (152.4 m) or 466 sqft (142 m)
Fireboxarea183 sqft (55.8 m)
Firearea44.5 sqft (13.6 m)
Tractiveeffort45620 lbf (13905 kN)

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The London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) Garratt was a class of Garratt 2-6-0+0-6-2 steam locomotive designed for heavy freight. A total of 33 were built from 1927, making them the most numerous class of Garratt in Britain.

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