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Irish War of Independence

Volunteers of the Third Tipperary Brigade during the war
Military Conflict
ConflictIrish War of Independence
Date21 January 1919 11 July 1921 (though violence continued until June 1922, mostly in Northern Ireland)
ResultAnglo-Irish Treaty; Partition of Ireland, secession of 26 of Ireland's 32 counties from the United Kingdom
Ireland Irish Republic
UKGBI United Kingdom
Military commanders:
Michael Collins
Richard Mulcahy
Cathal Brugha
local IRA commanders
Political leaders:
Éamon de Valera
Military commanders:
Nevil Macready
Henry Hugh Tudor
Political leaders:
David Lloyd George
Hamar Greenwood
Irish Republican Army ~15,000 (Paper strength over 100,000 but only 15,000 served in the war, of whom roughly 3,000 were active at any one time)
British Army ~20,000
Royal Irish Constabulary 9,700
Black and Tans 7,000
Auxiliary Division 1,400
Ulster Special Constabulary 4,000
~550 dead
714 dead, including:
-410 RIC dead
-261 British Army dead
-43 USC dead
~750 civilians dead

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The Irish War of Independence ( ,) Anglo-Irish War, or Tan War was a guerrilla war mounted by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) against the British government and its forces in Ireland. It began in January 1919, following the Irish Republic's declaration of independence. Both sides agreed to a ceasefire (or "truce") in July 1921. The post-ceasefire talks led to the December 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty. This treaty ended British rule in most of Ireland and, after a ten-month transitional period overseen by a provisional government, the Irish Free State was established. However, six northern counties remained within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland, with its own devolved parliament. After the ceasefire, political and sectarian violence (between republicans and loyalists, and between Irish Catholics and Protestants) continued in Northern Ireland for many months.

The IRA that fought in this conflict is often called the Old IRA to distinguish it from later groups that also used the name.

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Retired gardai to honour RIC - Irish Independent Tweet this news
Irish Independent--RETIRED gardai are seeking permission from the Government to erect a monument in Glasnevin Cemetery to 500 members of the Royal -Irish- Constabulary, including the 'Black and Tans', who were killed by the IRA in the -War of In - Date : Sun, 20 Nov 2011 04:52:48 GMT
Boardwalk Empire Episode 9 Recap: Histories Collide - Esquire (blog) Tweet this news
Esquire (blog)--First, in 1920s Ireland, Nucky arrives. The remaining ripples of the -Irish War of Independence- are spreading through the British Isles. Both sides agreed to a ceasefire in 1921, but as with any uneasy truce, violence continues today. ... - Date : Mon, 21 Nov 2011 03:27:35 GMT
Martin accuses SF of hijacking history - Irish Times Tweet this news
Irish Times--“Yet they still seek to hijack history and the achievements of the noble people who fought for -Ireland- in our -War of Independence- for their own narrow political ends and to justify their terrorist campaign.” Mr Martin said that the Pr - Date : Mon, 21 Nov 2011 00:34:18 GMT
Irish police officers want to honor Black and Tans killed by the IRA - Irish Central Tweet this news
Irish Central---Ireland's- retired policemen want to honor over 500 members of the Royal -Irish- Constabulary who were killed by the IRA in the -War of Independence- - including the Black and Tans. Representatives of the police force's Retired M - Date : Mon, 21 Nov 2011 12:25:48 GMT
Chris Huhne: No reform now means bigger reform later - The Independent Tweet this news
The Independent--Without Scotland, the Tories would have an overall majority now, plus another two since the -war-. Scottish -independence- would force electoral reform just to avoid incessant Tory governments in England. Last week, David Cameron proved t - Date : Sat, 07 May 2011 23:01:54 GMT+00:00
NIFC tribute to 1916 signatories - The New York Irish Emgirant Tweet this news
The New York Irish Emgirant--On a beautiful morning, Cumann na Saoirse Náisiúnta began its commemoration at the grave of Joseph Stynes, veteran of the -Irish War of Independence-. Stynes, along with Michael Flannery, Mike Skeahan and George Harrison, wa - Date : Tue, 10 May 2011 04:08:33 GMT+00:00
Queen to visit Irish republic - Reuters UK Tweet this news
Reuters UK--The 84-year-old monarch's itinerary between May 17-20 will include Croke Park stadium in Dublin, where British troops killed 14 people in 1920 in retaliation for the assassination of undercover British agents during Ireland's -war of - Date : Thu, 07 Apr 2011 20:35:52 GMT+00:00
News digest - Daily Gleaner Tweet this news
Daily Gleaner--The 84-year-old monarch's itinerary between May 17-20 will include Croke Park stadium in Dublin, where British troops killed 14 people in 1920 in retaliation for the assassination of undercover British agents during Ireland's -war - Date : Fri, 08 Apr 2011 09:01:54 GMT+00:00
The Rebbe of Sinn Féin - Forward Tweet this news
Forward--One of the most prominent of these was Robert Briscoe, an Orthodox Dubliner who was the chief IRA agent for procuring German and American arms during the -Irish War of Independence-. Briscoe was also a two-time mayor of Dublin and a longtime Memb - Date : Wed, 09 Mar 2011 22:11:30 GMT+00:00
Ireland: Fianna Fail crashes, far left breaks through - Workers' Liberty Tweet this news
Workers' Liberty--Fianna Fail was the mainstream of those who had fought a civil -war- over the terms of Treaty that ended the Anglo--Irish war- of 1919-21. The Treaty brought less than full republican -independence-, but nonetheless a form of -indep - Date : Wed, 02 Mar 2011 15:46:26 GMT+00:00

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