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Intel 80286

Intel 80286
An 8MHz Intel 80286 Microprocessor
CaptionAn 8MHz Intel 80286 Microprocessor
Manuf1Intel, IBM, AMD, Harris (Intersil), Siemens AG, Fujitsu
Produced-endearly 1990s
Slowest6|slow-unit=MHz (4 MHz for a short time)
Archx86-16 (with MMU)
Pack1PGA, CLCC and PLCC 68-pin

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The Intel 80286 (also called iAPX 286), introduced on 1 February 1982, was a 16-bit x86 microprocessor with 134,000 transistors. Like its contemporary simpler cousin, the 80186, it could correctly execute most software written for the earlier Intel 8086 and Intel 8088. It was employed for the IBM PC/AT, introduced in 1984, and then widely used in most PC/AT compatible computers until the early 1990s.

Intel 80286 Video

3.93 min. | 0 user rating
ENGLISH / DEUTSCH Let me show you, that even a 16 MHz 286 MS-DOS computer could be an awesome retro gaming system. It just does not want to rest in peace :) 0:02:00 Lotus III: The Ultimate...
107.58 min. | 4.98 user rating
My collection of CPU's and RAM's.
1.47 min. | 4.73 user rating
Un recorrido con imágenes de ordenadores antiguos, que sin duda, nos hicieron pasarlo genial. A visual tour of old computers, which made us so happy.
5.35 min. | 4.80 user rating
on a 40" TV.. LOL The game did have digitized sound last night, so why it didn't work today is strange..
9.70 min. | 4.38 user rating
BaldAtGames PC Video: Check Out SmartPhoneNation For Awesome Mobile Reviews: ...
20.28 min. | 4.85 user rating
Die shots & more: Running XP on 486 platform is made possible by the Intel Pentium OverDrive for socket 3 designed to upgrade 486 platforms with 5th generation...
16.68 min. | 0 user rating
A short vid of my 1987 Victor 286 computer. It have some funny noises from the harddrive when it read/writes. Sorry for the bad focus om the camera. Specs: Intel 80286 10Mhz 640k+4Mb...
3.42 min. | 4.89 user rating
Chvíle zábavy s 286kou (16bit CPU) MS-DOS 6.22 Intel HARRIS 80286 20MHz 1024kB RAM AVGA 512kB ISA graphics 1,2GB Seagate harddisk FDD 3,5" 1,44MB.
8.15 min. | 4.81 user rating
Have you ever fascinated by the term x86 that you find always in a computer tech forum...?? Have you ever thought of that your Windows computer cannot run programs of your Android or IOS device...
4.63 min. | 4.32 user rating

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Flashback : retour sur Windows 3 - CNETFrance Tweet this news
CNETFrance--Evidemment, cette version tire partie des évolutions matérielles de l'époque (les processeurs -Intel 80286- et 80386 entre autres) et sera la seule version de ... - Date : Fri, 15 Oct 2010 04:47:51 GMT+00:00
HPC Past and Present: Remembering the i8087 - Linux Magazine (registration) Tweet this news
Linux Magazine (registration)--This trend continued for several generations and included the -80286-/80287 and the 80386/80387 pairings. The 80486 was the first -Intel- processor with ... - Date : Fri, 08 Oct 2010 12:25:42 GMT+00:00
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腾讯网 (博客)--给大家最初配的电脑是-80286-,没有硬盘,但是已经有了三寸的软驱,与8088比,速度快许多,数据的安全性也好一些。 1996年开始,互联网开始流行了,上网成为时尚,IT行业 ... - Date : Fri, 08 Oct 2010 01:24:04 GMT+00:00

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