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Iraqi Army

Military unit
Founded1921 - present
Sizesome 770,000 (2011 est.)
Part ofMinistry of Defence
AnniversariesJanuary 6
EngagementsAnglo-Iraqi War, 1948 Arab Israeli War, Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Iran-Iraq War, Gulf War, Iraq War
Commander of the ArmyLieutenant General Ali Ghaidan Majid

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The Iraqi Army is the land component of the Iraqi military, active in various forms since being formed by the British during their mandate over the country after World War I.

Today, it is tasked with assuming responsibility for all Iraqi land-based military operations following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The Army was rebuilt along U.S. lines with enormous amounts of United States Army assistance at every level. Because of the low-level ongoing Iraqi insurgency, as of 2006, the Iraqi Army was designed to be an objective counter-insurgency force for a period of time until the insurgency is diminished to a level that the police can handle. Thereafter, the Iraqi Army will undergo a modernisation plan which includes purchasing more heavy equipment.

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Iraqi Cleric Threatens Against US “Occupation” Forces - U.S. Election News Tweet this news
U.S. Election News--His forces were known for raiding homes, killing civilians, and were feared by many Iraqis until their activites were stopped after a defeat by US- trained -Iraqi- forces in Basra in 2008. Al-Sadr said in his statement that the US “o - Date : Mon, 11 Apr 2011 03:18:58 GMT+00:00
Gates Says Some Troops May Remain in Iraq for Years - New York Times Tweet this news
New York Times--A local police official, however, said one camp member was killed; the official said that 12 members of the group were wounded and that 13 -Iraqi Army- soldiers were hurt. In a sharply worded statement on Friday evening, the State Departme - Date : Fri, 08 Apr 2011 19:23:11 GMT+00:00
PDKI condemns Iraqi forces raid of Camp Ashraf - Kurdish Aspect Tweet this news
Kurdish Aspect--The Political Bureau of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan condemned the raid on the Camp belonging to the Peoples' Mojahidin and expressed solidarity with the residents of the camp: The Political Bureau of PDKI considers this raid - Date : Sat, 09 Apr 2011 19:35:16 GMT+00:00
EU asks Iraq to let observers into Iranian exile camp after deaths - Monsters and Tweet this news
Monsters and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US military disarmed the group and was responsible for protecting it in the face of sectarian violence throughout Iraq. In the summer of 2008, that responsibility was handed over to - Date : Sat, 09 Apr 2011 18:33:10 GMT+00:00
Biggest challenge came after Iraq War: El Pasoan rushes to train pilots - El Paso Times Tweet this news
El Paso Times--Major combat operations may have come to a close for US forces in Iraq, but there are still more than 50000 soldiers, Marines and airmen training and advising the reformed -Iraqi Army-. Among them is US Air Force Maj. Eric Vanley, an El Pas - Date : Sat, 09 Apr 2011 14:25:10 GMT+00:00
Baghdad blast kills Iraqi army general - Ahram Online Tweet this news
Ahram Online--A roadside bomb attack in east Baghdad killed an -Iraqi army- general on Wednesday while violence across the capital left 13 others wounded, security officials said. Brigadier General Taha Ahmed Samir, head of training for Iraq's nascen - Date : Wed, 09 Mar 2011 13:21:30 GMT+00:00
Baghdad blast kills Iraqi army general - Sydney Morning Herald Tweet this news
Sydney Morning Herald--A roadside bomb attack in east Baghdad killed an -Iraqi army- general on Wednesday while violence across the capital injured 13 people, including a US soldier, security officials said. Brigadier General Taha Ahmed Samir, head of tra - Date : Wed, 09 Mar 2011 14:47:30 GMT+00:00
Top militant leader detained in Iraq - Press TV Tweet this news
Press TV---...- in the city of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers (248 miles) northwest of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, after police authorities received a tip off on his whereabouts, an -Iraqi army- source told the Aswat al-Iraq news agency on condition of - Date : Wed, 09 Mar 2011 10:23:18 GMT+00:00
The Middle East Channel: Iraqi protests and the need for a political strategy ... - Foreign Policy Tweet this news
Foreign Policy--The status of Kirkuk and other disputed territories in northern Iraq is perhaps the major unresolved potential political driver of conflict in Iraq as American troops prepare to withdraw later this year, and at various points since 2008 th - Date : Tue, 08 Mar 2011 19:10:04 GMT+00:00
It started with Bush - Ynetnews Tweet this news
Ynetnews--Second was the American-led decision to fire all Ba'ath party members and to completely disband the -Iraqi army-. There were also tactical tumbles with over-reliance on Special Forces while neglecting the show of a strong presence to confro - Date : Wed, 09 Mar 2011 09:11:48 GMT+00:00

Nationalist Salafies
Islamic Army in Iraq (Al-Jaish Al-Islami fil-Iraq)
Sufi Naqshbandi Iraqis (Naqshabandiya Army)
Iraqi Islamic Resistance Front (JAAMI Iraqi nationalists)
Jaish al-Mujahideen
Mujahideen Battalions of the Salafi Group of Iraq
Islamic Salafist Boy Scout Battalions (Kataab Ashbal Al Islam Al Salafi)
Mohammad's Army (aka Jeish Muhammad)
A guerrilla group opposed to the coalition forces, composed primarily of Sunnis believed to have Baathist ties.
Pan-Arab Nationalists
Jihadist Salafies
Islamic State of Iraq (till Nov '06, Mujahideen Shura Council)
Umbrella organization and de facto state
*Al Qaeda in Iraq
*Jeish al-Fatiheen (Conquering Army)
*Jund al-Sahaba (Soldiers of the Sahaba)
*Katbiyan Ansar Al-Tawhid wal Sunnah (Brigades of Monotheism and Religious Conservatism)
*Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura (Army of the Victorious Sect)
*Monotheism Supporters Brigades
*Saray al-Jihad Group
*al-Ghuraba Brigades
*al-Ahwal Brigades
Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad
A now-defunct militant organization led by al-Zarqawi preceding AQI.
Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna (formerly Jaish Ansar al-Sunna)

Ansar al-Islam
Black Banner Organization (ar-Rayat as-Sawda)
Asaeb Ahl el-Iraq (Factions of the People of Iraq)
Wakefulness and Holy War

Abu Theeb's group
Jaish Abi Baker's group
Fedayeen Saddam ("Saddam's Men of Sacrifice")
A paramilitary organization loyal to the former Baathist regime of Saddam Hussein.
The Return (al-Awda)
composed of former Ba'ath Party officials, intelligence agents, former members of the Republican Guard, the Special Republican Guard and Fedayeen Saddam militia.
General Command of the Armed Forces, Resistance and Liberation in Iraq
Iraqi Popular Army
New Return
Patriotic Front
Political Media Organ of the Ba ath Party (Jihaz al-Iilam al-Siasi lil hizb al-Baath)
Popular Resistance for the Liberation of Iraq
Al-Abud Network
Iraqi Army
The Iraqi Army is a component of the Iraqi Security Forces tasked with assuming responsibility for all Iraqi land-based military operations following the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
Iraqi Air Force
Iraqi Police
The Iraqi Police are the organic civil police force of the Republic of Iraq. There are three main branches.
*Iraqi Police Service (IPS): Responsible for the day to day patrolling of cities around most crimes.
*National Police (NP): Paramilitary force for counterinsurgency, public disorder and counter terrorist tasks.
*Supporting Forces: Remaining police organizations, primarily the Department of Border Enforcement (DBE).
Facilities Protection Service
A paramilitary force responsible for protecting government buildings and facilities.>
Armed Iraqi Groups in the Iraq War and the Civil war in IraqArmed Iraqi groups in the Iraq War and the Iraq Civil War
Insurgents Now-defunct Baathist rebels and insurgents Military of Iraq and Police Militias and others

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