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Kara Lynn Joyce

Personal information
NameKara Lynn Joyce
Full nameKara Lynn Joyce
NationalityUnited States
ClubFAST Swim Team
College teamUniversity of Georgia
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

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Kara Lynn Joyce (born October 25, 1985 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American swimmer and four-time Olympic silver medalist.

Kara Lynn Joyce Video

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USA Swim team wins gold, Jessica Hardy, Allison Schmitt, Haley Anderson, Elizabeth Beisel, Dana Vollmer , Allison Schmitt, Missy Franklin, Breeja Larson, Lauren Perdue, Caitlin Leverenz, Cammile...
3.20 min. | 4.73 user rating
How far I am able to swim forward during each stroke (Work) is dictated by how strongly I am able to push myself against the water with my arms and legs (Force) multiplied by the length of...
3.92 min. | 4.73 user rating
The major difference between running, biking and swimming is all about the application of leverage. In running and biking I am constantly in contact with the ground, so I can leverage my body...
2.92 min. | 4.88 user rating
Do you know the signs that indicate that you might be unbalanced in the water? There is a direct correlation between how well-balanced your body is and your overall endurance and speed. Watch...
2.60 min. | 4.97 user rating
Breathing in Freestyle is a funny thing. When you are good at it, it's hard to articulate exactly why it works- it just does. When you're not, it's all you think about, and it makes swimming...
3.17 min. | 4.91 user rating
When it comes to kicking during Freestyle, there are two kinds of people- those that can naturally kick effectively and with little effort, and the rest of us. Watch this video to learn how...
2.22 min. | 4.38 user rating
In GO SWIM FREESTYLE WITH KARA LYNN JOYCE, Olympic silver medalist and American record holder Kara Lynn Joyce shares the key focus points that she uses to develop her awesome freestyle ...
2.20 min. | 4.65 user rating
The hardest truth about swimming freestyle is this: Swimming Fast doesn't necessarily translate to traveling fast. Moving from point a to point b quickly requires an entirely different skill...
3.57 min. | 4.84 user rating
Correctly moving your arm underwater while you are swimming is like getting dressed in the dark. You can't really see what you are doing, so you end up just trying to guess what's best. Sometimes...
3.55 min. | 4.90 user rating

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Medal Record
Women's swimming
Competitor for the United States
Olympic Games
Silver2004 Athens4x100 m freestyle
Silver2004 Athens4x100 m medley
Silver2008 Beijing4x100 m freestyle
Silver2008 Beijing4x100 m medley
World Championships (LC)
Gold2007 Melbourne4x200 m freestyle
Silver2007 Melbourne4x100 m freestyle
Silver2011 Shanghai4x100 m freestyle
Bronze2005 Montreal4x100 m freestyle
World Championships (SC)
Gold2004 Indianapolis4x100 m freestyle
Silver2004 Indianapolis4x100 m medley
Silver2010 Dubai4x100 m freestyle
Pan American Games
Gold2003 Sto Domingo50 m freestyle
Pan Pacific Championships
Gold2006 Victoria50 m freestyle
Gold2006 Victoria4x100 m freestyle

2004 USA Olympic Swimming Team

Men's Team
Ian Crocker * Nate Dusing * Mark Gangloff * Scott Goldblatt * Gary Hall, Jr. * Brendan Hansen * Bryce Hunt * Larsen Jensen * Klete Keller * Dan Ketchum * Lenny Krayzelburg * Jason Lezak * Ryan Lochte * Tom Malchow * Aaron Peirsol * Michael Phelps * Scott Usher * Peter Vanderkaay * Erik Vendt * Neil Walker * Gabe Woodward
Women's Team
Amanda Beard * Lindsay Benko * Caroline Bruce * Kristen Caverly * Haley Cope * Maritza Correia * Natalie Coughlin * Margaret Hoelzer * Katie Hoff * Rhi Jeffrey * Kara Lynn Joyce * Kalyn Keller * Dana Kirk * Tara Kirk * Rachel Komisarz * Colleen Lanné * Diana Munz * Carly Piper * Kaitlin Sandeno * Jenny Thompson * Dana Vollmer * Amanda Weir
Bob Bowman * Frank Busch * Teri McKeever * Richard Quick * Eddie Reese (Men's Head Coach) * Dave Salo * Mark Schubert (Women's Head Coach) * Jon Urbanchek

2008 USA Olympic Swimming Team

Men's Team
Nathan Adrian * Ricky Berens * Ian Crocker * Mark Gangloff * Matt Grevers * Brendan Hansen * Larsen Jensen * Cullen Jones * Klete Keller * Jason Lezak * Ryan Lochte * Aaron Peirsol * Michael Phelps * Eric Shanteau * Scott Spann * Gil Stovall * Peter Vanderkaay * Erik Vendt * Dave Walters * Mark Warkentin * Garrett Weber-Gale * Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner
Women's Team
Amanda Beard * Elizabeth Beisel * Elaine Breeden * Caroline Burckle * Natalie Coughlin * (Jessica Hardy) * Kathleen Hersey * Margaret Hoelzer * Katie Hoff * Megan Jendrick * Kara Lynn Joyce * Christine Magnuson * Christine Marshall * Lacey Nymeyer * Allison Schmitt * Emily Silver * Julia Smit * Rebecca Soni * Chloe Sutton * Dara Torres * Kim Vandenberg * Kate Ziegler
Jack Bauerle (Women's Head Coach) * Ray Benecki * Bob Bowman * Frank Busch * Sean Hutchison * Teri McKeever * Eddie Reese (Men's Head Coach) * Mark Schubert (National Team Head Coach) * Gregg Troy * Jon Urbanchek * Paul Yetter

World Short Course Champions in Women's 4×100 m Freestyle Relay

1993: PR China (Lu Bin, Shan Ying, Jia Yuanyuan, Le Jingyi) * 1995: PR China (Chao Na, Shan Ying, Han Xue, Le Jingyi) * 1997: PR China (Le Jingyi, Chao Na, Shan Ying, Nian Yin) * 1999: Great Britain (Sheppard, Huddart, Pickering, Rolph) * 2000: Sweden (Jöhncke, Alshammar, Kammerling, Sjöberg) * 2002: Sweden (Lillhage, Alshammar, Sjöberg, Kammerling) * 2004: United States (Weir, Joyce, Benko, Thompson) * 2006: Netherlands (Dekker, Schreuder, Groot, Veldhuis) * 2008: Netherlands (Schreuder, Heemskerk, Dekker, Veldhuis)

Pan American Champions in Women's 50 m Freestyle

1987: Jenny Thompson * 1991: Kristen Topham * 1995: Angel Martino * 1999: Tammie Spatz * 2003: Kara Lynn Joyce * 2007: Arlene Semeco

Pan Pacific Champions in Women's 4×100 m Freestyle Relay

1985: USA (Steinseifer, Johnson, Griglione, Mitchell) * 1987: USA (Johnson, Cornelius, Walker, Torres) * 1989: USA (Thompson, Cooper, Steinseifer, Haislett) * 1991: USA (Martino, Hedgepeth, Thompson, Haislett) * 1993: USA (Valerio, Haislett, Martino, Thompson) * 1995: USA (Van Dyken, Martino, Valerio, Thompson) * 1997: USA (Fox, Valerio, DeMan, Thompson) * 1999: USA (Kolbisen, Fox, Benko, Thompson) * 2002: AUS (Henry, Mills, Thomas, Ryan) * 2006: USA (Weir, Coughlin, Joyce, Nymeyer)

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