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Garrett Hedlund
Personal information
Date of birthSeptember 3, 1984(age 25)
Birth placeRoseau, Minnesota, U.S.
Garrett John Hedlund (born September 3, 1984) is an American actor known for his role in the movie Four Brothers.
Hedlund was born in Roseau, Minnesota. He was discovered while attending a ProScout event in Phoenix, Arizona.
Garrett made his acting debut in 2004 as Patroclus in Troy. The film, which starred Brad Pitt, was released May 14, 2004 to mixed reviews, but debuted #1 at the US Box Office and went on to gross over $487 million worldwide. He also starred as Don Billingsley in the Teen Drama film Friday Night Lights in 2004.
He starred as Jack Mercer alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Action/Crime film Four Brothers. The film, which received mixed reviews, was a box office success earning worldwide $92,494,381.
He next appeared in the film Eragon in a major supporting role as Murtagh. The film which was released December 13, 2006 and was a box office success, earning $249,488,115 worldwide. The film was though extremely negatively received with Rotten Tomatoes rating the film a low 16%.
In 2007, he starred in the Gary Marshall directed Comedy Drama Georgia Rule, alongside Lindsay Lohan and Jane Fonda. The film which was released May 11, 2007 was negatively received by critics and failed to surpass box office expectations, only making a lifetime gross of $41 million. He also starred in another film called Death Sentence.
In 2009, he was rumored to appear in the independent film Hectic as Louis. It was announced in 2009 that he would play the leading role in the highly anticipated film Tron Legacy, a sequel to the 1982 film Tron.
Hedlund has also signed on to star in a country music drama called "Love Don't Let Me Down" with Gwyneth Paltrow and aside Tim McGraw once again.
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Year Film Role Notes
Troy Patroclus
Friday Night Lights Don Billingsley
Four Brothers Jack Mercer
Eragon Murtagh
Georgia Rule Harlan
Death Sentence Billy Darley
Tron Legacy Sam Flynn Post-Production
Love Don't Let Me Down Beau Williams Filming
Hectic Louis Pre-Production
Video Game
Year Title Role Notes
Eragon Murtagh Voice

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